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Change your thoughts, change your traffic, part 3


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Can you increase the visitors to your site by changing the way you think about demand generation?

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Change your thoughts, change your traffic, part 3

  1. 1. Free Traffic Tips | Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Traffic pt 3Copyright Tinu Abayomi-Paul tinuabayomipaul@leveragedpromotion.com Your Thoughts, Change Your Traffic pt 3Sometimes the issue is that folks think they should get more traffic than logic can reasonably provide.For example, a person might look up a popular keyword and see that a good ranking would get them 3300 visitors a day. Sothey call me up or write me and ask how I can get their site to that level.And the problem can be any number of things. Maybe their site has nothing to do with the topic of that keyword, and sowouldnt rank no matter what kind of tricks I did. Perhaps the competition for that keyword is so fierce that its practicallyimplausible that theyd get it on their own within less than 2 years. Or maybe they want to compete a static site against topranking dynamic sites.Ill never say anything is impossible. But I will give the fair odds before Ill take on an assignment. If It can be done but Im notthe one to do it, Ill refer them to friends or colleagues of mine, as theres enough business in my industry for plenty ofeffective, ethical people and companies.But if it isnt probable under the current circumstances, Ill tell it to you straight.IF you find yourself in a situation where you need 3300 visitors a day to stay afloat, and you find out that the traffic isntattainable the way youd like to get it, youve either change your mind about where those visitors have to come from, borrowthe needed cash to invest in heavy advertising, re-evaluate your business model, or increase your conversion rate.In other words, something has to change. For the reaction you want to occur, there has to be an equal and opposite actionfirst. So, thats easy. Make it happen.Just not by trying to fit square pegs into round holes page 1 / 1