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Vocabulary choice worksheet


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Vocabulary choice worksheet

  1. 1. 1 FrequencyPut the words in to one of six groups according to frequency:1 Top 100 2 Top 1000 3 Top 2500 4 Top 5000 5 Top 7500 6 Over 7500allegation clay insist poster smallapple coal is potato sort (n / v)arise contain kind (adj) provide sunburntbad-tempered component lamp purple suebanana countryside list (n) recommend tanbeen curly list (v) red tellblonde electrician long relief test (n)book exam meat relieve thrillerbus economy medium romance underminebored failure medium-sized sad upsetcarbon fun mood said werechair (v) garlic moody salmon yogachair (n) get pass seriouschilli go pear short termcinema gold pleased silkcivil servant have policy skinny2 Grammar as vocabulary at low levels.Write an example of these words you might need / want to say at a low level.been shallcan mustwill couldshould have towould (NOT would like to)3 Outcomes, usage and a frequency paradoxA Write an example for these words from the academic word list (subset 1)availablecontractindicateB Now think about examples of how you would use some of these words from an upper int book.Paramedic wardPaediatrician operating theatrepatient bandagesurgeon plasternurse self-diagnosismidwife self-medication4 TextsWhat vocabulary / patterns might you highlight in this short text?For me as a teacher (as well as language learner) the goal is to be able to communicate the same things in L1 as wellas L2. If I talk about serious accidents in my own language, I want to be able to talk about them in my new languageas well. You never know when a need for a word or chunk might come up – I was at a meeting at work recently andfound myself searching for the Chinese for “staff costume party”. Needless to say it had never come up in my‘Business Chinese’ course.