Agile Marketing for Internet Startups by Truly Marketed


Published on - We're a team of Internet entrepreneurs on a mission to help other Internet entrepreneurs drive traffic to their websites, convert visitors to customers, and identify profitable markets. Through a combination of Agile Marketing, growth hacking, and thorough analytics monitoring techniques we bring fresh insights to the table. Our team's abilities include product design and development so we can get do whatever your Internet startup needs - from making your product to learning how to best sell it.

We pride ourselves on working so closely with your team that you'll likely consider us to be a core members of your company - well at least that's our aim.

With a team spanning N. America, Asia, and Europe we can cover your needs no matter where you are or which market(s) you're targeting. Let's growing together starting today!

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Agile Marketing for Internet Startups by Truly Marketed

  1. 1. Your Startup Growth & Marketing Partner Prepared Just for You – Winter 2014
  2. 2. We’re NOT a typical local marketing firm Digital Marketers Product Dev. Growth Hackers We’re growth focused Internet entrepreneurs collaborating with entrepreneurs just like you.
  3. 3. Our Agile Marketing Methodology Rapid Learning from Numerous Small Experiments Constant Adjusting to Scale Successes & Scrap Underperformers Market Insights & Growth Hacks to Bring Your Startup to the Next Level
  5. 5. Get Visitors Earn Subscribers Convert Customers Build Loyalty Get Visitors someone who has arrived to your web property or app HOW WE HELP Creation of pitch materials for partners and customers (e.g. pitch decks, explainer videos, infographics, whitepapers, press releases, landing pages) Paid Advertising on search engines and social channels Search Engine Optimization (e.g. website configuration, content promotion, smart link building)
  6. 6. Get Visitors Earn Subscribers Convert Customers Build Loyalty Earn Subscribers a visitor who has signed up or expressed interest HOW WE HELP Landing page optimization (e.g. UX & design, A/B testing) Content design & scheduling (aligned with market trends) Lead research & email blasts
  7. 7. Get Visitors Earn Subscribers Convert Customers Convert Customers an active subscriber or paying customer HOW WE HELP Conversion optimization (e.g. UX & design, A/B testing) Value proposition refinement Product feedback loop from current and prospective customers Build Loyalty
  8. 8. Get Visitors Earn Subscribers Convert Customers Build Loyalty Build Loyalty a returning customer (who provides referrals) HOW WE HELP Adding engagement points to product (e.g. gamification, incentives for customers to return) Simplifying social sharing and referrals from existing customers Measure lifetime value of customer to clarify ROI on customer acquisition investments
  9. 9. Marketing Plans Are Useless Marketing plans choke startups and limit growth – they’re better suited for stable products in understood markets Growth activities need to be tested with short experiments and adjusted based on real-world analytics data Results cannot be guaranteed – perseverance and knowhow is guaranteed
  10. 10. Growth Tactics for Startups
  11. 11. We open new markets through our global presence We speak English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Present in USA Thailand Czech Rep. Portugal Russia China France
  12. 12. Meet the Core Team Eric is in charge of developing agile marketing strategies when he is not busy hosting super fun parties in Asia. Mike executes on business outreach strategies and heads content development. He loves Shanghainese soup dumplings. Levan makes sure we deliver on our promise by keeping us organized and on-time. In his free time he chases after bears in Siberia.
  13. 13. Let’s Grow Together!