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Both new and experienced practitioners will benefit from this valuable and practical course as Jim Williams will roll out the principle activities and processes that will be required to execute high quality tenders and/or bid management process for compelling documentation and in-depth evaluations.


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Tendering and Bidding Masterclass_Bangkok_Trueventus

  1. 1. 1 THIS WORKSHOP IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY TRUEVENTUS AND CONDUCTED BY: Jim Williams Managing Director Tender Management Consultancy Ltd “Jim has won and procured over £200million of tenders and contracts in the public and private sector.” WHY YOU CANNOT MISS THIS EVENT How to win and not lose? Winning a bid is just the beginning of the process but to ensure that it is profitable is where we refer to as “not lose”. How to get the best bidders coming onboard? Imagine a scenario of only 2 qualified bidders among 50. Those are the 2 most important questions that always arise in the bidder’s and procurer’s mindset. Tendering, bidding and procuring require extreme precision in contract building and formation to ensure that specifications, work schedules, liability and obligations are clearly defined. People who are involved in the procurement, tendering or bidding evaluation exercise can thus mitigate anticipated problems, reduce performance disputes and receive payment for work performed timely. Anticipating the market and price fluctuation instantaneously to stay competitive in the current market are essentials to cost, proposal and contract evaluation teams. The ideal way to learn how to achieve crucial tendering and bidding techniques or skills to ensure all documents or processes are critically evaluated. Both new and experienced practitioners will benefit from this valuable and practical course as Jim Williams will roll out the principle activities and processes that will be required to execute high quality tenders and/ or bid management process for compelling documentation and in-depth evaluations. 23 - 24 February 2011 | Amari Boulevard Hotel, Bangkok Tendering and Bidding Masterclass TESTIMONIALS FROM PREVIOUS CLIENTS “Jim is the best at what he does! If you want to win tenders, and move your business forward- Jim is your man!” RD - Business Strategy Consultancy Sector, Managing Director, BD Ltd “TMC was employed by GB Oils Limited part of the DCC Energy Plc to provide a tender toolkit and audit our tender documentation, this has proved extremely useful and has saved us time when preparing tenders and will certainly support us to improve on our strike rate in winning future tenders”. Nick Goodwin - Oil & Gas Sector, National Account Manager, DCC plc (International) “Jim is a true expert in tender management, always paying a high degree of attention to detail and talent for winning complex tenders having been a bid manager and evaluator.” Alan Davies - Construction & Engineering Sector, Supply Chain Manager, AMEC plc (International) “TMC was hired to assist SE plc in winning a very lucrative public sector contract. Which together we won!! I have hired TMC again to replicate the winning formulae on our latest bid - which is of vital importance to the strategic advance of our business in 2010. The partnership works extremely well and it’s TMC ’s role not only to respond and deliver the detail of the bid but to share their plethora of experience dealing with procurement issues gained over a wide variety of multi-disciplined businesses. TMC Ltd’s reputation is wholly defined upon success.” January 11, 2010 GW - Recruitment Sector, Managing Director, SE Plc (International) “TMC was an excellent source of advice with a deep understanding of how the tender process works. He helped me to think through my application, which was successful. I would use TMC again.” GH - PR & Marketing Sector, Managing Director, EL (UK) “Before attending the TMC’s tender course, I did not have the slightest idea about the tendering process. However, after attending the course, I can say with confident that I now have proper understanding of the fundamentals of the tendering process. Therefore, without any reservation I will advise anyone involved in writing public sector bid to attend TMC’s course.” RR - Facilities Management Sector, Managing Director, RIG Ltd (UK)Follow us on
  2. 2. 2 Register Now T: +603-2711 0701 F: +603-2711 0703 E: dillony@trueventus.com After graduating from John Moore’s University in Liverpool, Jim Williams displayed a talent for tendering and procurement processes, a skill he has developed over a period of 15 years as a Managing Estimator, Procurement Manager, Head of Supply Chain Management and Project Leader for a major international construction companies. Jim then worked within his own extremely successful family–run business within the education and public sector for a number of years, growing from a small turnover to £25m per annum. He then successfully managed the sale of the business in 2001. Since then he has carried out assignments with a number of FTSE 100 companies and SME’s. He has developed excellent sales skills, having been a former sales director within a national education group, national key account manager for one of the UK’s leading recruitment construction companies and also leading multi sales and account management teams for large corporate companies. He is based in Liverpool, who supports SME’s and plc’s in tendering in both public and private sector. Jim has successfully delivered a number of seminars in the UK and Internationally“Effective tendering and how to win more business in the public sector”to a large number of companies. Jim has won and procured over £200m of tenders and contracts in the public and private sector. Current client sectors where Jim provides tendering support include construction, recruitment, PR & marketing, professional services, oil & gas , Financial and HR, coaching and leadership. Jim uses his skills in preparing successful prequalification and tender documents to great effect as he has spent a great deal of time evaluating and assessing these documents, therefore identify exactly where and how to win these bids. About Your Course Leader Tendering and Bidding Masterclass WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Vice Presidents, Assistant Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers, Heads of Department, Senior Managers, Managers and Team Leaders responsible for: • Bidding • Tender • Tender Evaluation • Contracts • Pre-Contracts • Commercial • Projects • Costing and Estimations • Design • Engineering • Operations and Maintenance • QS (Quantity Surveying) • Procurement • Legal • Finance Who are involved in: • Urban development and planning • Infrastructure developments • Specialised industrial construction • Institutional and commercial building construction • Residential housing developments • Refurbishments • Equipment or system installation • Maintenance • PPP projects • EPC projects • EPCI projects From the following industries: • Municipalities • Ministries and Governmental Agencies • Real Estate Development • Building Construction • Heavy Industries • Oil & Gas • Petrochemicals & Chemicals • Ports and Maritime From IT, Recruitment and PR companies • Business Analyst • Business development • Bid office manager • Bids & Submission • Sales & Marketing • Tender Manager PROGRAMME SCHEDULE 0830 Registration and coffee 0900 Morning session begins 1030 Morning networking break 1300 Networking luncheon 1400 Afternoon session begins 1530 Afternoon networking break 1730 Course concludes KEY BENEFITS OF ATTENDING • Heightening your chances of winning public or private sector contracts • Gaining valuable evaluation techniques from a buyer and supplier viewpoint • Reviewing key principles in procurement, tendering and bidding to alleviate your critical evaluation • Achieving operational excellence and improve your service to client • Understanding how to write persuasively to influence your clients
  3. 3. 3 Session One Buyers and suppliers analysis: Examining the positions and differences in the tendering process within the public and private sectors • Qualifying process with feasibility study • Evaluation tick-tock?: What do buyers want and what are their primary targets? • Identifying the key influencing factors on purchasing a supplier • Buying from the private and public sector - Determining the differences • Understanding key Procurement Rules and Type of Contract that is applicable to the project you are bidding for • Acknowledging the supplier position in the supply chain Group Exercise: Activity - examples of the different approaches with a case study at end of session of a world class pre-qualification questionnaire to gain an effective supplier Session Two Deploying and designing primary process of tendering and bidding – tips and tricks with do’s and don’ts • Understanding the various types of tendering process and how to build professional relationships • Lining up the planning process - Is 3rd party needed? • Avoiding overpromising and over compromising situation while identifying the right approach depending on the type of tender • Selecting a team and managing a bid – The criteria hunters • Crucial elements and documents to include in your tender • Defining a technique that works and devising the right evaluation criteria to select best provider and value for money Activity 1. Examples of a proven toolkit - how to create your own internal tender toolkit designed to reduce time spent in preparing tenders and improving your strike rate 2. Examples of identifying gaps in the specification / scope of works to your advantage Session Three Planning process, anticipating changes and decision making strategy - Developing a winning bid strategy and tender process whilst improving your tender documents • Setting up a winning bid strategy - developing a quality tender process and understanding key factors in‘Decision to Bid’ • Embracing and mastering the“20 Golden Rules”when Tendering • Overcoming a last minute change of strategy and coping with the change – Successfully anticipate and plan a better time line • Maximising your company and team experience - how to improve your case studies and CV’s so you can score higher marks Activity Working in teams to develop a world class tender process and putting the golden rules into practice; viewing an example of a winning case studies and team CV’s Session Four Detailed Stats Attack! - Buyer and supplier behavioural study in different categories • Analysing the mentality of industry and country specific that are price-concerned • Measuring, capturing, and retaining value – How to know whether you are overpricing or under pricing in some country? • Exploiting new market mentality and opportunity Case Study: Various Winning Pricing Strategies Session Five Tips corner - Keeping focus on‘How to Win’ • Pre-tender meeting – setting up the bid team to compile and manage the winning tender • Familiarising the evaluation process in terms of quality and price • Understanding the clients core needs and challenges • How to link these challenges with solutions, backed up with evidence • Knowing where to sell and include this information within the tender document • Reducing conflicts, dispatching excellent team work strategies and setting a good coordination with project team Activity An example of a buyer evaluation and how they marked the bid - what areas where crucial to winning this bid. Introduction to key tender and persuasive writing skills Questions & Answers - Final review and Summary of the day’s learning including outcomes. Session One Technique Catch - Improving on tender Writing Skills and Information Mapping • How to write persuasively to influence a buyer • Paying attention to the“Ten deadly sins”in Tender Writing • Seven Client Centred Questions • Five ways to achieve clarity • Four key writing techniques which are proven to win more tenders Activity Examples of the different writing styles, where to include them in the tender with a case study at end of session detailing how a supplier’s writing style has influenced a buyer with an executive summary. Example of a winning tender - viewing the writing style, presentation and format Session Two Risk control information downloads – In-depth studying of the Key Contract Conditions and successfully managing risks • Understanding the key risks in the tender process and best strategies to mitigate these risks • Exercising contract monitoring via Key Performance Indicators - how to use these to your advantage • Key contract clauses to look out for - developing key negotiating skills to reduce risk • Identifying key project deliverables and producing a world class project start-up agenda • Capturing the strategy of risk management and re-evaluate your negotiation and pricing strategy Activities 1. Examples of a risk agenda and risk management policies - how to create your own tender project risk register 2. Examples of risk - identifying key contract clauses and negotiating contract letters 3. Examples of a proven ‘Kick off meeting’ Agenda - what key items to include within your tender 4. Major project - case study - which team is going to win this contract! Session Three Target setup - Getting to grips with the detail of the tender and project delivery • Defining the scope of works and finding the angle to win • Monitoring the clarifications (asking strategic questions) • Pricing strategies and Pricing Evaluation techniques • Setting priority requirements and filtering bids • Attaining a better deal – Learning the power of bargain and soliciting better bids • Performing due diligence to ensure the deal will work and effectively debrief the unsuccessful bidders Some activity 1. Previous tender example and approach to winning bids; examples of different tender pricing evaluations with different winning pricing options across sectors 2. Group exercise - task to specify, price, negotiate and win a project Session Four Impress, amaze and prevail! – Absorbing the best tender presentation tips The final stage of the tender process can result in a pitch in front of the client and other stakeholders - learn how to make a great first impression with 10 tips to stand out from the crowd. • Utilizing and embracing the law of attraction • Confident builder - Developing beliefs in your style and presentation • Spotting the common mistakes in presentation Case study: Example elements of a world class pitch Session Five Implementing tender Surgery and conducting failure analysis in post mortem • Exploring weaknesses of previous tender and improvising • Rectifying mistakes that can swing the decision-making process unfavourably • Setting up post mortem to analyse failure Activity Delegates will have an opportunity to bring live / previous examples of tendering issues / documentation for tailored and strategic advice and improvement on a 1-2-1 basis Questions & Answers - Final review - 2 day learning outcomes and future action plan. 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  4. 4. 4 Tendering and Bidding Masterclass REGISTER NOW Dillon Yong Tel: +603-2711 0701 Fax: +603-2711 0703 Email: dillony@trueventus.com SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Limited packages are available. For further details, contact Aravind Menon +603-2711 0701 aravindm@trueventus.com TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. The course fee is inclusive of the event proceedings, materials, refreshments and lunch 2. Upon receipt of the completed registration form, invoice will be issue. Trueventus request that all payments be made within 5 working days of the invoice being issued. Full payment must be received prior to the event. Only delegates that have made full payment will be admitted to the event. 3. Substitution & cancellations policy. Should the registered delegate unable to attend, a substitute delegate is welcome at no extra charge. Written notifications of all substitutions is required 5 working days prior to the event. Trueventus contracts carry 100% full liability upon receipt of registration. Non payment does not constitute cancellation. A 50% of cancellation fee will be charged under the terms outlined below: Due to limited event seats, Trueventus agrees to reserve the seat for the client upon issuance of invoice. Upon signing of this contract, client agrees that in any case of dispute or cancellation of this contract Trueventus will not be able to mitigate its losses for any less than 50% of the total contract value. If a client does not attend the event without written notification at least 5 working days prior to the event date, he/she will be deemed as no show. Trueventus does not provide refunds for cancellations. When any cancellations are notified in writing to Trueventus 5 working days prior to the event, a credit voucher will be issued for use in future Trueventus events. 4. Trueventus will at all times seek to ensure that all efforts are made to adhere to meet the advertised package, however we reserve the right to postpone,cancel or move a venue without penalty or refunds. Trueventus is not liable for any losses or damages as a result of substitution, alteration, postponement or cancellation of speakers and / or topics and / or venue and / or the event dates. If force majeure were to occur Trueventus accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage caused by events beyond their control, including, but not restricted to strikes, war, civil unrest, flight delays, fire flood, or any adverse weather conditions. 5. Upon receiving this signed booking form, you the client herby consent to Trueventus to keep your details for the use of future marketing activities carried out by Trueventus and third party organisations & partners. 6. Copyright and Intellectual Property. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form in connection to this event is prohibited without prior written consent by Trueventus. 7. Client hereby agrees that he/she exclusively authorizes Trueventus charge the credit card with details listed above for the amount provided herein; this registration form serves as a contract that is valid, binding and enforceable. He/she at any time will have no basis to claim that the payments required under this Contract are unauthorized, improper, disputed or in any way. 1 COMPANY DETAILS Name Industry Address Postcode Country Tel Fax ATTENDEE DETAILS 1 Name Job Title Tel Email 2 Name Job Title Tel Email 3 Name Job Title Tel Email 4 Name Job Title Tel Email 5 Name Job Title Tel Email APPROVAL NB: Signatory must be authorised on behalf of contracting organisation. Name Job Title Email Tel Fax Authorising Signature COURSE FEES USD1795 per delegate □ Bangkok All options inclusive of delegate pack, luncheon and refreshments. PAYMENT DETAILS Payment is due in 5 working days. By Signing and returning this form, you are accepting our terms and conditions. Please debit my: □ VISA □ MasterCard Card Number □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ Security Code □□□□ Carholders Name Expiry Date / / Carholders Signature 23 - 24 February 2011 | Amari Boulevard Hotel, Bangkok