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Smokeless cigarette review


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Smokeless cigarette review

  1. 1. Smokeless Cigarette ReviewCigarettes smoking is not considered safe at all as far as our health is concerned. There are variousserious side effects that smoking is associated with. Lung diseases and respiratory diseases areprimary ones that are result of smoking, sometimes leading to even lung cancer.The are hazards that are associated with the regular cigarettes and as to overcome these hazards asubstitute to it is available, i.e Smokeless Cigarette.Smokeless cigarette or electronic cigarette is some thing that have helped people with addiction tosmoking. These cigarette makes us feel like those to normal ones but unlike in its side effects. Theycan be considered as a virtual cigarettes as they only provide us with the essence of normalcigarettes and keeps hazards aside.
  2. 2. Unlike normal cigarettes that liberate tar in its burned form which is amongst the most harmfulsubstance produced during smoking, smokeless cigarettes works as an hurdle to tar. Though thesecigarette contains nicotine also but the nicotine content is well maintained as to produce minimumside effects. These cigarettes are developed with a motive to overcome smoking addiction and tohelp mankind in positive aspect.Smokeless Cigarette consist of three major parts and that are Cartridge, Atomizer and Battery. Theone thing that smokeless cigarette help at is second hand smokingElectronic cigarette dosent produce that harmful smoke thus doesnt becomes annoying for thosewho are closed to you. These cigarettes are reusable in nature and can be reused by refilling thecartridge. These are available in different flavors as to attract its consumers.