How to increase ROI of the digital business world


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How to increase ROI of the digital business world

  1. 1. How to increase ROI inThe Online Business World Digital Matters Event July 25, 2013
  2. 2. ROI for Online Marketing ROI
  3. 3. Brand Engagement Retweets Likes Comments Shares Fans Followers Friends PTAT Impact Impressions Clicks WebTraffic Pageviews Financial Gain Revenue by Bookings New Customers/ Prospects New members ROI for Online Marketing
  4. 4. CommonTerms Reach = Facebook fans +Twitter followers Engagement = Likes +Tweets + Comments + Mentions ROI for Social Media
  5. 5. ROI for Social Media Source : eMarketer
  6. 6. Average ROI and Good ROI
  7. 7. ROI Measurability for each Digital Marketing Channels Paid Search has HIGHEST score for its good ability to measure ROI Source : eMarketer
  8. 8. Source : But SEO and Email Marketing has HIGHEST score for its excellent ROI results ROI Rating of each Digital Marketing Channels
  9. 9. Data Management Platform
  10. 10. DynamicCreative Re-Targeting 1 2 BANGKOK TO SINGAPORE THB 9999 Potential customer checks flight path Potential customer abandons transaction 3 Customer is re-marketed to across the web (we can cap impressions per day to not be intrusive!)
  11. 11. For successful DigitalCampaign
  12. 12. THANKYOU FB : Syndacast