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13 Reasons to own Pets for Kids – Building Good Manners for Kids

Here are 7 out of 13 reasons to own pets for kids, for 6 more reasons to adopt a pet, visit the link:

1. Good For Health

One of the primary reasons to own pets for kids is that pets can bring your child some special health benefits that no one can do for him. Many studies figure out that children who own a pet dog, pet rabbit, or pet cat tend to have less illness than others. Children who have dogs or cats as pets are healthier than the kids who do not raise a pet. Being a parent, you should consider buying a dog or some animals that can be your child’s pet.

2. Build Family Bonds

The most outstanding reason to own pets for kids is that pets can help build a strong and firm family. A pet can join your family’s activities or events and becomes the center of the family. Your kid can take his pet dog out for a walk, or lie down comfortably on the floor to play with his pet.

3. Pets Provide Comfort
Pets are considered kids’ friends. When your child is sad or happy, he may want to share his feeling with a dog, a cat or a pet rabbit.
Pet animals usually bring their owners comfort and relaxation. Kids who have the companion of pets can easily deal with embarrassment or anxiety.

4. Discipline
What your child can learn from raising a pet is also one of the reasons to own pets for kids. If your child grows up with a puppy, a kitten, or a bunny as pet, he can learn much about family discipline. When the pet does something wrong, and is punished, your child will know a rule that if he is naughty, he can be punished too. He will also be able to realize what positive discipline or negative one is. While the kid trains his pet to follow your family rules, he will have to play the role of a trainer, and be a good example to his pet. This work makes him obey discipline naturally.

5. Learn About Commitment
Raising a fish pet, dog pet, bunny pet, or cat pet is a big commitment to your kid as he will have to feed them daily. It is not like a game that he wants to play today, but may be fed up with tomorrow. Pets are living creatures, not toys, so your kid cannot throw them away when he no longer wants them. This will help your kid learn to commit naturally.

6. Learn About Consequences
Your kid will learn about consequences when he adopts a pet. If he does not look after his pet well, he will see the real consequences, such as pet’s sickness, skinniness, or death which can make him anxious.

7. Responsibility
Kids who adopt a kitten or other pet animals will have a better sense of responsibility than other children. Raising a pet means your child has to feed it, clean it, and care about it every day. This will make your kid be more considerate than children who do not have a pet.

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13 Reasons to own Pets for Kids – Building Good Manners for Kids

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