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"Framework Principal" pattern


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Published in: Technology, Education
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"Framework Principal" pattern

  1. 1. “Framework Principal" patternPhilippe Rabier -
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  3. 3. Why this presentation?
  4. 4. •What is a Framework Principal?• Starter class automatically instantiated, very early• Used to initialize your stuffs• Independent from the Application• @see ERXFrameworkPrincipal
  5. 5. What is the goal?Resource optimization!
  6. 6. Feedback fromYou ’N Push
  7. 7. Sandbox environment1 applicationBack Office FTP Server Web ServicesJob SchedulerIn-AppPurchaseServicePushNotificationService
  8. 8. Production environmentBack Office FTP Server Web ServicesJob SchedulerIn-AppPurchaseServicePushNotificationService4 applications
  9. 9. How to do that?Not rocket science!
  10. 10. • Make your FP runnable. Change the like this:principalClass=ca.wowodc.pascal.util.MyFrameworkPrincipal• Create an empty Wonder application• Add the frameworks to the classpath• Choose a rule for your properties file names likeProperties.staging or Properties.production• Set your properties• Set the appropriate user name in the WOMonitor configuration• …et voilà!The Recipe
  11. 11. Skeleton of a FP public static boolean serviceMustRun() { return ERXProperties.booleanForKeyWithDefault("myServiceToLaunch", false); } public void finishInitialization() { if (serviceMustRun() ) { // your code ... } } public boolean isServiceRunning() { return a condition; }
  12. 12. Skeleton of a Properties file#Launch first servicefirstServiceToLaunch=true#second service is not runningsecondServiceToLaunch=false
  13. 13. WOMonitor configsThe application will look for Properties.production fileThe application will look for Properties.sandbox file
  14. 14. 2 Strategies• Only one application• user name is different for each application• ex: Properties.scheduler, Properties.backoffice, …• Several specialized applications• user name is the same for every app like Properties.production• applications are different: scheduler.woa, backoffice.woa, …
  15. 15. Do you know?• ERRest can be configured in a FP (set up the request handler, theroutes, …)• D2W applications could be defined in a FP (theERXNavigationManager loads all navigationMenu.plist in anyframeworks, the rules can be anywhere, …).
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  17. 17. Q&A“Framework Principal" pattern