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  • IMCOM HQ Relocation IPR for G3
  • CIE Nov. 6, 2012

    1. 1. United States Army Garrison JapanCommunity Information Exchange 6 November 2012 UNCLASSIFIED
    2. 2. United States Army Garrison Japan Community Information Exchange Agenda:• Opening Remarks• Purpose• Community Program Updates• Open Forum• Closing Remarks UNCLASSIFIED
    3. 3. United States Army Garrison Japan Community Information Exchange Purpose:The purpose of the USAG Japan Community Information Exchange(CIE) is to allow organizations to discuss services and support providedto the Community. This forum facilitates dialogue and an opportunity forunits to obtain Community information to take back to their Soldiers,Family Members, Civilians and Retirees. UNCLASSIFIED
    4. 4. United States Army Garrison Japan Community Information Exchange Admin Notes1. Remaining 2012 CIE Dates: 4 December2.Submit issues, questions or concerns 2 weeks prior to CIE toallow Garrison Agencies an opportunity to research andrespond.3.2-3 Slides Max – Font ARIAL – Minimum Pitch 18. Submitslides 2 weeks prior to CIE for Garrison review. Submissionswill be returned to agencies for corrections. UNCLASSIFIED
    5. 5. United States Army Garrison Japan Community Information Exchange 2013 CIE Dates15 January 27 August "Happy Back To School”12 February No September12 March 8 October9 April 19 November28 May “Summer Send Off” 10 DecemberNo June CIE - No July CIE UNCLASSIFIED
    6. 6. United States Army Garrison-Japan Community Information Exchange Community Program Updates• DPW• Housing • 78th SIG• PMO / DES • DPTMS• Safety • LRC - Honshu• Camp Zama Installation Manager • DHR (ASAP, CPAC)• DFMWR • PAO• BOSS • IG• DoDEA (ES, MS, HS) • Legal• DENTAC • Community Bank• MEDDAC-J • Navy Federal Credit Union• Public Health Command • Central Texas College• PAIO (ICE) • EXCHANGE• Women Infant & Children • DECA• American Red Cross • FRGs• Girl Scouts • Mayors• USO• Chaplain UNCLASSIFIED
    7. 7. CURFEW Restrictions and DetailsWho: All military personnel (permanent party, TDY/TAD, pass or leave)When: Daily from 2300-0500Where: (1) On a U.S. military installation (2) Off the installation in a private residence (3) If TDY/TAD, leave or pass, in their place of lodgingAdditionally, for TDY/TAD personnel who are not stationed in Japan are furtherrestricted during non-curfew hours: • To U.S. military installations or their off-base lodging; • To restaurants for meals (a restaurant is a place where alcoholic beverages are NOT the primary business); • To their TDY/TAD place of duty/employment; • To places of worship; • To places for education; • To places providing medical/dental treatment
    8. 8. CURFEW Enforcement• Security Guards will annotate in a journal all military personnel not in an on-duty statuswho enter the installation from 2300 to 0500• Military Police will randomly check out-going traffic from 2300 to 0500; curfew violatorswill be annotated in the journal• The Provost Marshal Office will notify the units/organizations of the curfew violators;units/organizations will determine if an exception to the violation applies or not• Exceptions to the off-installation curfew policy: performance of official duties or travelingdirectly to/from a military installation to attend installation-sponsored activities• The curfew does not apply to U.S. civilian employees or dependents, but all U.S.personnel are reminded to conduct themselves as good ambassadors for the UnitedStates at all times• Camp Zama Gate 7 will close at 11 p.m., rather than 11:30 p.m. All other gateoperational hours remain unchanged
    9. 9. USAG-J Fall  Clean Up 2012 Dates: 19 ~ 23 Nov 2012 USAG-J Military Units1) Leaves should be bagged using clear bags2) Do not mix leaves, rocks, paper, wood, and sticks together (leaves will be sold by contract which offset the cost to USAG-J)3) Place all collections on the side of the road and DPW will pick up4) Check out only equipment you need for the day and return by 16:00 each day5) Available at locations shown below: Camp Zama (CZ): Equipment Pickup: Building 645 (DPW Heavy Equipment Shop) Hours of Operation: 08:30 ~ 0930 (Mon ~ Fri) POC: Roland Gonzales (263-8142) Sagami General Depot (SGD): Equipment Pickup: Building 161-1 Hours of Operation: 08:00 ~ 10:00 (Mon ~ Fri) POC: Mr. Suganuma (268-4042) Always wear safety equipment UNCLASSIFIED
    10. 10.   USAG-J Fall Clean Up 2012 Dates: Any time For Housing Occupants:1) Leaves should be bagged using clear bags2) Do not mix leaves, rocks, paper, wood, and sticks together (leaves will be sold by contract which offset the cost to the Army)3) Place all collections on the side of the road and DPW will pick up4) Return equipment by 16:00 each day5) Available at locations shown on next slide: Always wear safety equipment UNCLASSIFIED
    11. 11.   USAG-J Fall Clean Up 2012 Dates: Any time For Housing Occupants:Camp Zama Equipment pick up: Building S-694 (Self Help Store) Hours of Operation: 08:00 ~ 12:00 & 13:00 ~ 17:00 Days: Wed ~ Sun Phone: 263-4639Sagamihara Family Housing Area Equipment pick up: Building 150 Hours of Operation: 08:00 ~ 12:00 & 13:00 ~ 17:00 Days: Thu ~ Mon Phone: 267-6675 Always wear safety equipmentSagami General Depot Equipment pick up: Building 135-S4 Hours of Operation: 08:00 ~ 12:00 & 13:00 ~ 17:00 Days: Sat ~ Wed Phone: 268-4512 UNCLASSIFIED
    12. 12. DPW POWER & WATER OUTAGE NOTICE OF CAMP ZAMA POST WI (Camp Zama) DATE: 17-18 Nov 2012 Time: 2300 to 0600 (7 Hours)Power Outage: Turn off all electronic equipment prior to the outage Temporary power supplied to following facilities only: Building Customer________ 278 78 Signal main server room 425 Exchange 425-1 Food Court 457 Camp Zama Community Club 552 Guest House 742 Guest HouseWater Outage: Stock enough drinking and cooking water Does NOT affect Eagle’s Nest & 1000 block areas UNCLASSIFIED
    13. 13. DPWRoadwork on Tomodachi Avenue (near Yano Fitness Cen) 29 Oct ~ 14 Nov 2012 Impact: • Half Road closures during working hours • Full road closure on 10 Nov (subject to inclement weather) • Flagmen will be posted UNCLASSIFIED
    14. 14. DPWRoadwork on Headquarters Rd (near Yano Fitness Cen) 15 Nov ~ 21 Dec 2012 Impact: • One-way traffic on HQ Road from 28 – 30 Nov and from 5 – 7 Dec (signs will be posted) • Vehicle Inspection Area access & exit will be temporarily relocated from 27 Nov – 6 Dec • Half Road closures on HQ Road (working hours) • Flagmen will be posted UNCLASSIFIED
    15. 15. DPW New Parking for Sports Complex, SFHA (15 Nov ~ 31 Dec 2012) Construction of New parking spaces Bus StopIMPACT:Closure of 6 parking spaces C o S co mp por ns lex ts tr u u ct nde io r nLong Term Parking (10) Co Ct m m co r u Su ns nd p tru er Ex cti on New facilities c Th hang under construction ea ter e UNCLASSIFIED
    16. 16. DPW Community Projects (under construction): PROJECT__ LOCATION____ EST. COMPL REMARKS_______________New FHUs SFHA Nov 2012 Completed 22 FHUs. Will get 84 more FHUsChestnut Drive Chapel Hill, CZ Nov 2012 Road will be opened in late Dec 2012New Mail Room Behind Post Ofc. CZ May 2013 New facility will have 27 parking spacesSwimming Pool SFHA May 2013 Open for swim season 2013 (includes new gym)New FHUs 84 Housing Area, CZ Fall 2013 Temp. pavement & sidewalk (near tennis courts) Community Projects (starting within 90 days): PROJECT____ LOCATION_____ START_ REMARKS_______________New Pool Parking SFHA Nov 2012 Will provide additional 28 parking spacesDemolish FHUs SFHA Jan 2013 Phased demo for construction of 112 new FHUsClinic Renovation Medical Clinic, CZ Jan 2013 Temporary clinic to be constructed in parking lotRepave Road North of Bldg 102, CZ Jan 2013 28 parking spaces will be closed (approx 3 mos) UNCLASSIFIED
    17. 17. Unit/Organization Holiday Card Contest DPW1) One display per Unit/Organization near Camp Zama Gate #7. Units/Organizationsmust pick up plywood from DPW, Bldg. 694 (Self Help by Commissary) between 7 and 12 Nov.2) Cards must withstand inclement weather and displayUnit / Organization name. Units are responsible forcoordinating with DPW, Mr. Gonzales 263-8142, forcards installation NLT 3 and 7 Dec.3) Cards must meet basic safety standards. (No sharp objects and area must be clear of tripping hazards, etc.)4) Winners will be announced and awardspresented on 14 Dec. at 14:00
    18. 18. Unit/Organization Holiday Card Contest Winners’ Presentations 14 December at 1400 Gate #7 Displays will remain throughout the Holiday Season. DPW will remove displays 7 Jan and units must pick updisplays NLT 11 Jan at the drop location – the Carpenter Shop located in the DPW Motor pool. POC: Mr. Gonzales at 263-8142
    19. 19. Holiday Decoration Contest CSM Najee• Decorate the outside of your home for the holidays!• Homes will be judged on creativity, originality, lighting, holiday spirit and overall presentation.• Judging will take place from 1700-2000 in all housing areas on 10 Dec.• Prizes will be awarded on 14 Dec from 1700-2000 to 1 st, 2nd & 3rd place winners for Camp Zama and Sagamihara Family Housing Areas. 1st place will be awarded for Sagami General Depot Housing Area. For more information, contact the Housing Office at 263-3441
    20. 20. Holiday Decoration Contest TOWERS (Bldg.743 & 1050)• Decorate your doors for the holidays!• Doors will be judged on creativity, originality, lighting, holiday spirit and overall presentation.• Judging will take place from 1700-2000 in all housing areas on 10 Dec.• Prizes will be awarded on 14 Dec from 1700-2000 to 1 st, 2nd & 3rd place winners for Camp Zama and Sagamihara Family Housing Areas. 1st place will be awarded for Sagami General Depot Housing Area.• For more information, contact the Housing Office at 263-8261
    21. 21. HOLIDAY SAFETY
    22. 22. HOLIDAY SAFETY• Place Christmas trees, live and artificial, away from stoves, radiators and other heat sources• If using a live tree, keep it watered• Ensure decorations are kept out of your children’s and pet’s reach• Stay away from Mistletoe and holly as these can be poisonous if swallowed• Keep a fire extinguisher handy
    23. 23. HOLIDAY SAFETY• Never cover exit doors with wrapping paper or • Keep candles other flammable away from pets, materials children, flammables and always extinguish when• Use only UL approved you leave the exterior lights for use room for any outside of the dwelling length of time. to include balcony’s.
    24. 24. SAFETY OFFICE
    25. 25. HOUSING 2012 Yard Of The Year The Winners Received PLAQUE & CERTIFICATECamp Zama – Quarters SGD – QuartersMr. & Mrs. Gerald Brown Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Snipes SHA – Quarters Mr. & Mrs. Linda Salzman
    26. 26. DFMWR RECREATION DIVISION COMMUNITY ACTIVITY CENTERDisney’s Little Mermaid Jr. performed by Tamagawa University E.T.CDATE: 24, 25 November 2012TIME: 1700LOCATION: CACPRICE: “No Cost” Ticket Available at Front Counter @ CAC
    28. 28. DFMWR RECREATION DIVISION DIAMOND PLATE WALL PROTECTION November 6 – December 13, 2012 All weight equipment will be moved 6ft from the walls to accommodate construction.• Stainless steel diamond plate sheet will • Sheets will extend up to 48” (4ft) from the serve as impact protection along the floor. weight room walls (procured by DPW) . Up to 4ft (48”)
    29. 29. DFMWR RECREATION DIVISION FRONT COUNTER RENOVATION October 15 – December 25, 2012 All front counter operations will be temporarily relocated during construction.• The front counter area will be extended • Front counter operations will be an additional 6ft. temporarily relocated adjacent to the existing counter. • There will be no interruption in services during construction.
    30. 30. DFMWR RECREATION DIVISION MMA ROOM December 3 – 21, 2012 Racquetball court # 3 will be closed during construction.• 2nd Floor Cardio Room • Racquetball Court #3• Existing boxing equipment will be relocated • Heavy bags and pull-up bars will be installed to racquetball court #3. on concrete outer facing walls. • Padding will be installed around all wall surfaces (up to 48” (4ft) high). ) 4ft (48”
    31. 31. Program Events RECREATION AND LEISUREThanksgiving Day Dinner/ Madden Tournament22 November 2012. Dinner time from 1400-1800.(Food donations, Cooked food, Canned food, Desserts.)Drop off time 1330 at the Warrior ZoneOperation King Pin (BOSS Bowling Holiday Party)14 December 2012 1300-1500hrs @ Camp Zama BowlAdopt a Soldier for the Holidays (More to Follow) Camp Zama has been selected for the Pilot Site for an IMCOM G9initiative to centrally fund a partnership between Outdoor Recreation andthe Boss Program. The partnership will be high adventure centric events and open to all single active duty personnel.
    32. 32. Program COMMUNITY OUTREACHSeiko Gakuen Orphanage Visit27 November 2012 0900-1130hrs Seiko Gakuen Orphanage Visit25 December 2012 0900-1130hrs
    33. 33. Program Events Contact Info SPC Demetriea HortonEmail: campzamaboss@yahoo.comDSN: 263-3399Cell: 080-4877-2507
    34. 34. DFMWR Child, Youth & School ServicesNovember Closures: 12 November - Veterans Day 22 - 23 November - Thanksgiving Day & Day After ThanksgivingToy, Clothing & Food Drive: 1-30 November. Items can be dropped off at any of the CYSS Facilities.SKIESUnlimited: “New” Building S337 the old School Age Care facility on SHA Ribbon Cutting 26 November 2012, 1630
    35. 35. DFMWR Child, Youth & School ServicesChristmas Around the World : Friday, 7 December 2012 Time: 1700-2000 Location: CZCC Parking Lot (Inclement Weather-Ballroom)Parent Night Out: 15 December 1700-2400. SHA CDC, SAC & Youth Center
    36. 36. DFMWR Zama Bowling Center Events Calendar • 07 & 21 Nov : After school Bowling Clinic for Pre-Teen and Teen, 1500-1600 • 07, 14, 21 & 28 Nov: Japanese/American Friendship Night, 1800-2000 • 12 & 22 Nov: $1.00 Day (Game & Shoes), 1100-2000 • 18 Nov: Fun No Tap Tournament, 1330-1630 • 24 Nov: Dragon Bowling League (Toddlers), 1200-1300 • 25 Nov: Doubles Shootout from 1030IMJN-MWB/(DSN315) 263-3694/ November 5, 2012
    37. 37. DFMWR Camp Zama Community Club Events Calendar • 03 Nov: Winter Luau- 1700-2000 • 07 Nov: Pool Tournament, 1800-finish • 09 Nov: Bunco Time, 1800-finish • 10 Nov: Gourmet Dinner 1800-2100 • 16 Nov: Community Night, 1700-2000 • 17 Nov: Texas Hold Em, 1400-finish • 21 Nov: Gridiron Challenge (Thanksgiving), 1700-1900 • 22 Nov: Thanksgiving Buffet, 1030-1430IMJN-MWB/(DSN315) 263-3694/ November 5, 2012
    38. 38. DFMWR Zama Golf Course Events Calendar • 12 Nov: Veteran’s Day Tournament (0930) • 17 Nov: Turkey Shoot (0630) • 20 Nov: Nichibei Friendship Tournament (0930) • 30 Nov: Payday Scramble (1100) • 04 December: Nichibei Friendship Tournament (0930)IMJN-MWB/(DSN315) 263-3694/ November 5, 2012
    39. 39. DFMWR Zama Lodging Events Calendar • Newly installed PBX System (13 Sept 12) • New phone devices in every guest room • Guest can call commercial/international without a calling card • A call accounting report is printed for charges. • New Services: Automated Wake up call / Voice Mail • Housekeeper can input room status (cleaned room / inspected room…) and the status can be checked at the front desk, which expedites room availabilityIMJN-MWB/(DSN315) 263-3694/ November 5, 2012
    40. 40. DFMWR Zama Lodging Events Calendar • Renovation of Bldg. 780 • Installation of new kitchenettes started late September in Suite and Single rooms. • Upon completion of the installation of kitchenettes, new carpet will be installed. • Target date to open is January 2013.IMJN-MWB/(DSN315) 263-3694/ November 5, 2012
    41. 41. DFMWR Army Community Services Family Readiness Group (FRG) Training November 13 ~ 15, 2012 0900-1300 Camp Zama Community Club (Garden Room)No cost childcare is authorized for this training event. Please contact Gary R. Woods for registration or to request additional training sessions @ 263-4357 or
    42. 42. DFMWR TOTAL ARMY SPONSORSHIP TRAINING Do you want to learn how to be the best sponsor you can be? Attend one of the monthly classes at ACS.All classes will be held at ACS on the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 1400-1530 Next Sponsorship Classes are as follows: 13 November 2012 12 February 2013 11 December 2012 12 March 2013 tsIt Star With 08 January 2013 09 April 2013 ng Traini POC: Mark Daybell 263-4357
    43. 43. DFMWR Army Community Services 2012 Community Angel Tree Applications due to ACS 29 November 2012 Gifts ready for pick-up at ACS 19-21 DecemberAn opportunity to enhance quality of the holidays for deserving Families For E-6 and below/Civilians GS07 equivalent or below For more information, please contact 263- 8091/
    44. 44. DFMWR Army Community Services GRANDPARENT’S CLUB Building 402 Tuesday 13 NOV, 1700Are you interested in supporting and mentoring area parents as a surrogate grandparent? Call Beth Hoag, ACS DSN: 263-4357 / CIV: 046-407-4357 to learn more
    45. 45. DFMWRArmy Community Services You Are Invited To Attend 28 NOV 2012 1730-1900 Camp Zama Chapel 29 NOV 2012 0930 – 1030 Camp Zama Chapel
    46. 46. DFMWR Army Community ServicesMilitary Family Appreciation Month Foodies Unite “How To Cook A Holiday Meal For Your Family” 9 Nov @ 1000-1200 ACS, Building 402 ACS Open House“Family Spaghetti Dinner with Focus on Family Resiliency”14 Nov @ 1730ACS, Building 402 Please call 263-4357 to RSVP
    47. 47. DFMWR Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) Conference 20 December 2012Issue forms can be found throughout the community atACS (Bldg. 402), Zama Mail Room, Camp ZamaCommunity Club, The Exchange, Zama Golf Course,Yano Fitness Center, and SHA Commissary. Submit your issues online at Have a VOICE! Make a CHANGE!Submission deadline is 1 December 2012 Participant Data Sheets Due 12 NOV AFAP IT! Yolanda Hingel Camp Zama ACS, Bldg. 402 DSN: 263-4357
    48. 48. Arnn Elementary School NovemberNov 1 End of 1st Quarter (47 days of classroom instruction)Nov 5 Begin second QuarterNov 8-9 1st Quarter Student/Teacher/Parent Conferences (No School for Students/Students participate in conferences)Nov 8-9 Technology Open House, all dayNov 16 Shining Knights Awards- K-2nd 9:00-9:30 & 3rd-6th 1345-1415Nov 16 PTO Popcorn FridayNov 12 Veteran’s Day- No SchoolNov 22-23 Thanksgiving Recess- No school
    49. 49. Zama American Middle School November 20129 Nov Parent Conferences- No school for students12 Nov Veteran’s Day- No school for students14 Nov 1st Quarter Awards Assembly @ 073014 Nov PTO @ 163022 Nov Thanksgiving Holiday- No School for students23 Nov Recess Day- No school for students
    50. 50. Zama High School November 20122 Nov NO SCHOOL/Teacher Workday3 Nov SAT Testing, (Students will arrive to school by 0740, testing begins at 0745, in bldg. 911)9 Nov NO SCHOOL/Parent Teacher Conferences Q110 Nov Far East Division 2 Football Championship Zama vs. Edgren @ ZHS 180012 Nov NO SCHOOL/Observance of Veterans Day15 Nov 4PM IAC Meeting, location-TBD20 Nov ASVAB testing will be held at Army Education Center (0745-1130)22-23 Nov NO SCHOOL/Observance of Thanksgiving
    51. 51. Zama High School December 20125 Dec 1st Quarter Awards Ceremony during Seminar8 Dec ACT Testing (Students will arrive to school by 0740, testing begins at 0745, in bldg. 911)12 Dec First Semester Acceleration Withdraw Date13 Dec 7PM Chorus and String Winter Concert, location -TBD20 Dec 6PM Band Holiday Concert @ CAC24 Dec NO SCHOOL/Winter Recess (Dec. 24th until Jan 4th ) School Resume January 7th 2013- A day bell scheduleFor additional information on upcoming events, please visit our website:
    52. 52. MEDDAC-JWhat: A Mindfulness Workshop with Jon Kabat-ZinnWhen: 15 November 2012, 1000-1130 Got Got in M M in f u d ln dfu es lnes? s s?Where: Community Activity CenterWhy: Manage Stress more effectivelyLearn how cultivating awareness of the present moment can changeyour health, your life and your relationship with yourself and thosearound you.For more info call 263-2004, email:
    53. 53. Combined Federal Campaign Overview The Combined Federal Campaign is a fundraiser exclusively for federal employees, from which the proceeds are invested not only to the benefit of select charities chosen by the donor, but also back into the community from which they are raised. SELECT CHARITIES FSYP PLEDGES• THE CFC MAKES DONATING TO • IF THE DONOR WISHES TOA SPECIFIC CHARITY SIMPLE, BY PLEDGE MONEY BACK TO THEOFFERING AN INDIVIDUAL CODE LOCAL COMMUNITY, THEY CANFOR EACH ORGANIZATION. THIS SIMPLY LEAVE THE CHARITYALLOWS DONORS TO PLEDGE CODE BLANK AND FUNDS WILLSPECIFIC AMOUNTS TO BE COMMITTED TO CAMP ZAMACHARITIES BASED ON THEIR FAMILY SUPPORT AND YOUTHPERSONAL SIGNIFICANCE. PROGRAMS. Official Solicitation Stops on 16 November!Please contact your unit representatives to make a donation or for more information!
    54. 54. Combined Federal Campaign Way ahead The Combined Federal Campaign is a fundraiser exclusively for federal employees, from which the proceeds are invested not only to the benefit of select charities chosen by the donor, but also back into the community from which they are raised. LAST 7 DAYS NEXT 7 DAYS• “Thermometer” displays updated. • Push for increasing contact rates• PACCOM update at Weekly CFC within unitsDCO • All Star nominations will be sent up• Representative training goal • Mid campaign trainingexceeded KEY DATES• Pledges are consolidated every Wednesday• Statistics are uploaded to the MANAGE system every Thursday• Pledges are mailed to PACCOM every Friday• Official Solicitation must Cease 16NOV Commanders and 1st Sergeants: Please support your unit representatives!
    55. 55. Combined Federal Campaign Points of Contact The Combined Federal Campaign is a fundraiser exclusively for federal employees, from which the proceeds are invested not only to the benefit of select charities chosen by the donor, but also back into the community from which they are raised. CAPO: CPT John Herger CAPNCO: MSG Joseph DSN: 315-263-3058 DSN: 315-263-7387
    56. 56. Adult and Pediatric First Aid / CPR / AED Training Camp Zama Red Cross Training Room Sat – Nov 17, 2012 0800 – 1700 Hours Sat – Dec 15, 2012 0800 – 1700 HoursBabysitter’s Training Camp Zama Red Cross Training Room Fri – Nov 9, 2012 0900 – 1500 HoursBabysitter’s Training & Pediatric First Aid/CPR Camp Zama Red Cross Training Room Fri – Dec 8, 2012 0900 – 1600 Hours DSN (315) 263-3166 CIV 046-407-3166
    57. 57. Give Something That Means • Vaccinations save young lives around the Something world. • Full day of emergency shelter for disaster victims.This holiday seasonwe are asking ourcommunity to “give • Military Comfort Kitssomething that ease suffering formeans something” by wounded warriors.purchasing gifts fromthe 2012 HolidayGiving Catalog in of family,friends or colleagues. DSN (315) 263-3166 CIV 046-407-3166
    58. 58. Red Cross Office Building 376 (Dry Cleaner’s located next door) Hours: Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16:30 Hours DSN 263-3166 Commercial 046-407-3166Emergency Communication Messages Please be reminded, ANYONE, may initiate a Red Cross Emergency Communication Message. 24 Hours-a-Day, 7 Days-a-week 1-877-272-7337 DSN (315) 263-3166 CIV 046-407-3166
    59. 59. Zama Girl Scouts Upcoming Events7 NOV Host Nation - Meet with Zama City GS Leaders17-18 NOV Host Nation - 8th Annual Halloween CampJAN Girl Scout Cookies! Volunteers Needed! Chairperson for Administration Secretary Cookie Manager Public Relations Host Nation Liaison Troop Leaders! Helping build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place. Email:
    60. 60. Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)Drug Take Back19 Nov, 1300-1600, Yano Fitness Center (Safely dispose any expired, unused or unwanted medication)ASAP - available to provide training for FRGs, units, directoratesCall – Maria at 263-8047 Please Don’t Drink and Drive Impairment Begins with your First DrinkIMjN-HRS/263-8047 (DSN 315) IMJN-HRS/263-5994/ UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED 17 September 2012 9 October 12
    61. 61. USAG Japan Public Affairs Office Working to keep the community informed CIE Slides: CIE live streaming & archived video: Official sites: • • Slade Walters, Director of Public Affairs – – Phone 046-407-3392 / DSN 263-3392
    62. 62. The EXChange SHA Movie Theater Showtime ChangesSAT-SUN Showings - Begin at 1400, 1700, and 2000Changes are to enable community members sufficient timeto arrive back home before Curfew.
    63. 63. The EXChange Exchange Holiday Hours 17 NOV through 31 DEC•MON-SAT 0900 – 2100 (9AM to 9PM)•Sunday 0900 – 1900 (9AM to 7PM)•See Holiday Calendar at the Exchange for Special Hours onThanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’sEve, and New Year’s Day as well as our promotional Events.
    64. 64. United States Army Garrison JapanCommunity Information Exchange Closing Remarks Garrison Commander UNCLASSIFIED
    65. 65. The Next United States Army Garrison Japan Community Information Exchange Tuesday 4 December 2012 Slide presentations and speakers notes due toYolanda Hingel at by 20 November. UNCLASSIFIED
    66. 66. United States Army Garrison Japan END OF BRIEFINSTALLATION MANAGEMENT COMMAND “Sustain, Support and Defend” UNCLASSIFIED