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Students Comments Anna


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Students Comments Anna

  1. 1. Summary of most common Students Comments: Why learn a language?  You need to do it in VCE, it is part of the curriculum and you get points  Expand you knowledge, and understand different cultures  Increase your communication skills  Communicate when travelling  Appreciate cultural differences  Job opportunities  Fun PMI- What I think about learning Italian Positive  Like my teacher, she is funny  Teachers are easy to understand  Like having the Assistant Italian Teacher, we can practice language with him and learn lots about the culture  It was fun doing cooking classes, it made Italian real to us  The movie we went to see ( Red Like the Sky was awesome)  Like learning about Rome  History, Regions, Geography....topics are interesting  Like projects but not the pressure  Like listening to facts/ explanations about our work before we start our task