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Travel Agent Booking Software - Travel Booking Engine


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Our services includes reservation system for hotel
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Travel Agent Booking Software - Travel Booking Engine

  1. 1. Travel Agent Booking Software - Travel Booking Engine Trawex technologies offers complete set of travel agent booking software for travel agencies of all sizes and modes of operation (Offline, Online, B2B, B2C, and B2B2C). Our solutions have helped travel agencies globally overcome challenges related to business, technical and operational, like online booking management, quotations, contract, licenses, commissions, mark-ups, sales channel, etc. Trawex technologies suite of solutions includes front-office, mid-office, back-office, distributions and social media solutions. Our travel agent booking software is a travel booking engine that is a technical solution which offers online booking services to travel agents. As the name suggests Travel Booking Engine is a solution which provides travel booking engine for tourists. By accurate coding and use of pictures a travel solution is created at affordable prices. My Travel portal is a travel agency software that automates the entire travel management process. It has been designed to meet the day–to-day needs of travel agents and travel management companies of any size. It eliminates the technology breaches by providing cost-effective, powerful, and easy-to-use platform to book, create, integrate, manage and distribute travel inventory. We believe website is not just a web presence for your business. Accessibility, Compatibility, Navigability, Readability and Usability are the inherent 'abilities' of every website built by us. Be it comprehensive corporate profiles, lucrative e-commerce websites and portals, or highly- interactive sites, we make websites for all genres. We provide for reservation of different types of accommodation in different modes of transport. We can arrange all types of domestic and international travel, from hotel and resort accommodations to air and ground transportation, including car rental needs and tour packages. We have been adding attractive offers and cheap travel packages to cut costs and making deal profitable for the agents and pleasantly memorable for the travelers. You can get the packages customized according to your convenience too. The travel agent booking software of your choice should be as scalable as your business is, to effortlessly support any type of expansion and addition of new or supplementary feature and capabilities. Having a dozen of hotel wholesalers, for example, isn’t enough – your travel software should be able not only to provide you with connectivity but to effectively operate with and present the available content. In order to remain market competitive in the online domain, a unique interface is of the essence and can differentiate you among the multitude of options available to the customers. If you have a fresh idea, a new spin on how you can interact with your users –online travel agent software that can provide you with an XML API, can be an ideal solution for you, providing you not only with the technological infrastructure but also saving you months of development and considerable resources.
  2. 2. Online travel agent software is our core product; we offer several services to our client companies. Here is a list of some of our services that we sincerely provide to customers who deal with us.  Travel portal development for agencies  Web application development for agents  Web designing for exclusive range of travel products  Promotional activities for developed web applications in order to make them successful.  B2B solution  B2C solution To know more about our products and services, visit our website: Please feel free to contact us: US: +1 845 7045 584 UK: +44 70 3192 6740 India: +91 77 600 34 800 Or email us at: