uqudent dental school dentistry saudi arabia umm al-qura university umm al-qura university faculty of dentistry oral surgery hesham elhawary hesham el-hawary maxillofacial surgery evidence based dentistry uqu evidence-based medicine oral and maxillofacial surgery local anesthesia dentistry in saudi arabia ebm omfs complications nerve block infeltiration innervation of the face annual report saudi arabia faculty of dentistry dentistry ebd secondary sources products.  enzymes biotechnology pharmaceutical drug biotechnology and pharmaceuticals restorative dentistry caries control operative dentistry interupted suture reverse cutting sutures suture material suturing suture needles cutting opening of suture suture principles of suturing complications of healing primary healing healing secondary healing wound wounds family history oral diagnosis present history chief complain case history past medical history personal data personal habits past dental history general surgery mahmoud e khalifa mahmoud khalifa interview pitfalls patient rapport interview questions initial interview introduction to clinical experience interview skills assissting patient narrative allergy anaphylaxis toxicity anesthesia mandibular anesthesia maxillary anesthesia anesthetic techniques armamentarium for injection patient preparation sensory innervation innervation of teeth ideal anesthetic agent vasoconstrictor dilution of vasocontrictor pharmakokinetics of local anesthesia local anesthetic agents dilution of local anesthetic agents definition of pain reaction to pain pain receptors dental pain theory pain pathway pain types of research asking pico questions digital library "umm al-qura university faculty of dentistry" fixed prosthodontics dental public health infection control red and white lesions ceramic restorations root canal retreatment oral care caries periodontitis orofacial cleft oral cancer dental schools saudi arabia dentistry human dentition citation mapping literature review mindmapping endnote papers thank you letter personal statement writing cv research ethics research methodology
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