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Financial Services Brochure


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Finanzdienstleistungen gehören zu den am stärksten wachsenden Branchen bei HCL. Mit einem nutzenzentrierten Ansatz haben über 8.500 Berater einigen der größten Finanzdienstleister der Welt Technologie einen Wettbewerbsvorteil verschafft.

Der Finanzdienstleistungssektor bei HCL baut auf hohe Branchenkompetenzen. Sie umfasst sowohl Retail- und Corporate-Banking, als auch Kapitalmärkte und Versicherungen. Wir erfüllen die IT- und betrieblichen Anforderungen von führenden Finanzdienstleistern.

Mit einem nutzenbasierten Multi-Service-Ansatz und genauer Branchenkenntnis über fokussierte Vertikale hilft HCL führenden globalen Finanzdienstleistungsfirmen nicht nur beim Risikomanagement, sondern auch bei der Einhaltung von Vorschriften, Verbesserung von Produktmerkmalen und der Abwicklung von Transformationsaufgaben. Gleichzeitig werden Effizienz und Leistungsniveau gesteigert

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Financial Services Brochure

  1. 1. HCL in Hello, I’m from HCL!. We work behind the scenes, helping our customers to shift paradigms and start revolutions. We use digital engineering to build superhuman capabilities. We make sure that the rate of progress far exceeds the price. And right now, 60,000 of us bright sparks are busy developing solutions for 500 customers in 26 countries across the world. How can I help you? Financial Services Keeping pace with transformation
  2. 2. | 60000 people | 26 countries INDUSTRY TRENDS AND CHALLENGES • Deep structural change in the FS industry post the economic downturn • Focus areas: risk management, regulation, globalization & M&A, and technology/capacity issues • Market challenges expected to continue, exerting downward pressure on revenues Overall Trends • Focus on preserving capital and competing for deposits • Credit liquidity - a pervasive issue across all geographies • Institutions with capital and proficiency in integration stand to make bold gains • Shockwaves from the financial upheaval prompting institutions to adopt a global approach • Chasm in quality of asset portfolios and financial performance is exacerbating the polarization between pacesetting and lagging institutions • Ailing institutions are bracing for survival but healthier players embracing new business models and investing in technology innovation to gain market position for growth Today’s Imperatives 1. Corporate Governance 2. Cost Reduction 3. Rationalization and M&A 4. Government Control 5. Shrinking Banking Capital 6. Operational Efficiencies Key Challenges Insurance Capital Markets Banking • Cross-border revenue • Future organizational • Industry • Experience – Over 10 years and operating models configurations Consolidation • Business Predictability • Reporting • Revenue Growth • Customers – 100+ globally • Product innovation • Risk management • Profitability • Team – 9000+ technology & domain consultants • Micro-verticals – Retail & Corporate Banking, Insurance, Capital Markets and specialty skills across 24 sub-verticals • Services – Enterprise Transformation, Product Engineering & Development, System Integration HCL – Here to help IT Services, Management & Operations, BPO, Infrastructure Services • Over 10 years experience • Capabilities – Development, Enhancement & Maintenance of Applications across Front Office, • 100+ global customers Middle Office and Back Office • End-to-end IT services & solutions - ADM, ASM, Infrastructure Management and BPO • FS Partnerships – Chordiant, eBaoTech, Guidewire, Misys, OMX, Prima Solutions, Sage, SAP, SFS, • Continuous investments to provide innovative solutions for competitive differentiation – Asset SimCorp Dimension Monetization, MergeIT, Utility Services • CoEs and a Dedicated Insurance Solutions Development Center in India with 150+ major insurance assignments successfully delivered across Life Insurance, P&C Insurance and Reinsurance
  3. 3. HCL Technologies: $5bn EXPERTISE ACROSS THE FINANCIAL SERVICES ECOSYSTEM • Domain competencies across retail & corporate banking, capital markets, and insurance • Long-term customer relationships / strategic alliances with leading global FS companies • Value-based multi services approach in managing risk, complying with regulations, conceptualizing and enhancing product features, and managing transformational challenges • Providing production support for more than 100 mission critical clearing & settlements applications, handling transactions worth around US $100 billion a day l Market Servic Software king Services pita es B an Ca Services Trading & Retail Brokerage Houses Sales Lending & Mortgages Settlements & Clearing Treasury & Cash Houses Core Banking Depositories & Custodians Risk Multi Channel Trust Companies Payments Exchanges Financial Product Trade Finance Investment Banks Companies Cards Regulatory Compliance Wealth/ Investment Management Infrastructure Operations Management Services Services Claims Management Actuarial Underwriting Policy Administration IPs/ Solution Accelerators ASSeTTM A robust transition framework for the migration of more than 200 processes in Financial Services BestXekTM A low latency execution venue selection solution that allows institutions to select the best venue for trade execution at high speed, using built-in and extendible algorithms CapitalStreamTM An integrated software platform enabling commercial banks and finance companies to implement Straight Through FINANCIAL SERVICES Processing (STP) across lending and leasing portfolios Collateral Management System System to streamline the follow-up process for collectors and reduce cycle time COTS Evaluation Framework A tool to evaluate and qualify off-the-shelf products based on specific customer requirements GLOBAL PRESENCE InvesITTM A global research content management platform providing a comprehensive solution to the research report production process - from authoring, using built-in templates to final distribution Loan Origination & Tracking An Enterprise Lending Suite for Retail Loan Origination and Proposal Tracking System (LOTS) MiFID A diagnostic tool that enables gap assessment of various areas and provides a diagnostic report for MiFID compliance Penstock Product Engineering A transformational program designed to launch new-age technology products to solve operational and transactional Group data problems of global financial institutions XFITTM An automated agent- based test harness for SOA and BPM testing; supports a customizable testing process and automation of testing
  4. 4. FINANCIAL SERVICES PRACTICE SNAPSHOT SUCCESS STORIES • One of the largest and fastest growing verticals in HCL; also the fastest growing in the industry • Over 9000 HCL ‘transformers’ transforming technology into competitive advantage for some of the largest global financial services organizations • Horizontal services - Enterprise Transformation Services (ETS), Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) services and Integrated Operations Management Center (IOMC) • Technology CoEs adding value to offerings Testimonials Case Studies • 8 of the top 10 Australian Banks Industry Focus • 1 of the top 3 Global Investment Banks Our Bank won many of the most important Web-based, end-to-end Loan Origination System • 1 of the top 2 Investment Retail & Corporate Banking, Insurance, • No. 1 Retail Bank in UK Managers Capital Markets • 3 of the top 10 Insurance Companies IFR awards including Bond House of the HCL worked with a leading bank in New Zealand to develop a loan origination solution spanning all the bank’s delivery year, Interest Rate House of the year and the channels. This SLA driven, STP, end-to-end solution is Domain Expertise Centers of Excellence Domain led innovation Comprehensive Unique Business - CoE through Partnerships & services across the Models overall Derivatives House - you played a key seamlessly integrated with the bank’s systems and external Industry Alliances ecosystem part in this achievement. agencies like the Credit Bureau. Results: Process time has • 9000+ domain & technology • Misys • Chordiant • Enterprise • Risk-Reward been reduced by 50% and cost by 30%, through improved consultants across Retail & • Chordiant • eBaoTech Transformation Sharing Global Head, Rates, Leading Global back office efficiency. • SAP Corporate Banking, Capital • Dedicated • Guidewire • Product • Output Based Investment Bank Global Research Content Management System Markets, and Insurance Engineering & Pricing Insurance Solutions • Misys Development HCL automated the research content management system • Micro-vertical delivery structure • JVs -specialty skills across Development Center in India – 150+ • OMX • System We chose HCL as a strategic partner to help across the globe for a global investment bank. The web- 24 micro-verticals major insurance • Prima Solutions Integration us manage our existing applications and based application with multi-language interfaces [English, • Sage German and Japanese], tracks and controls all workflow • 1st Indian service provider to migrate Capital Markets assignments • IT Services, Management & implement new technologies. Over the last stages and allows regulation analysts to certify and pre- successfully delivered • SAP processes offshore across Life Insurance, • SFS Operations 3 years, we have come to rely upon HCL. populate relevant disclosures. Results: Reduced time-to- • Capabilities in development, P&C Insurance and • SimCorp Dimension • BPO HCL has been responsive to the needs of market due to an automated global system serving 1300 enhancement & maintenance of Reinsurance analysts [scalable to 2500+] with over 200 documents applications across front office, • Infrastructure the IT group and our customers and have Services authored and distributed every day, covering 13 sectors, middle office and back office been committed to delivering high quality 20 disciplines and 130000 companies. • Managing large multi-service services with the level of flexibility required Transforming Claims Operations engagements - decade-long association with one of the by our business. A leading Workers Compensation Provider in the US world’s largest investment banks [handling more than Executive VP and CIO, Leading American partnered with HCL for a modern, web-based claims processing solution to replace its legacy application 120 projects, 200 processes, Insurer and 850 applications] that was not able to keep pace with business growth. • LOMA excellence award in Results: Over 400,000 claims were migrated and Temporary Insurance for 6 consecutive HCL worked with us to deliver a new end- Total Disability [TTD] duration [time an employee is on total years to-end lending platform - an application disability support] reduced from 43.5 weeks to 29.6 weeks. Users and adjusters also have increased flexibility to create • Six-sigma across various deemed to be extremely critical for our Bank. and modify rules when business conditions change. processes - yellow, green and black belt trained professionals; HCL’s role was critical as they participated Intelligent Voice Response (IVR) System Implementation SAS 70 initiatives across in all stages of the project lifecycle including processes for operations We seamlessly integrated products from two vendors who • Top FS services company in requirement analysis, design, development, were involved in developing the original speech application Germany, Singapore and the testing & implementation support. They for a Fortune 500 financial services company, and Nordics have continued in a support role beyond implemented over 124 design changes while reengineering the end of the implementation and continue the generated code base to improve reliability and maintainability. Results: An increase in call volume from 2 working with us on further enhancements million to 6.5 million over the IVR channel over two years, 100+ global customers to the system. and considerable reduction in call waiting time, which led to higher customer satisfaction. The customer derived Head of Solutions Delivery, Business tremendous annual cost savings as a result of the shift Technology Solutions & Services, from a service representative based call center to speech Leading Australian Bank self-service, resulting in improved ROI.