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XPDDS17: Xen Test Lab: The Installation and Our Plans - Ian Jackson, Citrix


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The Xen Project uses a bespoke Continuous Integration system, osstest. This system has a number of unique architectural features that make it flexible and powerful. In this talk, I'll take you through some of these, such as: the distributed job scheduler; the standalone vs. infrastructure abstraction; and some of the more advanced command-line interfaces useful in infrastructure installations.


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XPDDS17: Xen Test Lab: The Installation and Our Plans - Ian Jackson, Citrix

  1. 1. 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 01/01/15 01/08/15 01/04/16 01/11/16 01/07/17 test steps per xen-unstable ight hardware provision for running more tests Xen Project Test Lab Xen Summit Budapest 2017 Ian Jackson Citrix
  2. 2. 2014/15 2 main servers / VM hosts (32G RAM each) 24 v.small x86 test boxes (8G/16G RAM) 8 ARM32 devboards (test boxes) purchase is subject to firmware fix+2 Softiron ARM64Sep 2017 Late 2017 New x86 test boxes (latest Intel + AMD) H2 2017 planned ARM32 extension (EPAM) budget set aside ARRIVING NOW! 2nd rack cabinetJul/Aug/Sep 2017 +1 VM host server (64G) +3 bigger x86 build/test boxes +6 smallish x86 test boxes + RAM upgrade for existing VM hosts Jan 2017 Jun 2017/ +2 ARM64 test boxes (SoftIron) +2 ARM64 boxes (Cavium) Oct 2016/ not yet in production use Xen on ARM64 starts to be CI tested Possible client−ish x86 test boxesTBD
  3. 3. pdu1 rimava[01] pinot[01] nocera[01] nobling[01] merlot[01] italia[01] 4x A32 4x A32 to global internet gateshead cache backup serial1 osstest db www infra serial0 ssh newcastle pdu2 rack 1arriving now! rack 2 vms tbd borough middles serial2 pdu3 baroque[01] chardonnay[01] elbling[01] fiano[01] godello[01] huxelrebe[01] 12x 2x x86 A64 2x 2x laxton[01] rochester[01] cubietruck−* arndale−* crate arm joubertin[01] debina[01] albana[01] himrod[012] 2x 3x x86 3x 1x x86 test build/ A32 tbd A64 tbd
  4. 4. Ian Jackson <> IRC: Diziet (Freenode and OFTC) See also−test−framework/ questions ? test lab co−administrator wanted!