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Full Sail Public Speaking Online 1302 TED Talk Evaluation

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Ted talk slideshow ullrey m

  1. 1. Compare and Contrast Michael Pritchard: How to make filthy water drinkable and Sir Ken Robinson: Schools kill creativityTED Talk Evaluation Presentation
  2. 2. Michael PritchardThe Thesis: Watching people drink contaminated water or face deathmotivated Michael to invent a portable water purifying system.
  3. 3. Michael Pritchard
  4. 4. Michael PritchardMichael captured the attention of the audience by pointing out the luxury ofdrinking purified bottled water at the TED conference.
  5. 5. Michael PritchardHe then reminded the audience of the Asian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.He pointed out that the desperation for clean water during natural disastersspans across all cultural differences.
  6. 6. Michael Pritchard
  7. 7. Michael PritchardMichael further went on to amaze the attendees by conducting a disturbing andyet miraculous demonstration of his Lifesaver filtration system.
  8. 8. Michael Pritchard
  9. 9. Michael PritchardMichael used simple speech and defined the technical aspects of hispresentation clearly with direct and easy to understand graphics.
  10. 10. Michael Pritchard
  11. 11. Michael PritchardMichael best followed the second and third TED commandments by showing anew and wondrous thing in the Lifesaver water filter and demonstrated hispassion in the presentation.
  12. 12. Michael PritchardI would give Michael a 5 for his dynamism. He spoke clearly, showedenthusiasm for his topic and his example was demonstrated in front of a liveaudience.
  13. 13. Michael PritchardMichael practiced simplicity, naturalness, and restraint during his presentation.He highlighted and made clear the important information (and the water)without wasting the time of the audience.Each of the three ideas are promoted in Garr Reynolds PresentationZenphilosophy.
  14. 14. Michael PritchardI learned from Michael’s style of presentation that visual aids can boost theunderstanding and attention of the audience.The live demonstration of the technology was extremely captivating.I was expecting the water to still have a stench or unsavory flavor after theprocess, but it was described as “delicious.”Although, with the low audio level and british accent, a case could be made for“the fishes” as being the description for the taste.
  15. 15. Michael Pritchard vs. Sir Ken RobinsonBoth gentlemen were there to speak about serious issues.The scope of the issues are different.Michael’s point has an immediate impact on the quality of health for millions.Ken’s topic has a long term impact on quality of education for millions.
  16. 16. Michael Pritchard vs. Sir Ken Robinson
  17. 17. Michael Pritchard vs. Sir Ken RobinsonEach speaker had the audience laughing at a certain point in their topic.Michael’s attitude and message needed a sober air and only at the appropriatetime did he crack a joke about the probable effect of the water on Chris themaster of ceremonies.Ken’s method used a liberal dose of humor and funny stories, but under closeinspection you will find that they “held water” in relation to his theme.
  18. 18. Michael Pritchard vs. Sir Ken Robinson
  19. 19. Michael Pritchard vs. Sir Ken RobinsonBoth Michael and Ken used illustrations in their messages.Michael’s presentation was mostly scientific and his illustrations relied heavilyon slides and the main water purification activity.Ken’s “Schools kill creativity” talk didn’t have the benefit of slides ordemonstrations. Ken used his words to paint the ideas and relied on theimagination of the listener.
  20. 20. TED Talk TipsIf you are able to use slides to simply illustrate your point, use them.Don’t neglect story telling.By stimulating the imagination of the listener you will have a better chance ofkeeping their attention and getting your message across.
  21. 21. CitationsScreen shots from the respective TED Talk presentations of Michael Pritchardand Sir Ken Robinsonhttp://www.ted.com/talks/michael_pritchard_invents_a_water_filter.htmlhttp://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinson_says_schools_kill_creativity.htmlGarr Reynolds informaton:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uh4SegWhnOE&feature=youtu.be