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Fastrackerz’ Social Media Campaign- March 2016


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Fastrackerz is a leading GPS based Vehicle Tracking System Provider. It specializes in offering innovative yet cost effective hardware and software solution. Their products are best-in-its-class solutions for complete fleet management.

Published in: Automotive
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Fastrackerz’ Social Media Campaign- March 2016

  1. 1. Fastrackerz’ Social Media Campaign- March 2016 #vehicleguardian
  2. 2. Theme & Motive of the Campaign. • Theme The theme of the campaign revolves around the time difference of problems and their solutions. The campaign reflects the vehicle problems we face in the “then” imagery and the solutions to these are given by fastrackerz in the “now” imagery. • Motive The motive was to highlight the problems faced in earlier times and now how fastrackerz has given us the solution. #vehicleguardian further makes the motive of the campaign clear.