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Banners Broker

  1. 1. WHY DOES BANNERS BROKER SHARE THEIR PROFITS!People are asking WHY Banners Broker share their profits.Why would a company with a successful idea to do this? It makes one suspicious oftheir intentions. You could ask, “Why don’t they just get a loan and go and buy andsell for themselves and not have all this hassle. Or find investors that will giveBanners Broker millions, and thus cut down all the administration.Banners Broker are building up their own data base of people so this is oneexcellent way to get you to sign-up with the company, stay loyal and also tellothers. And that is what is occurring on a daily basis. This company is actuallyhelping ordinary people earn a living online. Their aim is to grab 10% of the globalonline advertising market.WHY do they need a data base you may ask?FIRSTLY it is good to understand some things about this business of onlineadvertising.For example, businesses like Twitter, Google and Facebook have a massive database. Six Hundred Million people log onto Facebook every day. With access to allthese people sitting at their computers Facebook directly promote products to themand are making a fortune from advertising revenue. They have created what iscalled an ADVERTISING PLATFORM!BUT…. They keep all the profit for themselves and their investors.Banners Broker plan to build their own advertising platforms but will share theprofits with all their loyal customers that are also the people viewing the adverts.They have over 100 advertising platform ideas in the pipeline! The Banners Brokersites that we all use would be one example. Here is an image of an advert on their
  2. 2. login page that over 50,000 Banners Broker affiliates would have seen.One major platform they are launching is called PROMO121.It’s similar to Facebook except you make money from it. You might immediately feelwe don’t need another Facebook but the terrific thing about it is that Promo121 hassoftware that allows you to manage every single other social media network thatyou are on or would like to be on from this PROMO121 page.WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? It means you don’t have to open up Facebook andpost something, then do the same with Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You do it once fromPromo121 and it goes to ALL of them! You will be able to manage every single oneof these social media networks to help promote your business throughout the world.There are over 160 social media networks. But this one is the only one you will bemaking money from!Promo121 costs $200 a year or $20 per month but remember you are makingmoney from that page through advertising revenue! There is also a free version ofPromo121 but it is limited. Cut and paste this link to see a pilot copy of promo oneto one. or see image below.James Reilly
  3. 3. Banners Broker are SO excited about PROMO121 that they believe it will be BIGGERthan their Banners Broker Business.LASTLY I WANT TO GIVE YOU A RETAIL CONCEPT: the majority of itemsyou purchase from shops cost you many times the cost that the shopbought it for. A pair of leather boots, made in china probably, may cost£30 to make and you pay £210! 7X mark-up! So imagine that BannersBroker bought some advertising space for $100 (which they use yourmoney to pay for) and sold it for $300. They give you $200 (your moneyback plus another $100 on top) and they keep $100. Hopefully you cansee by this example that that’s how come they can pay you well.