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Career Advice for 2009


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What are the key things to look at in a year of tough economic conditions. Time to relook at your career.

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Career Advice for 2009

  1. 1. Career Advice ’09 Time to Change. Relook your career. The Self Improvement Blog
  2. 2. What’s Your Problem? Are you stuck in a dead end job? Not being rewarded adequately in current job Feeling dissatisfied! The Self Improvement Blog
  3. 3. Know where to go, but don’t know how to reach Be aware of your shortcomings. Try working on them. Understand your limitations. Overcome them. Need a perspective. Meet a coach. Outside perspectives often help in taking a relook at career. The Self Improvement Blog
  4. 4. What are your Stumbling Blocks? Self-limiting beliefs Social intelligence skills Or skills to help you succeed in a global economy. The Self Improvement Blog
  5. 5. Find Your Calling Often if you’re 30+ you no longer feel passionate about your work. Life doesn’t seem to be meaningful anymore. Despite no pressure at work, it’s not very satisfying. The Self Improvement Blog
  6. 6. T ime to Follow your Inner Calling Maybe you want to join an NGO. Or start a home based business. Become an independent consultant in your domain. Or write a book. Think about it. And find your way. The Self Improvement Blog
  7. 7. Need a Sabbatical, Perhaps! Sometimes the routine hurts you and makes life dull. Time to rejuvenate your life and career with a short break. Introspect and slow down the pace of life. Do yoga. Try entrepreneurship. Travel. The Self Improvement Blog
  8. 8. Do you Bring Home Work? Prioritize and delegate work. Start early, stay late. But complete scheduled work. Step up speed. Seek supervisor help. The Self Improvement Blog
  9. 9. Manage your Relationships Well Have a problem. Speak up. Find out where the problem lies. Fix it. See the good side of everybody. Don’t comment on shortcomings of colleagues. Tone down your anger. Dissolve your jealousy and selfishness The Self Improvement Blog
  10. 10. Generalist or Specialist Specialize. Dig deeper into your domain. Your personality must complement the domain chosen. Core competence with ability to oversee related functions is the need. There’s always a crunch for specialists. Build competency doing short term courses. The Self Improvement Blog
  11. 11. Where’s Your Plan? Assess your likes and dislikes, play to your strengths. Explore domains that suit your interests and skills. Commit your Career Goals in writing. Plan your Action for 2009. The Self Improvement Blog
  12. 12. Hold on to your Jobs for dear life Don’t look out now unless the current employer has indicated that you’re on the firing line. Better to relish what you have than look for greener pastures. Prepare to go the extra mile Be ready for pay cuts The Self Improvement Blog