Astrology and astrological birth chart


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Astrology Predictions ( Astrological Prediction) brought to you based on your Horoscope as per your Date of Birth;as per;Indian Vedic Astrology guidelines ,its;a personalised report prepared for you as per;Indian predict;astrology.

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Astrology and astrological birth chart

  1. 1. We know that the Indian Vedic astrology is ten thousand years old. There is some reality in the astrology it is not just a superstition. Astrology depends on the positions of the stars. Indianastrologers are the expert people in India who have practice on the astrology.
  2. 2. Indian astrology mainly depends on the movement on the stars and the planets; it affects the life on the earth directly. In astrology stars can the whole thing about your past and present life, from astrology you can learn about your career, financial status, your health status etc.We can use astrology as a tool to understand ourselvesbetter. The astrological birth chart does not predict an unalterable future, knowing astrological birth charts can produce results.
  3. 3. Vedic Astrology is one amongst the foremost attention- grabbing artifacts of intelligent life on earth. It’s oneamongst the best things we will share with one another. Its like understanding however the full darn huge image iswhirling in unison with the dance of life. "This system very works!" Its amazing! No surprise it comes from the books of the sacred text era. Vedic astrology could be a type of astrology derived from the traditions of ancient India. Attributable to this,religious text astrology is especially sensible for people who do yoga or meditate, or have an interest in ayurvedic medication.
  4. 4. Building blocks of astrology: Planets The signs The Houses
  5. 5. Astrology Uses 10 planets in the system, planets are said to rule on the certain signs. Sun represents power, urge, ego, personality. Moon represents domestic, nurturing urge. Mercury represents avenue of expression. Venus represents the social urge, sense of value. Mars represents the action, aggressive urge. Jupiter represents the protective urge. Saturn represents the urge of protection and safety. Uranus represents the freedom urge. Neptune represents the spiritual urge. Pluto represents the destroying urge.
  6. 6. Indian Astrology provides a lot of power to know the longer term events, your karma and destination is decided by the cosmic design. In astrology the main item is the chart, it is the map of the planets. By reading the date and place theastrologers claims that they can learn much about you.Vedic astrology is different from the western astrology; the western astrology was introduced before 300 years ago while Indian Vedic astrology is thousands of years old.