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Sav ufloors catalog with guide


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Sav ufloors catalog with guide

  1. 1. Accurate measurements as indicated in the measuring procedure are the key elements we will need to plan your new kitchen. With this information, our kitchenspecialists will be able to help design the kitchen of your dreams!FLOOR PLANBefore any planning can start we must know the exact dimensions available to work with. Using the measuring procedure illustrated, carefully prepare a simplefloor plan of your existing kitchen.Your completed floor plan should resemble the diagram shown below. Make sure you show exact locations of doors, windows, hood vents, exhaust, gas line,water line, drains, switches, outlets, light fixtures, and heat vents. Double check all measurements.
  2. 2. Name ________________________Date _________________________________Delivery AddressPhone Number E-MailFax Number Cabinet StyleCeiling Height Stagger Wall Height YES NOInstructions1. Personal Information:2. Please Indicate Cabinet Style and Ceiling Height:3. Please Indicate on the Graph Paper Where Appliances Are Located and the Width of Them4. Place Windows and Doors Widths and Heights5. Finally,If There Are Any Special Requests Youd Like Us to Keep In Mind When Designing Your Kitchen6. Examples: Roll-Out Trays, Crown Moulding, Glass Mullion Doors,Decorative Side Panels, Fax 262-565-0005 Ph 262-834-5634