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Side effects-green tea


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Side effects-green tea

  1. 1. Green Tea Green Tea has benefited so many people but it has got some side effects also which are “minor” as compared to its benefits but one should know these too.
  2. 2. Side Effects Of Green Tea Green tea contains caffeine, catechins and tannic acids. All three substances have been linked to pregnancy risks. In addition, drinking a large amount may cause neural tube birth defect in babies.
  3. 3. Side Effects Of Green Tea Tea is known as a negative calories beverage. Not only does it contain virtually no calories, it also block the absorption of certain nutrients.
  4. 4. Side Effects Of Green Tea More than 6 cups of green tea daily can cause sleeplessness, irregular heart beat, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, headaches, and loss of appetite.
  5. 5. Side Effects People with heart conditions, anxiety, panic attacks, kidney disease and sensitive stomachs should be cautioned about ingesting green tea.
  6. 6. Dont Mix With Alcohol Do not combine when using alcohol. Amalgamation with alcohol can damage ones kidneys and may influence some of their sexual functions.
  7. 7. Dont Be Scared! Don’t be alarmed in the slightest by these side effects. The fact is, Green tea does vastly more good than harm, and, unless you drink enough to almost drown yourself, you won’t see any negative effects at all.
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