Android training course – what can you learn from it


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Android training course – what can you learn from it

  1. 1. Android Training Course – What can you Learn from It? Summary: Android training course will help a novice learner get knowledge of all the important concepts involved in Android programming right from OOPs concepts to database operations and deployment of the applications in real-time environment. ******************************************************** Professional Android training is the best way of learning the most advanced mobile technology which is highly in demand these days. The rising standards of telecommunication with Android phones that provide entire gamut of features to the users are creating demand for this technology and its developers too. Today, every business is looking for online promotion through devices like mobiles and hence, it would not be wrong to say that Android development is a lucrative profession. Those who have completed their graduation in some IT field can take up the Android training course at a reputed institute in order to shape up their career with lucrative job opportunities. No doubt, one can learn the basics required for Android development through training. But apart from this, one will also get to learn various things for better and efficient development process like tips to improve the performance of mobile applications, problem solving in these mobile devices and applications and much more in the Android training courses that are designed to give professional joboriented work training to the individuals. In an Android course, one would get to learn everything required for the Android development work right from the fundamentals of programming to the deployment of these applications. Following are a few things one would get to learn in an Android course. OOPS Concepts OOPS or Object Oriented Programming is an important concept for java development and hence is an important element for Android development too. Hence, OOPS is included in almost every Android training program to give the knowledge of essential programming fundamentals to the beginners. Java Programming Fundamentals Knowledge of Java is a must for every Android developer. The programming here is solely based on this development platform and hence, for an individual to become a mobile apps developer, training in Java is mandatory. It is for this reason that Java is included in each and every Android course today and is taught in the starting phase of the learning program itself in order to make the advanced concepts of Android development much easier to understand for a beginner. Fundamentals of Java like data types, looping, encapsulation, polymorphism, constructors, inheritance, overriding of methods, exception handling, packages and much more is taught under this module of Android development course. Android OS Concepts for Mobile Application Development Next comes the advanced Android development concepts including development with Eclipse tool, Dalvik Virtual Machine, development tools, SDK manager, activity lifecycle and classes and installation process of Android. The course makes an individual familiar with the each and every element in Android development. Concepts like GUI architecture, layouts, widget toolbox, menus, graphics and multimedia,
  2. 2. NDK of Android and various other things, the knowledge of which would be quite important for the mobile apps development process are taught this course. Database Operations Data used by the Android applications is generally maintained in the database at the backend. Database is like a pool of data from which the user can fetch the data, insert the data and also manage it for efficient storage, retrieval and use. SQLite is the most popular backend support used for many Android based applications. Hence, every Android course includes a module on database operations to impart the knowledge of database working operations to the learner. Industrial Project Android Training This is not a necessary module for every Android training program because not all of them offer realtime project training. Hence, for the learners who desire to bag on the best job opportunity in the market for mobile apps development, should go for only this kind of Android training that offers live project training because this kind of training gives the learner actual work experience of working on mobile development project while will also provide them the necessary skills required for real-time apps development work in the industries. ************************ Author Box: TOPS Technologies is a leading Android training institute in Ahmedabad offering excellent, job-oriented Android courses in across 18 cities in the country. The institute provides a four month period course that covers topics on how to design, develop and build applications for Android.