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(- Investing in a practice management system ('1 uLawPractice maximizes efficiency with








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7 Obligation For a Legal Practitioner - a Presentation


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This Presentation discusses the 7 Obligations that Legal Practitioners have about practice management and how a practice management software like uLawPractice addresses them.

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7 Obligation For a Legal Practitioner - a Presentation

  1. 1. BENEFITS OF PRACTICE MANAGEMENT (- Investing in a practice management system ('1 uLawPractice maximizes efficiency with such as uLawPractice can reduce your features that automate legal workflows and overhead costs significantly&drastically 0 enable you to put more timetowards what decrease the total cost of ownership. really matters. Tl” Law Society of U999’ Canada has Sm“ With uLawPractice being built on secure eye 5:31:if;32ism: a:; ;e. i‘: ::": i:f: i“ O) ' where. Access your files out of your office & — heresto Provinciallaw Society Compliance take your practice with you wherever you go. Standards. EFFICIENT MATTER MANAGEMENT uLawPractice provides efficient matter management to ensure your practice achieves its potential. With its automation, you can easily generate disbursements and dockets, and 0 complete lengthy document filling in seconds with the simple click of a button. MATTER ANALYTICS 8: FORMS AUTOMATION As a sole practitioner or working in a small size firm, uLaw's powerful analytics help you understand the you need to understand practices past success 8. state of your practice to see what corrective actions failures to improve its future. ulaw gives you the need to be taken (pending & aging invoices, pending data & knowledge to feel like a big firm. trust transfers). With uLawPractice's form generators, you can uLawPractice provides a form generator for forms save time by pre-populating your court forms. pertainingto Family Law, Small Claims Court, and Using intricate algorithms, uLaw uses matter data Landlord &Tenant matters. All forms provided are to provide you completed forms in l-click. Law Society compliant & generated in seconds. ACCOUNTING - TRUST & GENERAL BE uLawPractice provides seamless uLaw'saccounting modulealso Ukea” mhercom mmsof “Law integrated accounting so you don’t includes a powerful analytics & th {D d I . ’ have to worry about managing reportingtool that lets you know 8 amu" mg m. U B '5 . complex accounting practices. Vou when to transfer funds from trust colnplelely LSUC Comlmam makmg can stick to being a legal and the status of unpaid invoices. ll easler for any audlt purposes’ practitioner! VISIT ULAWPRACTICE. COM TO TRY IT OUT FOR FREE
  2. 2. 7 OBLIGATIONS FOR A LEGAL PRACTICTIONER ONE TWO FOUR THREE FIVE SIX SEVEN uLawE CLIENT INTAKE, SERVICE & COMMUNICATION To consider: detailed recording of calls & consultations, conflict checking for confidential data, providing letters of non-engagement. depositing retainers into trust, setting up collateral for fees. Client intake is a very lengthy process and uLawPractice automates the workflow by generating client intake documents, retainer letters & receipts and other documents all in one click. uLaw even takes care of conflict screening for you in a matter of secends. FILE MANAGEMENT To consider: file checklist of incoming matters, separate files for each matter, chronological & secure file organization. confirmation of conflict checks, numeric organization & cross-indexing. ulaw automatically creates and manages unique tile numbers for each matter and organizes the files in sorted orders for quick searches and archiving. The software regulates your law offices guidelines for file management in a seamless manner and manages active, closed and archived matters. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT To consider: recording billable time, systematic tracking of payments, preparation of financial statements to gauge firm’s health, prompt transmission & delivery of invoices. The law society requires a very line level of accounting regulation-- ledgers, journals, fee books, & reconciliation statements need to be maintained, which require a law professional to become an accountant. ulaw allows you to focus on what matters and provides trust Xigeneral accounting with no accounting. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT To consider: efficient use of a reputed legal software, secure file maintenance & backups, robust security of mobile devices, ability to access email & voice messages Managing your law office requires operational efficiencies, which uLaw’s workflows & business management suites provide. You can easilyfind outstanding receivables and invoicing gaps by clients. ulaw provides a world oftools that measures and maximizes your business revenue, cash flow and bottom-line. PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT To consider: completion of CPD hours, membership of professional associations, reviewing profes- sional conduct guidelines, reviewing new legislation & case laws. sharing amongst the legal community and allows law professionals to collaborate. PERSONAL MANAGEMENT To consider: satisfaction with the legal practice, satisfaction with growth, progress and financial success, managing a proper work-life balance, managing stress. uLawPractice converts your non-billable time into billable time and enables you to be more productive. With its automation features, uLawPractice lets you spend more time with yourfamily and growing your business. TIME MANAGEMENT uLawPractice allows you to manage your time with its sophisticated, yet simple to use agenda and allows you to track your time spent with clients with dockets. With its anywhere, anytime and any device usability, uLaw allows youto savetimeto focus on what matters. uLawPractice provides you with exclusive access to engaging and informative CPDs that facilitate knowledge To consider: maintaining a to-do list, management of active files, time-dockets for non-billable time.