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The Truth about Investing


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There is one inconvenient truth about investing that keeps most investors from building wealth.

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The Truth about Investing

  1. 1. Wilson Wealth The truth about investing.
  2. 2. Building wealth in the stock market should be simple
  3. 3. You simply invest in the best • Starbucks is the king of coffee • Amazon dominates e-commerce • Google is the #1 search engine
  4. 4. The problem comes down to risk • Which one do you pick? • Should you pick just one company? • What if that one company has a really bad year – or worse?
  5. 5. So maybe you need two stocks? • But do you really want to put HALF your money in one company? • Maybe 3 or 4? • Maybe you should diversify even further to reduce risk.
  6. 6. This is where it gets complicated • Your goal is to build wealth, but soon your goal becomes to avoid risk • Avoiding risk leads to diversification • Diversification dilutes returns Diluted returns don’t build wealth!
  7. 7. The truth about investing is… • …that you can’t build wealth if you’re trying to avoid risk. • The two don’t mix. • So what do you do?
  8. 8. • Wilson Wealth helps investors build wealth in the stock market by investing differently. • We do this with The Wealth Portfolio. • The Wealth Portfolio is an investment strategy that builds wealth by multiplying the daily return of the S&P 500 index. You invest differently
  9. 9. Get Started Today! • Visit: • Call: 704.222.4162 • Email: