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Mobile Gambling - Mobile Operator Billing and Messaging - The Opportunity


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The Opportunity for Mobile Gambling using Direct Operator Billing and Messaging.

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Mobile Gambling - Mobile Operator Billing and Messaging - The Opportunity

  1. 1. Mobile Gambling Mobile Operator Billing and Messaging The Opportunity
  2. 2. Mobile Billing Opportunity for Mobile Operator Billing Growth of Mobile Gambling Market Share Where does Operator Billing fit into this opportunity?
  3. 3. Mobile Billing Benefits for Mobile Operator Billing Benefits of using Operator Billing for Mobile Gambling are: ● Higher conversion rates. Credit card payment conversion rates can be as low as 7%, but where direct operator billing is available, conversion rates rise to 85%+. ● Higher retention rates. The improved customer experience naturally leads to increased retention rates. ● Include in your current strategy. Capture the customers who would have abandoned a credit card purchase process. ● Use as part of your acquisition process - e.g. deposit £10 get £30 free to play.
  4. 4. Mobile Billing Market Availability for Gambling txtNation can provide Mobile Operator Billing for Gambling in the multiple markets. txtNation can support ‘pay by mobile’ for Mobile Gambling ‘Real World’ in: ● ● ● ● UK Sweden Denmark (mCasino and Sportsbook) Russia (Sportsbook) and many more. ‘Virtual’ Mobile Gambling is supported in almost all markets where we have Operator Billing coverage. Our coverage for where we provide Direct Operator Billing for casinos aligns with the top revenue generating markets in online gambling.
  5. 5. Mobile Billing Payouts and Settlement Understanding Game Operator Payouts txtNation will look at each service and work with the operator on the best return possible - i.e the commercial terms for 'pay by mobile’. Payouts (Cross market): ● Casino Operator: 88% avg. ● Sports Book: 90% avg. ● Lotto, Bingo, other: 83% avg. ● Virtual Gambling: 80% avg. Mobile Operator Billing is the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way you can deposit. It is the ‘only’ deposit system with which you don’t need any physical things like cards and Ukash vouchers, or have to enter lots of details like e-wallet.
  6. 6. Examples Uses of Mobile Operator Billing Casinos and operators above offer Mobile Operator Billing as a deposit option.
  7. 7. Mobile Messaging Service Features SMS Messaging as an Customer Feature txtNation provide Mobile Messaging in over 200 countries, enabling casino sites worldwide to send targeted relevant and timed messages to their customers. Linking into Mobile Billing: Users receiving an SMS can click the link to be billed, depositing funds. Typical Casino Messaging Flows: ● Account Activation: Signup confirmation via SMS. ● Pulling users back: Customers can be pulled back into the game. ● Push marketing: Bonus or game updates and broadcasts. SMS Messaging prevails over other forms of customers communications as it cheap, cost effective, converts higher than email or other push marketing alternatives and is personal.
  8. 8. Examples Gaming sites above offer mobile SMS Messaging as a customer acquisition tool, leading to customer pull back using it for offers and promotions.
  9. 9. Further Reading Brochures: ● Odds-on for Mobile Gambling (.pdf) Webinars: ● Mobile Billing for mGaming ● Payforit 4 UK - The Mobile Billing Opportunity Also available on txtNation YOUTUBE page: search 'txtNation Gambling' ● Direct Operator Billing - txtNation Blogs: ● Mobile Payment Strategies for Gaming and Gambling ● ● The Importance of Mobile for Gaming & Gambling Billing Solutions for Mobile Gaming and Mobile Gambling
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