Mobile marketing for local businesses


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Mobile marketing for local businesses

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing for Your Local BusinessNOTICE: You DO NOT Have the Right to Reprint or Resell this Report! You Also MAY NOT Give Away, Sell, or Share the Content Herein Copyright © Social Media SwanseaALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this report may be reproduced ortransmitted in any form whatsoever, electronic, or mechanical, includingphotocopying, recording, or by any informational storage or retrieval systemwithout express written, dated and signed permission from the author.DISCLAIMER AND/OR LEGAL NOTICES: The information presented inthis report represents the views of the publisher as of the date ofpublication. The publisher reserves the rights to alter and update theiropinions based on new conditions. This report is for informational purposesonly. The author and the publisher do not accept any responsibilities forany liabilities resulting from the use of this information. While every attempthas been made to verify the information provided here, the author and thepublisher cannot assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies oromissions. Any similarities with people or facts are unintentional.AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: Social Media Swansea may receivecompensation from some of the entities listed in this report for referrals, astheir “thank you” for sending you their way. However, Social MediaSwansea never recommends any service or product solely for the reasonof receiving commissions (and neither should you) – Social MediaSwansea knows our reputation is on the line. Copyright © 2012 Social Media Swansea All Rights Reserved. 2
  2. 2. Mobile Marketing for Your Local Business Mobile Marketing for Your Local BusinessYou see them everywhere: People who pull over to the side of the road,frowning at their mobiles; people texting by the pool, or sitting beside you atyour children’s hockey game, oblivious to the action as they huddle overtheir iPhones, Androids and Blackberries...Mobile devices are everywhere – and it’s not just cell phones.Smartphones (iPhones, Androids, Blackberries) are more popular than everbefore.Even if you’re the last, die-hard hold-out who barely knows how to use anoversized, old-fashioned cell phone (let alone a “smart phone”), this trend issomething you can’t ignore.If you want to reach targeted customers who are ready to buy, you need tounderstand – and use – mobile marketing.Yes: Even if yours is a “bricks-and-mortar” business.What is Mobile Marketing?Mobile marketing means allowing people to find and access your businessvia their mobile devices… as well as using mobile technology to get yourcompelling message in front of local consumers.Why should you bother about mobile marketing? Well, two trends havedeveloped and increased steadily since 2010, with no signs of slowingdown and every sign of expanding: 1. A higher number of people access the web only on their mobile devices 2. Smartphones are gaining quickly in popularity and will soon be the most common type of cell phone carried by consumers. Copyright © 2012 Social Media Swansea All Rights Reserved. 2
  3. 3. Mobile Marketing for Your Local BusinessIt’s now estimated that almost ninety percent of the world has gonemobile. Mobile marketing goes both ways: Your customers or clients useit… and companies, entrepreneurs and small business people use it.How your customers use mobile marketing – Customers typically usemobile devices to: • Search for products or services • Search for information about a company or stores • Search for the best deals – and coupons • Find the nearest or most easily-accessed location where they can purchase such products • Get directions to the store or office of their choiceThese functions are often accomplished using either Advertising or Apps –written programs that perform a specific function, such as providingdirections, or listing all shoe stores in a given geographic area.WalMart, Old Navy, Target, Best Buy and Domino’s Pizza are just fivemajor chains to recognize the power of Apps… but, according to webauthority Mashable, people still prefer to search actual mobile sites ratherthan use Apps to find what they want.In fact, searching via mobile device is the most common use of mobiledevices. If your business has a mobile-friendly website that is easy toaccess, you already have a huge advantage over your local competitors.Checking social network feeds for recommendations and answers isanother popular use your potential clients and customers make of theirmobiles. Searching via Twitter or asking for recommendations or opinionsvia Facebook has become a natural activity for consumers. Knowing yourcustomers’ mobile habits has become an important part of demographicresearch.How local businesses use mobile marketing – But it isn’t only yourcustomer who can benefit from using a mobile phone to increase shoppingefficiency and improve retail results: Small business owners, both onlineand off, can also save time and dramatically improve results by usingmobile websites and taking advantage of mobile functionality, tools andfeatures. Copyright © 2012 Social Media Swansea All Rights Reserved. 2
  4. 4. Mobile Marketing for Your Local BusinessHow “big business” uses mobile marketing – As a small businessperson, you may not think that big business trends will affect you. But withmajor companies like Procter and Gamble and chain stores like Target andWalMart developing mobile websites and Apps for consumers as well asinvesting heavily in mobile advertising, notice has been served. This is thenew “normal”, when it comes to consumer buying decisions and habits.Why Mobile Marketing is ImportantMobile marketing can’t be ignored because it’s not going away. This is onetrend that has naturally and easily morphed into part of everyday lifestylesfor a huge percentage of people – one that has been steadily growing overthe last decade – and accelerating that growth even more dramatically thelast three years.It’s just basic psychology: We humans always prefer to: • Do what is easiest • Do what is entertaining, pleasant or fun • Follow the crowdWhen we follow this basic rule, we create new habits – and discard old,“harder” ones. And habit creation seems to occur even more quickly withmobile technology than it does in everyday life. Copyright © 2012 Social Media Swansea All Rights Reserved. 2
  5. 5. Mobile Marketing for Your Local BusinessBut it isn’t just in uncovering a hidden mobile segment of your idealcustomer or client demographic that makes mobile marketing so useful…As a small business person, mobile marketing can help you: • Generate new business • Save time • Save costs • Increase productivity • Gain an advantage over your competition • Stay in touch, real-time, with what’s happening in your business or marketplace • Stay ahead of or on top of trendsAnd all that on top of bringing customers to your door!Statistics on Cell Phone Usage and the Growth of SmartphonesThere are five billion mobile phones in use around the world... and sixbillion inhabitants on planet Earth (compared to less than two billionpersonal computers).On top of that basic statistic, nearly 42% of all U.S. mobile subscribers nowuse Smartphones, according to a white paper prepared by comScore.Until 2011 mobile users still showed a strong preference for using mobilebrowsers, rather than Apps – but the same white paper states this hasturned around in 2012, predicting that mobile App use will be “reachingparity with the mobile browser audience by year’s end”.Common uses when using a mobile phone while shopping include: • Retail location finding • Retail price comparisonIf your business involves retail of any sort, you can’t afford to ignore mobilemarketing. Copyright © 2012 Social Media Swansea All Rights Reserved. 2
  6. 6. Mobile Marketing for Your Local BusinessMobile Website Tools ExplainedAnother surprising fact is that many small business owners – even web-savvy ones – know surprisingly little about the tools you can use in yourmobile marketing.First, let’s start with…Mobile Websites – A “mobile website” is exclusively tailored to the small,limited screen sizes of most mobiles. It can also be an alternate format foran existing web theme, converted automatically to mobile size. Be sure tocheck out your website on your mobile device or cell phone. If it doesn’tdisplay well on your mobile screen, you won’t need a survey to tell you thatpeople will be likely to click away without browsing through your content, ifyour site is awkward to read or navigate.Here are four essential tips on what makes a good mobile site… 1. “Less is more” – Make sure your site displays only what is absolutely necessary. Think like a searcher… what do they want to find? What do you want to find, when you access a website on your mobile phone? What irks you? What do you hate on sites that don’t display well on your mobile? 2. Keep it on the screen – This is the equivalent to “above the fold” for regular websites. Anything that is super-important – anything you don’t want your readers to miss – make sure it displays entirely within the mobile browser screen, without readers having to scroll off the page to “find” information or tabs. 3. The “All There” test? – Is your header missing? Is your page layout completely “messed up”? Does everything display? Are there any error messages? 4. Clear text – Is your text big enough to be ready on a tiny screen… or does your content “disappear”?The average screen size falls within 128-240 pixels, so graphics should beno more than 200 pixels wide, tops. Copyright © 2012 Social Media Swansea All Rights Reserved. 2
  7. 7. Mobile Marketing for Your Local BusinessMobile Coupons -- The ability to offer customers coupons is anotheradvantage mobile marketing brings to your marketing mix. They can beboth sent to your customer list, and stored by the recipient, all via mobilemarketing.Web authority blog, Technorati, states: “It is estimated that by 2013 16.5%of all mobile phone users will redeem coupons activated through theirmobile phones.”QR Codes QR codes may well be the sleeping giant of the mobile industry – mostly because so many people don’t know what to do with them. A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode which can hold way more information than the traditional one-dimensional barcode. All you need to do is scan it or take a photo with your Smartphone, and the code within the QR code will take you instantly to awebsite, video or whatever the creator desires.For example, say you put a QR code on your business card and someonescans it with their mobile phone… they could be taken to your website or apage you’ve created containing a coupon or compelling offer… or whereveryou like.QR Codes offer further opportunities for: • Branding your product or business • Engaging your audience interactively • Entertaining your audience • Promotions • AdvertisingText Marketing Copyright © 2012 Social Media Swansea All Rights Reserved. 2
  8. 8. Mobile Marketing for Your Local BusinessMobile marketing via SMS text message marketing. SMS text messagingtaps directly into the immediacy of today’s mobile users, and can deliverhigh-impact messages inexpensively in 160 characters or less.SMS text messaging has been found to be a very effective marketing tool.This may be partially because messages are so short they can be read at aglance. (“Instant gratification” is another trend that has reached epicproportions lately!)SMS text message marketing is also permission based and the messagestherefore are welcomed by the receiver.There are a couple of minor considerations: You do need to make surethat people – just as with email – opt in; i.e. give consent to receive yourtext messages. The CAN-Spam Act Applies to text messaging as well asemails.Fortunately, with the type of unlimited or very inexpensive text datapackages commonly available for mobile phones today it won’t cost mostconsumers additional fees to receive messages. But you still must let themknow that data costs could apply if they chose to receive yourcommunications.According to authority site, Mashable, SMS messaging is “one of the mostpopular communication methods in the world”. It’s the preferredcommunication method of choice for an exponentially-growing number ofpeople.And SMS is available to all mobile users without the need to downloadextra Apps.Mobile Content MarketingBefore you market to customers via mobile, you do need them to “sign up”– just the way they do on websites.This also applies if they are walk-in customers to your physical store. Copyright © 2012 Social Media Swansea All Rights Reserved. 2
  9. 9. Mobile Marketing for Your Local BusinessYou can let them know about your mobile programs in a variety of easyways. Here are just two: • “Just ask” – Ask them if they’d like to receive coupons by mobile or text alerts on sales, etc. If they answer “yes”, get them to opt in to a text campaign you have set up for this. Offer an incentive for them to do so, such as a coupon or a great discount. • Hold a contest – Hold a content to win a freebie. Have them opt in to a contest text campaign. Make sure you follow all compliance regulations on the do’s and don’ts of running a mobile marketing campaign. Copyright © 2012 Social Media Swansea All Rights Reserved. 2
  10. 10. Mobile Marketing for Your Local BusinessAnd, of course, add a “Mobile #” field to your regular or mobile websitesignup form:Adapting Mobile Marketing for Any Type of Local BusinessIt doesn’t matter what you do – mobile marketing can help you achieveyour business goals.You can fit it into your customers’ lifestyles and needs… or you can use itto help you manage your business even more effectively.You can use mobile marketing to help: • Manage – and save – your time • Track promotions • Uncover hidden segments of your niche that do all their pre-buying research via mobile • Attract customers ready to buy • Keep you in touch with your clients • Connect with clients or customers more efficiently • Connect with social networks • Update promotions instantly Copyright © 2012 Social Media Swansea All Rights Reserved. 2
  11. 11. Mobile Marketing for Your Local BusinessWhatever you do, remember that mobile marketing is tailor-made for actualstorefronts.Your Mobile Marketing StrategyBefore you ever decide whether or not to sign up with a Mobile Ad network,however, you need to decide on your unique Mobile Marketing Strategy.Some of it will be based on strong research – for example, what type ofmobile device does your target audience prefer? Do they prefer SMS textmessages or email contact? Do they search via mobile or via PC mostoften?Some of it, however, you can learn right this second – it’s universal.Your number one priority should be in creating… 1. A mobile-friendly website – Don’t let this overwhelm you. If you’ve set up your site with WordPress, chances are it already displays well on mobiles, if you’ve used a reliable theme. If not, you can transform it in about ten seconds by installing the WP Touch plugin from your WordPress Plugins dashboard (just select “Add new” and enter “WP Touch” in the search box). (Be sure to BACK UP your site first!) 2. Mobile advertising – If you can afford to go with a Mobile Ad Network, you won’t have to worry about developing separate versions of campaigns for different mobile browsers. And if you go with SMS text ads, using a Mobile Ad Network can be quite inexpensive. 3. Mobile Apps – Thy are not just for big companies and gamers anymore. If your customers use Apps then adding one for your business that is interactive and easy to use is a no-brainer. Another plus for developing an App – if there’s something you can provide that your competitors don’t – but for which your customer base has expressed a strong need. (For example, you run a nursery and offer an App to calculate planting depth for various plants, Copyright © 2012 Social Media Swansea All Rights Reserved. 2
  12. 12. Mobile Marketing for Your Local Business offering it as a free download – thus delighting your customers and eliminating the hundreds of phone calls you get on the subject). You want to make sure your App provides enough value for your customers to use it and to justify the expense of making one. You also need to remember that apps are platform-specific. You’ll want to determine the primary operating system your customers are using (iPhones, Droids, etc.) and make it available accordingly. 4. Promotions and Campaigns – once you’ve gone Mobile, you can begin to plan a series of promotions and campaigns, tracking the results to tweak each successive one even closer to your target customer or client.Whatever you decide, remember this: Mobile Marketing is here to stay(and growing stronger every day).With or without you!To find how mobile marketing can impact your business, give us a call.Uki@Social Media Swansea 07947824709 or email us or Copyright © 2012 Social Media Swansea All Rights Reserved. 2