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Tournament reports


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Sharing your experiences from a tournament or a conference by telling your friends all about it is great, but if you want to reach a bigger audience (or if you're working on your L2 pre-test requirements), writing a report is the right thing for you. Writing a report is not so hard, but writing a good report... now that's a completely different story. Come and learn with us how to do it the right way!

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Tournament reports

  1. 1. Tournament reports (yes, you will be writing one)
  2. 2. Plan of action • 1) description of tournament reports • 2) write small report • 3) split into groups and discuss • 4) … Profit?
  3. 3. WHY?
  4. 4. WHY? • -L2 requirement • -Self evaluation • -Improve the judge program • -Show off what you can do
  5. 5. HOW?
  6. 6. HOW? • Collect notes (lots of them) • Pick a theme or topic • Explain your reasoning • Write a critical paper, not a book report • Introduction • Body • Conclusion