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Pink script


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Pink script

  1. 1. Slide 1: There is a woman driving a car, running people over. Women having a spray tans. Playing American Football, Girls being sick in sink. There is a girl running for president, girl students in a classroom. Women in the gym, also at the bowling alley. There is a little girl in living room. Operation, and there is a car wash. Slide 2: Dressed quite normally. In the gym though they were quite flashy as well as the president dressed quite smart. Some of the time they are half dressed. At one point there is one women completely naked. Slide 3: There are a lot of dim looking people. However they’re a lot clever, intelligent looking people. Slide 4: On the street, beauty salon, field, bathroom, car, TV, Living room, classroom, conference hall, operating hall. Gym. Slide 5: There was little girl watching TV, and she looked at different types of women. Which are the dim minded good looking ones, and the strong, intelligent girls. Slide 6: There is Barbie doll, handbags, American flag in the background, bling, big fur coats. Dogs, tanning booth, bowling ball, American football, car, coffee, phone, lipstick, treadmill, towel, toothbrush, lamps, bed, sponge, soapy car, teddy bear. Slide 7: Hostile, girly atmosphere things that girls stereotypically do. Slide 8: There are two types of girls, you can grow up as either a person who cares about the way they look, or the sophisticated girl, and intelligent. Of course it is not true, It is just a stereotype. Slide 9: yes definitely, because the stereotype of a pop star is that they are very rich, and have breast implants. You can see this in the video, when the women get spray tans and breast implants etc.