Excerpt from My EXCLUSIVE Interview with David Bullock


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In the full interview, David helps you understand more about business strategy, on and offline, versus business tactics. He then details why you need to build a credibility platform and tells you where to start.

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Excerpt from My EXCLUSIVE Interview with David Bullock

  2. 2. ABOUT DAVID BULLOCKDavid Bullock is President and co-Founder of CEO Mastery, Inc, a business development firm thatprovides proven effective revenue generating training and execution resources to business owners andexecutives.David is a degreed mechanical engineer with a thoroughunderstanding of process control. A switch to sales resulted inover $100 million worth of goods and services sold in a seven-year period.David’s masterful processes lead to increased sales by up to 3x.His unique approach and proven success have made him anauthority among internet marketing and business developmentexperts.David is co-author of Barack 2.0, a case study of PresidentBarack Obama’s successful use of social media during the 2008presidential campaign, and is the technical editor of theAdwords for Dummies Book. 2 Of 10
  3. 3. ABOUT TINU ABAYOMI-PAUL Tinu Abayomi-Paul is a website promotion specialist, and author.Many of her articles and guides have been published in popular publications such as: • WomenGrowBusiness.com, • About.com, • Site-Reference.com, • Promotion World, • Web Pro News, • Search Engine Guide, • Search Engine Journal, • Site Pro News, • FaceReviews.com, and, • American Chronicles.She also serves on the Network Solutions Social Web Advisory Board. You can reach her via Board.email at support@asktinu.com, or by phone at 702.508.8468. Online, you can find her at support@asktinu.com,FreeTrafficTip.com, LeveragedPromotion.com and AskTinu.com.FreeTrafficTip.com, AskTinu.com. 3 Of 10
  4. 4. TRANSCRIPT OF THE INTERVIEWTinu Abayomi-Paul: Hello, this is Tinu Abayomi-Paul of Leveraged Promotion.You may know me from Free Traffic Tips or maybe you read some of the stuff that I’vepublished on sites like SiteProNews and Search Engine Journal and so on.Today I am talking with David Bullock which is an honor and a privilege unto itself because hedoesn’t do a lot of interviews. The reason I chose his, of all brains to pick, is because when hefirst encountered me, through knowledge, (because we didn’t actually know each other then) hewas working in robotics.Before that he left from a company people usually only leave by being fired from, DuPont.He worked with StomperNet after that.He introduced the industry to Taguchi testing with Penny Marshall.Then he took 17 blog posts, this is the part that really inspired me; and he turned it into a bookcalled Barack 2.0. This took him to Entrepreneur Magazine, a webinar that he did with HubSpot,the Los Angeles Times, Bass Company, NBC, Ink Magazine, Black Enterprise, University ofVirginia, Wharton Business School, which if I’m not mistaken has his book on one of theircurriculums [sic], Forbes, Open Forum; and I could go on and on but the point is that thisresulted in about half a million dollars worth of free publicity.But it goes on from there. He went on to become chief media officer of several companies. He’ssat on several executive boards and he and I, have some similar skills sets. I am not as smart ashe is, but I’m close. I may even be more technically skilled than he is, arguably, because youknow, he, the way that he encountered me was from my list.So my big question, and the reason for this interview is, if I am getting let’s say $3,000.00 forconsulting fees and he’s getting $25,000.00 in payments just for people to have the option to talkto him, what is he doing differently that you and I are not doing? So, Dave, you still with us?David Bullock: I’m here.Tinu Abayomi-Paul: So how, how do I get into that room that you’re in? What are you doingwith your business that I’m not? Walk us through, for example, you say you learned RSS andarticle marketing from me –David Bullock: Mm hmm.Tinu Abayomi-Paul: – which puts our first intersection through knowledge share back to 2003-2004. 4 Of 10
  5. 5. David Bullock: Correct.Tinu Abayomi-Paul: How did you come from thereDavid Bullock: Well, this – it’s –Tinu Abayomi-Paul: – to the White House? What, what did you do?David Bullock: At that time I was selling robots.Tinu Abayomi-Paul: Robots.David Bullock: So I was, I was in the industrial equipment space and at that time theInternet was just coming into the forefront of, of things to know about, email marketing, puttingweb sites up and that type of thing. So I ran across, if I recall you had an eBook out on usingarticle marketing to, you know, develop your stature in the marketplace as well as using RSS so Ibought two of your eBooks. Now, what was a little bit different about what I was buying it forwas not for the tools but to understand, you know, what it was and how it worked and how Icould leverage that against the market that I was already in.Tinu Abayomi-Paul: Right.David Bullock: Typically people leave the markets that they’re in. The things that they’recurrently doing like the things that are natural, they’re easy, they’re fun and they leave thosemarkets to go pursue other markets. They don’t leverage the markets they were already in,meaning people are always running away. What I found is that people are always running awayfrom the businesses that they’re in or the knowledge bases that they have and they’re notleveraging those to next steps.Tinu Abayomi-Paul: Like serial entrepreneurship, you start one project, it goes okay, you go tothe next project and you’re not really building a system? Or are you saying that we’re getting itbut then we’re staying stuck at the same level now?David Bullock: It’s a couple of things. What I found is that if you’re truly a serialentrepreneur that means you’re not just doing new projects, you’re building companies. Seepeople think that entrepreneurship is just that I do a bunch of things to make money. Anentrepreneur typically does not know where the next bit of money is going to come from. That isthe nature of entrepreneurship. But, a true serial entrepreneur is building income streams andbuilding companies not just other projects that work or don’t work. See, that is businessopportunity seeking. That is not entrepreneurship.Tinu Abayomi-Paul: I see, okay. Now following from that point, most of the people listeningto this are trying to get more out of their offline businesses. You know, they’re helping local 5 Of 10
  6. 6. companies get online. We spoke earlier before this call, about the concept of leverage. How doI leverage an existing offline business, where I’m basically helping local companies set up theirsites with a blog and Facebook and all these? How do I leverage that into some of these othermarkets? How do I go from that to the next level? What is the next level?David Bullock: Well the next level, after you’re working with a local company, is workingwith a local chain of companies or working with companies that have bigger products orservices. They have bigger margins. You’ve heard me say planes, trains and automobiles –Tinu Abayomi-Paul: Yeah.David Bullock: – and buildings. Those things have bigger profit margins in them for youto actually make the money that you want. If you’re working with a small mom and poporganization they have a limited budget. That means you’re gonna have to do volume to get themoney that you want. Case in point, if you’re looking at you need to earn $300,000.00, there’s acouple ways to do it. You can sell three things that have $300,000.00 in say gross revenue in itor you can sell 20,000 things at $15.00 apiece.Tinu Abayomi-Paul: Right.David Bullock: See, the $15.00 gross margin item, you have to do that in volume andvolume means you have to have that much more exposure. If you have to have that much moreexposure you’re going to have to spend that much more money. The problem is that when mostpeople come into say the Internet marketing space or even into their own business they don’t feellike they can charge a lot of money. That’s a confidence issue more than anything else thatneeds to be overcome.They think they have got to sell something for $39.00, $49.00, $10.00, or $7.00 as opposed toselling something for greater value. So that’s a matter of them stacking the offer to make surethat it’s actually valuable to the people who can actually afford it. Typically they try to make theorder so inexpensive so that everyone can afford it. That’s the wrong way to look at the samedeal. Case in point, leveraging is about how do you take that little bit of something and keepstanding on top of it and standing on top of it until you build your platform? I started usingarticle marketing in 2003, learned RSS in 2000-? 2004. Okay, fast forward to 2008 with theBarack 2.0 project and we really started talking about how you take a story which is in themarketplace –Tinu Abayomi-Paul: Yeah.David Bullock: – and okay what was going on? You had a political story and you had abusiness story. You actually had a technology story because social media was jazz coming intovogue at that time. Now, if everyone saw the same thing, the problem is who saw those storiesas leverage-able stories or narratives for them to use with their business because what I was ableto do with those three stories is use them as credibility boosters, as a platform so that when I do 6 Of 10
  7. 7. speak to a business owner, a COO, a CEO, a local business owner, whomever, I can point at thecredibility that I built to get the deal. Most people come in and just make the offer but –Tinu Abayomi-Paul: Right.David Bullock: – see the thing is no one’s going to listen to your offer unless you haveartifacts and credibility to point to. So, it takes a minute to actually build a credible platform.But once you build a credible platform, then you start. You can then produce by leveraging upthe bar code because more people will listen to you. It’s not the size of your list.Tinu Abayomi-Paul: Right.David Bullock: It’s the credibility that you bring into the marketplace because what willhappen is -------------- END OF EXCERPT --------------- You can click here to buy the full interview package.It was my intense honor and pleasure to interview David. And as the interview continued, Istarted to see that this wasnt just for people who are Offline Marketing Consultants. In fact, wegot so deep that we almost forgot to talk about those things.After the interview first went on sale it became even more clear.People who are internet marketers, own online businesses, are Authors, Coaches, Consultants inother industries, anyone whose profits could be increased by increasing their credibility andvisibility can benefit from this package.Heres some feedback from people who listened to the interview or read the transcript:TinuJust finished going through the interview. David Bullock is brilliant. Anyone who doesnt get anumber of "Ah ha!" moments needs to go through a second or third time, because they aredefinitely there.Hint to readers: David spending $40 to go over the mountain - read that and grasp thesignificance. Kevin Riley, 7 Of 10
  8. 8. You can click here to buy the full interview package.This product is all Tinu says it is and more. The information that she gets out of David Bullockis priceless, and incredibly useful to both newbies and old-timers.David talks about the real world of information leverage, how to build offline credibility, andmore. Tinus questions are concise, and she really digs into the meat of the problem ofmarketing yourself as an expert, and how to move to the next level of clients.There are so many tips and tricks in the interview, you will want to carefully go through thetranscript as well. David has a lot of insight into ways of building your visibility as an expert(both on- and offline), and has many excellent examples of how he has done it.He makes a clear distinction (one that is often overlooked) between advertising vs. publicity,and discusses the best ways to use social media.In addition, Tinus collection of 152 resources is amazing. She talks about many of the bestonline websites, tools, and applications that not only will help you build your presence online,but also let you keep track of who is saying what about you and your product/service.I cannot believe that she is letting the package go for such a low price. I have bought a numberof WSOpackages recently, and feel that this is one of the most useful I have seen.Anita Cohen-WilliamsSocial Media Management and Organic SEOhttp://mysearchguru.com You can click here to buy the full interview package. 8 Of 10
  9. 9. Hey Tinu!How are you? Dont know if you remember me, we spoke on the phone at least once last year.I bought this WSO because I know who you are, trust you - your information has never let me down, and I have known aboutDavid for years. I first learned about him when he was working with Taguchi multivariate testing and doing consulting forthat.So buying this was never a question of whether the info was solid.I hope you do not mind that I will only provide a limited review. First of all, for everybody else - Tinu has no idea that I amwriting this. I may not have written anything mainly because I just tend to avoid writing reviews unless it really grabs me.But first, this really grabbed me. Yes, I have already read the transcript, and thank you for providing a transcript! I dont likeaudios or videos. lolSecondly, I saw a comment above about waiting for reviews before buying. Seeing that also provided some impetus for writingthis.All anyone needs to do is Google, Tinu and David Bullock, and see the millions of returns in the serps for them. There is noissue of credibility, experience or expertise. I would be shocked if anyone found anything negative said about either of them.Also, I feel people need to have a little more courage and be willing to do what we all do in business and assume some risk andresponsibility. I could go on about that, but I wont bend your ear. So in that spirit, I will not provide a comprehensive reviewfor the benefit of those who are not willing to do their due diligence or be willing to take some risk. (Im assuming there couldbe risk issues - I may be wrong.)The ideas and practical advice given in this WSO are worth potential millions, in my estimation, to those special few who arewilling to implement the strategies discussed. Sure, it takes guts, desire, motivation and all those things that so many seem tohave difficulty with in their business lives.David gives you solid ideas and techniques that are strategic, and they are based on his own experiences. He is not a theorist,and he even discusses the difference between the two and why they are significant in your ability to succeed.I have been wrestling with something for a while because I have decided to enter the offline consulting market. David hasprovided a powerful solution for me that is actually a common issue for other online marketers who want to elevate theirgame.I now have a very clear path and know exactly what I want, and need, to do. I will follow his proven advice, and my mind isalready turning with ideas I can implement that will make my business more powerful.Theres much more I could say, and I was purposely non-specific for the reasons previously stated.So thanks very much, Tinu, for bringing this to us. This stuff isnt for everybody and you know that. But it will transform livesfor some of us.No guts, no glory. Eh?Ken You can click here to buy the full interview package. 9 Of 10
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