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Firewall network security system dubai


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Looking For Firewall Solutions in Dubai? VRS Tech is here to Provide Best Firewall Network Security Services For Your Business. Get more info @:

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Firewall network security system dubai

  2. 2. KINDS OF NETWORK SECURITY FIREWALL FOR SECURING NETWORKS FROM INTRUSIONS Firewall is a network device that acts like a barrier between the incoming and outgoing traffic across the network. The firewall network security blocks the computer attacks or prevents further spreading of it. The network can be at safety from the attacks trying to intrude into the network and attempting to gain access to the valuable data present in the system.
  3. 3. PACKET FILTERING FIREWALL The packet filtering firewall blocks the traffic following a set of firewall rules, based on the IP protocol, IP address. This firewall allows only web based traffic into the network. Among the packet filtering firewalls, the stateful firewalls are more powerful since the stateless firewall cannot make out if the detected packet allowed in and the packet that is disguised are different.
  4. 4. DEEP PACKET INSPECTION FIREWALL The deep packet inspection firewall offers security against application level attacks by examining the data in the packets entering the network. The deep packet inspection firewall offers security to some extent but does not examine the whole packet, missing some kinds of attacks. This firewall functions similar to the intrusion prevention system.
  5. 5. APPLICATION AWARE FIREWALL The application-aware firewall network Security Services are capable of adapting to the latest innovations of software and hardware by understanding any kind of network insecurity as per the present day’s changing needs. This firewall detects all kind of network traffic and provides granular traffic at the application level usage
  6. 6. About VRS Tech VRS Tech is an IT service provide in Dubai, UAE offering the network security firewall solutions for small and medium size or large organizations. Our expert team of engineers takes care of your network security with the effective firewall solutions in the market.
  7. 7. CONTACT US VRS Tech 3rd Floor, Suk Al Kabir Building, Al Raffa Police Station Road, Bur-Dubai, Dubai, U.A.E. Call: 971-56-7029840