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Hockey News


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things about the nhl

Published in: Sports, News & Politics
  • Cool I'm famouse for bieing in your slide show and good slide show and if you want an autograph just ask!
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  • Nice job on this hockey slideshowe.

    Alan-Michael Griffis
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Hockey News

  1. 1. Hockey, what a sport, even better them soccer ( haha Nate ) Hockey has some of the beset athletes in the US. Some of these athletes are shown here, in this picture it is Alex Ovechkin. HOCKEY
  2. 2. And what other sport do you get these ?????
  3. 3. The NHL is also filled with big hits that makes it a dirty sport. LOOK AT THAT LADY..
  4. 4. Talk about greatness, Vladimir Konstantinov was one of the most lethal defenseman in the NHL between the years of 1991-1997 before being in a bad car accident that would end his hockey career forever .
  5. 5. Playing hockey has been a lot of fun for me, but my most amazing thing I have seen in my hockey career was meeting this NHL player Mike Knuble .
  6. 6. Alex Semin’s a very good new and young NHL star. He also plays with Alex Ovechkin and together make a great combo.
  7. 7. The NHL is also filled with much excitement.
  8. 8. Hockey is a sport of “heads up hockey” so you will not get hit . It will also allow you to make good passes.
  9. 9. The NHL is the one sport were your face takes a bad beating. To protect that you can were what are called visors they protect the upper part of your face.
  10. 10. The new NHL sticks allow you to take a big slap shot and not brake your stick.
  11. 11. This slideshow was made by Sam Lipps And Alex Ovechkin is better then Sidney Crosby