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TriFusion Newsletter - May.'08

  1. 1. May 2008 Registration is OPEN! Sign your kids up for the first annual Tri Fusion Kids’ Triathlon at www.tri- BoD, RR: Flying Fat, Sponsors, Wildflower, pages 2 & 3 Calendar, page 6 Enchilada page 8 Lean Eating, Recipe & pages 4 & 5 Congrats, page 7 SWIM LIKE THE SHARK, NOT THE GUPPY ADAPTED FROM NICK WHITE, PRO COACH Pack swimming is a relatively rare occurrence for any right reason. In the middle of the pack, passing one person isn’t goingathlete, and it’s difficult to replicate in a pool. Sure, you can swim laps to take you out of the draft. But, if you’re in a long line of swimmersright on someone’s feet or even with their hip, but there’s little that you run the risk of pulling out to the side, slowing down because ofcompares to being smack in the middle of a few hundred swimmers out the drag, and then losing positions as you fight to get back in open water. So, without much ability to practice, here are some tips The most important time to work hard is right at the beginning offor staying out of trouble: the swim. You’ll burn a lot of energy, but getting into a good position in the pack - near the outside and with a group that swims as fast or• Don’t get pushed around at the start: Where you stage for the swim a little faster than you can. has a lot to do with how crowded you’ll be in the water. Everyone wants to start in the middle of the shoreline to get the shortest • Of course, to get yourself into the sweet spot within your pack of distance to the first buoy, but remember that all those athletes on swimmers, you need the ability to surge in the water, sometimes the sides are going to be converging in towards the middle as soon as several times, and then recover while maintaining a strong pace. The the gun goes off. If you’re not fast enough to get out ahead of them, final few weeks leading up to your event are a good time to work on you’ll end up in the most congested swimming environment you can this because the workouts are relatively short and fit well into most imagine. For my medium-speed swimmers – the ones who are in the athletes’ tapering programs. I like to have my athletes perform the first half of the pack coming out of the water, I actually recommend following workout twice a week in the 3-4 weeks before a goal event. lining up more toward the ends of the shoreline. You’ll be able to catch a draft from the pack, but you’ll have fewer swimmers to one Nick White’s Surge Power Workout: side of you, meaning you’ll have room to move around slow people. Warmup (500 Yards) Yes, you’ll have a little bit farther to swim, but swimming in better Drills (400 Yards total) conditions often leads to faster swim times. 3x50 yards Catch Up 3x50 yards Kick on side arm out w/fins• Protect your face: Getting kicked in the face is one of the biggest 100 yards Sighting Drill risks – and the greatest fears – for triathletes. To reduce the risk try Power Interval Set (1600 Yards) swimming “catch-up” style when you’re in the pack. Catch-up is 8x200 yards (intervals 1-4: Pull w/ paddles; intervals 5-8 Swim normally a stroke drill where you leave one hand extended in front (focus on high elbows and catch)) of you while the other pulls through a complete stroke. When that Sprint Interval Set (900 Yards) hand gets back in front of you, you stroke with the other one. In a 9x100 rotating a 50-yard sprint through the set tight pack environment, it means that one hand is always in front of Interval #1: 50 sprint, 50 race pace your head – like an antenna that will intercept a swimmer’s foot Interval #2: 25 race pace, 50 sprint, 25 race pace before your head does. When you’re in clearer water, you can go Interval #3: 50 race pace, 50 sprint back to a conventional stroke. Repeat 3 times• Think before you surge: Accelerating in the water to pass another Cool Down (150 Yards) athlete takes a lot of energy, so make sure you’re doing it for the Total Yardage: 3550 [1]
  2. 2. How to Get Fat When You Fly calls. These are activities she could She thought cranberry juice wasby Ben Greenfield have done at the airport, but she healthy and was making an attempt was able to avoid exercise by not to gain fat too quickly with this performing them at home. choice. However, as it turnsSabotaging your power to weight outs, the cranberry juice was aratio is a great way to slow yourself Laura did not eat breakfast. This was perfect decision because it willdown in a triathlon. Since many an especially good idea, because she rapidly boost her blood sugar,triathletes travel via airplane during shut down the bodys natural calorie causing an immediate insulinrace season, this is a perfect time to burning process and sent a message release, and sending her bodyinhibit performance. It is very easy to her brain that caloric restriction directly into fat storage get fat when you fly. Traveling, was present and fat storage may be Success!especially via airplane, may be one a necessary mode of action. Thisof the best possible methods for you way, everything she eats the rest of Laura is very hungry now. Sheto pack a few extra pounds on your the day is more likely to be stored as doesnt realize that the large spikewaistline. fat, and she will have a good in insulin caused a quick drop in appetite once beginning travel. blood sugar and sent her appetiteThink about it. Not only are you through the roof. Whatever hassedentary for long periods of time in Before leaving for the airport, Laura happened, she knows she is in athe car, shuttle van, airport terminal, double checks her bag to make sure perfect situation to gain fat byairplane and taxi, but youre also she hasnt packed any food from making a dietary decision based ondehydrated (water is completely home. Although she could have put appetite cravings rather thannecessary for the fat burning some sugar snap peas in a Ziplock rational choice. She takes one extraprocess), living off packaged food bag, wrapped an apple in a paper bag of pretzels. The pretzels sayproducts (the body takes any towel to keep in her purse, grabbed low-calorie and fat-free, but theunmetabolized preservatives in another small baggie of almonds for body responds to pretzels the samethose packages and stores them as long term energy, and included way as cranberry juice. Laura is gladfat cells), and slightly stressed some mint gum to keep her from she did not pack food for the plane,(cortisol, the bodys stress release mindless snacking on the plane, she because otherwise, she would havehormone, triggers fat storage). instead departs with calorie-free been equipped to avoid these fat- luggage. gain decisions, and might haveWow, what a great 1-2-3 combo for instead simply opted for a glass ofindividuals with lofty fat gain goals! At the airport, while waiting for her sparkling water with a lemon wedge, flight to leave, Laura is very careful to drink with her apple and almonds.As a case study on the success of a to continue avoiding engagement inperson trying to get fat while flying, physical activity. She does make Laura is very careful to avoid thelets follow Laura (a real coached sure to purchase a latte, which will "Rule of 1 Hour-1 Minute" on theathlete of mine) from her home to give her 200 calories of nutritionally airplane. This rule clearly dictatesher final destination. Lauras name devoid fuel and help to further that you cannot sit for more than 1has been changed to protect her dehydrate her body, and she does hour on an airplane withoutidentity, but these travel tidbits were sit and read the paper. Although she standing for at least 1 minute andgleaned from Lauras online could have had a cup of green tea performing some form of a simplenutrition log and our e-mail with a tea bag from home and free stretch or exercise, such as an 20discussion afterwards. cup of hot water from the coffee- shoulder shrugs, 10 toe raises, or 15 shop, with far less caffeine than body weight squats in the lavatory. coffee, and although she could have This is a very good way to keep the read the paper on the plane, where metabolism elevated while traveling,Lauras flight leaves at 10 am. She is she would be forced to sit, andvery careful from the time she wakes although she could have performedto the time she drives to the airport some light stretching or calisthenicsto avoid any purposeful physical in the empty gate at C9, she isactivity, as this will enhance her trying to successfully gain fat, andbodys natural metabolic rate for up cannot make these choices withoutto 24 hours and cause her to burn risking a metabolism boost.more calories every hour she sits onthe airplane. Although she could go Finally, Laura is on the plane for thefor a brief 20 minute walk or jog, first 3 hour flight to Denver, whereperform 5 sets of 20 jumping jacks she has a 1 hour layover, followedwhile she listens to the morning by a 1.5 hour flight to, or do a brief 15 minute body While on the plane, Laura asks forweight exercise circuit, she instead cranberry juice. This was a mistakechecks her e-mail, checks in online in her fat-gain plan.for her flight, and makes two phone [2]
  3. 3. “Flying Fat” (cont’d) Such an easy choice, in fact, that Here she went to TCBYs frozen she didnt even notice the yogurt for her favorite treat and a dangerous alternative - the small reward for a long day of travel. bag of almonds and raisins for During the course of this time, she sale at the Starbucks across the might have been able to eat those airport aisle, which would have sugar snap peas to fill her with been paired nicely with a cup of fiber and keep her appetite white tea sprinkled with cinnamon satiated, so it was a good thing and perhaps a banana or apple she didnt bring those along! She from the basket of fresh fruit ordered the "fat-free" cappucino besides the cashier machine. Has flavor, which was the equivalent of she made these observations, she eight additional tablespoons of would have severely hampered her insulin-boosted sugar. fat gain goals. She had peanuts for a topping,In the Denver airport, Laura goes She made sure to take the walking which is a legume known forto the Chinese food vendor. She belt and the escalators to her next containing large amounts oforders a vegetable-chicken bowl gate, avoiding stairs and long afflatoxin, another great way toon whole wheat noodles. This periods of physical activity, gain fat cells. She made sure tobowl begins with whole wheat although this would have been a avoid drinking water with thisnoodles that have been given a perfect time to walk and make the snack, as she knew herchance to absorb 200 extra phone calls that she made dehydration would severely inhibitcalories of vegetable oil, high in while skipping exercise earlier that fat radicals and fats. The morning.noodles, while appearing to be With the quick drop in blood sugarhealthy with the "whole-wheat" The next flight offered a small from the huge insulin release, shelabel, actually have the same meal. Laura had completely avoid finally arrived at her hotel 45glycemic index as white bread, logging onto the Internet and minutes later starved and readymeaning that there is no requesting a "diabetic" meal on for a late night snack at the hoteldifference in consuming the her flight. Although she isnt restaurant. She ordered a 1400noodles vs. consuming 10 technically a diabetic, she would calorie chicken-caesar salad andspoonfuls of table sugar. Many have been likely to receive a meal sat back contented to havewhole wheat products are like this, with low-glycemic index food and successfully gotten very fat whilebut Laura still feels slightly guilty healthier vegetable based alter flying. She was very sure not toabout the whole wheat noodles, natives, and this would have order her dressing on the side, notbecause it sounds healthy. disrupted her fat gain while flying. to ask for the chicken grilled The actual food was nasty. It instead of fried, and not to ask theOver the whole wheat noodles are would clearly have helped her gain waiter to leave off the Parmesanpiled a 1/4 cup of vegetables (also fat, but she couldnt stomach the cheese, as this would have cut thedrenched in the vegetable oil and taste. She had a diet Coke instead, salad calories by 60%.seasoned with MSG), as well as a which was full of artificial1/4 cup of hormone-infused sweeteners to help boost her Good job Laura! A successful daychicken breast (which will help insulin levels and cause appetite of getting fat while you fly and ainfuse synthetic fat-gaining cravings. few miles per hour removed fromestrogens into her body). Laura your next bike split. For these andlightly seasons this meal with Finally, Laura arrived in Phoenix, other tips on getting fat, you canhigh-sodium soy sauce (which will still full of these convenient sign up for a month of nutritionhelp to raise her blood pressure, a appetite cravings from the diet coaching with Ben Greenfield.good side objective while gaining Coke. She didnt want to spendfat). This was an easy choice for money on expensive food at theLauras fat gain goals. airport, and waited to eat until catching the shuttle to the rental car terminal, filling out the rental car paperwork, driving 10 miles, and finally stopping at a shopping mall complex. [3]
  4. 4. Lean and HealthyMatt Fitzgerald offers smart substitutions for bad snacksDuring heavy training for a marathon or triathlon, you, like many athletes, may feel hungry from the moment you wake upuntil your head hits the pillow at night. Worse, with a jam-packed schedule, those pesky hunger pangs can lure you tostray from your carefully thought-out nutrition plan and toward huge meals and unhealthy snacks.So how do you reconcile the needs of your highly charged metabolism with your commitment to a healthy diet? Theanswer, it seems, may lie within one word: satiety.Doctors and health scientists use the term satiety to refer to that feeling of satisfaction, or lack of hunger, which everyperson needs to sustain healthy eating habits. Lets face it: "If youre not craving food and feeling deprived, its a heck of alot easier to stay with your eating plan," says nutrition expert Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., C.N.S.The concept of satiety has received a lot of attention lately, thanks to research demonstrating that very few people havethe willpower to sustain a diet that leaves them feeling hungry most of the time. Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., a nutritionist at PennState University, has even called satiety "the missing ingredient in weight management." Fortunately, there are simpleeating strategies that--despite your heavy training volume--allow you to keep your hunger in check, get the calories youneed and perhaps shed a few extra pounds along the way.How Satiety WorksYou might say its all in your head. The feeling of satiety involves a number of natural physiological actions that start in thestomach and ultimately affect the hypothalamus, the appetite center in the brain. The presence of food in the stomachstimulates the release of special proteins in the digestive tract. "Scientists call them appetite-regulatory peptides, but youcan think of them as feel-full proteins," says Bowden. The most important of these is cholecystokinin (CCK), which Dr.Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen, authors of You: The Owners Manual, have nicknamed "the craving killer" due to itspowerful hunger-squashing effect.The presence of CCK and other feel-full proteins in the stomach initiates a number of actions. First, they close the valveleading from the stomach into the intestine, slowing the digestion of food. Then they travel to the brain, where they attachto specialized receptors. This action tells us to stop eating, and more importantly, causes the extended feeling of fullness.Flip Your Hunger SwitchIt takes about 20 minutes for the feel-full proteins to become fully active after you begin eating. If you wish to control yourappetite and reduce the number of calories you eat, you can make this lag time work to your advantage. The best way,according to experts such as Bowden, is to effectively spoil your appetite by consuming a small appetizer 10 to 20 minutesprior to your main meal. "Eating an appropriate appetizer will cause the CCK level in your gut to spike just as you sit downto eat your meal, so you will feel full faster and eat less," Bowden explains.Your appetizers should contain just enough calories (50 to 100) to stimulate your feel-full proteins. They should alsocontain the nutrients known to be the most powerful satiety activators. "Research has shown that certain key nutrients areespecially potent CCK activators," says Steven Peikin, M.D., professor of medicine at the Robert Wood Johnson MedicalSchool in Camden, New Jersey.High concentrations of the most effective craving killers are found in olive oil, macadamia nut oil, flaxseed oil, almond oil,peanut oil and other healthy cold-pressed oils. Consuming a small amount of foods rich in these oils will activate yourappetite-control switch before you begin eating a meal. Other effective hunger squashers include soy and dairy proteins.Soups work especially well as light, filling appetizers. Thanks to the liquid form, broth takes up a lot of space in thestomach, acting as a feel-full protein activator. In one study by Rolls, participants who ate a bowl of soup before a lunchentrée consumed 20 percent fewer total calories than participants who skipped the soup and just had the entrée.Try consuming any of these healthy appetizers before a meal, and take advantage of the resulting fullness by servingyourself smaller portions than you normally do. Dont worry, you wont go hungry!Hunger-Busting AppetizersThree whole-wheat crackers with low-fat cheddar cheeseSmall spinach salad with olive-oil dressingThree celery or carrot sticks dipped in peanut butterSmall bowl of miso soup8 ounces of nonfat yogurt1/3 cup edamame (steamed soybeans) [4]
  5. 5. “Lean” (cont’d)Smart SubstitutionsResearch has shown that satiety depends on the volume of food you eat, not the number of calories. So you can make foodsubstitutions that trim calories from your meals and still feel satisfied. Plus, by replacing high-calorie foods with fruits,vegetables and whole grains, youll maintain a healthier diet. Try these 10 good-for-you substitutions from my book, TheLean Look, co-authored by Paul Goldberg, R.D.Replace a non-vegetable food with a vegetable, or increase a vegetable portion.Example: Substitute a grilled chicken sandwich with a chicken-salad wrap (less bread and meat, more lettuce) and saveabout 60 calories.Replace a non-fruit food with a fruit, or increase a fruit portion.Example: Substitute an 8-ounce serving of yogurt with a bowl of berries (1⁄2 cup) drizzled with vanilla yogurt and saveabout 140 calories.Replace a high-calorie beverage with a low-calorie beverage.Example: Replace a Starbuck’s Venti latte with a mug of coffee with half-and-half and sugar and save 250 calories.Replace a fried food with a non-fried food.Example: Substitute breaded, fried chicken strips with grilled chicken strips and save about 140 calories.Replace a high-fat meat with a lean meat.Example: Substitute an 85 percent lean ground-beef hamburger patty with a 95 percent lean ground-beef hamburgerpatty and save about 60 calories.Replace a high-calorie sauce, condiment or topping with a low-calorie alternative.Example: Substitute a tablespoon of regular mayonnaise with a tablespoon of reduced-fat mayonnaise and save 70calories.Replace a refined grain with a whole grain.Example: Substitute a cup of cooked regular spaghetti with a cup of cooked whole-wheat pasta and save about 45 calories.Replace a whole-milk dairy food with a reduced-fat dairy food.Example: Substitute a half-cup of whole milk with a half-cup of skim milk in your breakfast cereal and save about 30calories.Replace a high-calorie dessert with a low-calorie dessert.Example: Substitute a small bowl (1⁄2 cup) of ice cream with a large serving (1 cup) of mixed berries with a heapingtablespoon of low-fat vanilla yogurt drizzled on top and save about 70 calories.Replace a non-organic food with an organic food.Example: Substitute a serving of non-organic Stagg Vegetable Garden Four-Bean Chili with a serving of Walnut AcresOrganic Chili and save 60 calories. [5]
  6. 6. Race Review: The Wildflower Triathlonsby Kurt Niven After that the course leveled off to flat and rolling for the next 36 miles. At mile 41 you start the two-mile climb called “Nasty Grade.” As the name implies, it is a steepThe Wildflower Triathlon Festival was held May 3-4, 2008 climb, especially at this point in the race. Some folks wereat Lake San Antonio, California and hosted over 4,000 even reduced to walking their bikes up this climb. Youcompetitors in Long Course (1/2 Ironman), Olympic climb for about a mile and a half and then the road levelsDistance, and Mountain Bike off and there is a guy in an EnergizerTriathlons. Wildflower is one Bunny costume beating his drum.of the premier triathlons in You think the climb is over at thisthe country with a reputation point but then you make a right turnas being one of the toughest and start climbing again for anothercourses around. This half mile. Then there is a bignotoriety regularly draws downhill and then rolling terrain tosome of the biggest names in the lake followed by a steep descentthe sport, and this year was to the transition exception with ChrisMcCormack (Ironman Hawaii The run course is 40% paved andChampion) and Samantha 60% trail and winds around the lakeMcGlone (Ironman Hawaii and through the campground whererunner-up) competing in the many participants camp for theLong Course race. The race is weekend. The course is bestone of the biggest in described as being hilly. You climb aCalifornia so it also an “A” race for clubs such as the LA Tri set of stairs exiting T2 and then the course is either up orClub (1500 members) and the San Diego Tri Club. down until the first main hill at mile 4. It was during this first stretch that I encountered another obstacle that youConsidering the travel distance, Tri-Fusion made a strong don’t see on many other triathlon courses: a 3-foot longshowing with nine members competing that weekend. snake crawled across the dirt trail right in front of me! NotRacing the long course on Saturday were Ben Greenfield, really knowing what else to do in that situation I jumpedSam Picicci, Jeff Blackwell, Steve Rupe, Kurt Niven, Phaedra over the snake and called out “snake” to the runner behindCote, and Jennifer Shepherd, while Roger Thompson and me. When he saw the snake he called out “rattlesnake” toLaura Ketchum-Duchow did the Olympic race on Sunday. the runner behind him. I’m not a snake expert but itFive of these members achieved top 10 results in their age looked like a gopher snake to me. But a rattlesnake makesgroups and two were within the top five overall (see the a better story so I’ll stick with that!Tri-forum for results). Not long after I hopped over the “rattlesnake,” I came to theThe weekend’s racing kicked off Saturday morning with the steepest hill of the day which was on a trail through somelong course. The transition area was the biggest I’d ever trees. This hill was so steep and long that it reducedseen (besides maybe Ironman) with 1,681 long course almost everyone to a walk. This was also the case for mostcompetitors and many more mountain course competitors of the hills on the course, so if you could keep running,laying out their gear. Walking around the transition area however slowly, you could pass a lot of people. The big hillwe saw Haley Cooper from Spokane who was racing as a was followed by a very steep downhill and many morenew pro for the Zoot team. We also saw Samantha McGlone climbs until finally it leveled off going through theworking her dry-land swim stroke with some stretch cords campground. Then there was a big downhill to ajust before the start. It was pretty cool to be racing the turnaround which of course you had to go back up beforesame course as some of the best athletes in the sport. reaching a level stretch and then finally a big downhillSince the pros started an hour before my start time, we finish to the lake. The temperature during the run was inwere able to watch the pros start the swim. The swim the mid-70’s I think, but to my still-frozen Spokane body itcourse was one loop of a long rectangle with a short dog- felt really hot.leg at the start. Weather was good with calm conditionsand a 65 degree water temperature. The race was well-organized and the other competitors were very friendly. The spectators were very enthusiasticThe lake sits in a bowl, so coming out of T1 you had to and supportive of racers of all abilities. Due to an injury,climb Beech Hill which is a steep switch-back climb that my wife, Jennifer was on the course a lot longer than mostwas a bit of a shock to my sea-legs. I was amazed at how and was amazed at the level of support given to slowermuch dropped gear I saw lying in the road in the beginning competitors all the way to the finish line (although this5 miles. The road was littered with folded tubular tires, might be because she was wearing LA Tri Club gear fromCO2 cartridges, water bottles, gel packets, and the yellow her six month sabbatical at UCLA over the winter). Isponge stoppers from Profile aero drink bottles. You really recommend this race to anyone looking for a good fitnesshad to pay attention to avoid running over this stuff. One test early in the season. Just be sure to do your hillnice thing about the bike course that I had not seen at anyother race was the course organizers marked every pothole training and keep an eye out for snakes!and crack in the road with pink fluorescent paint so theywere easy for riders to avoid. [6]
  7. 7. Kims Kick Butt Enchiladas SPECIFICS: 8 tortillas 1 casserole dish 1 bag mozzarella cheese Oven 350 Serves 4 COMBINE: Cook 3 cups cubed chicken or turkey ½ cup Salsa 1 can cream of chicken soup 1 big handful fresh spinach 1 cup plain yogurt 1 cup low-fat ricotta cheese 1 tsp chili powder (add more if you want some kick) 1 tsp onion powder 1 tsp garlic powderMix together, put 2 -3 spoonfuls in each tortilla, top with a fair sprinkling of cheese, roll and place in casserole dish.Repeat until tortillas are gone. You really cant go wrong here except if you add too much mix your tortilla will not rollup nicely. (If youre doing smaller portions, this mix freezes great, then just thaw and put in your tortillas to bake.)Bake @ 350 degrees for 30 minutes, covered with foil. Uncover for last five minutes for a crunchier tortilla. Kudos to Ben GreenfieldPress release=> Local physiologist awarded as national Personal Trainer of the YearSPOKANE, WA—APRIL 30, 2008— Ben Greenfield, an exercise physiologist, nutritionist and personal trainerat Champions Sports Medicine in Spokane, WA, has been awarded the distinct honor of 2008 PersonalTrainer of the Year by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). The NSCA is aninternational nonprofit educational association founded in 1978 for the purpose of developing andpresenting information regarding strength training, conditioning, injury prevention, and research findings.A personal training certification by the NSCA is nationally recognized as one of the highest attainablecredentials among fitness professionals.Candidates for Personal Trainer of the Year are judged based upon continuing education, credentials,publications, volunteer service, clinic and committee involvement. Greenfield will be honored at theNational Conference Awards Reception in Las Vegas, NV, on Friday, July 11, 2008. [7]
  8. 8. The Board of Directors, Sponsorsand The Calendar of Upcoming Events...Board of Directors We would like to extend a generous thank you to our• Kathi Best - Social Director truly amazing sponsors!• Kevin Best - Vice President• Kim Ellis - Treasurer• Greg Gallagher - Pool Supervisor• Natalie Gallagher - Newsletter Director• Ben Greenfield - Website Director• Mark Hodgson - Team Event Director• Sam Picicci - Uniform Director• Jim Powers - Membership Director• Jessi Thompson - Secretary• Roger Thompson - President• Scott Ward - Marketing Director• Kirk Wood-Gaines - Mentor Director May/June Calendar Races/Runs: Upcoming Events: Training Opportunities: • May 24: Onion Man Triathlon, in Clinics: Walla Walla, WA Saturday, May 31: Open water swim • Spring Festival of Races in clinic with Ben Greenfield @ 5 North Spokane -- Moses Lake, WA p.m. at Liberty Lake Monday - Friday @ 5:30- am: Masters 7 • May 31: Hawaii Half IM, in Honu, HI Swim at Whitworth College $75/month Next Membership Meeting: • June 1: Boise Half IM, in B oise, ID Tuesday evenings: BLTs @ 5 & 6 @ June 18th, 2008 @ 6:30 p.m.: rotating places around 7-Mile. Watch • Iron Eagle Sprint at EWU, Cheney, WA General membership meeting at the Tri Forum for details! location TBA. Saturdays @ time TBA: Probable outside • June 7: Moses Lake Family bike ride meeting location & time Triathlons, in Moses Lake, WA posted weekly on the Tri-Forum. • June 8: ITU World Championships in Next Tri Fusion Kids Club Sundays @ 8 am: Mornings with Vancouver, BC Meeting: Martin, Planned group swim workout @ • June 15: Blue Lake sprint triathlon Oz North. Starbucks afterwards! Wednesday, July 9th @ Brentwood • June 16: Blue Lake Olympic triathlon, Elementary from 6:15-7:45 p.m. team championships in Fairview, OR [8]