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Earth Hour Education
Part2: View the Video
A picture is worth 1000 words, and a
video is worth more! Go online and find th...
Name _________________ Date __________________
Earth Hour
Main Idea: Make it a “grabber!”
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Green Team Gazette 3.7 March 2011


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Green Team Gazette
Season 3, Issue 7
Mar. 2011

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Green Team Gazette 3.7 March 2011

  1. 1. Earth Hour Education Part2: View the Video A picture is worth 1000 words, and a video is worth more! Go online and find the Earth Hour 2010 fun facts and this year’s challenge to try to turn out the lights for more than 1 hour: as well as Follow up your viewing by brainstorming a list of things you could do minus lights for your 60+ minutes of eco- activism/“lights out!” Marvy, Meaningful Multiplication Math always means more when you tie it in with something “real world.” Take the Earth Hour opportunity to tie the event not only to the concept of time, but also to multiplication. Write some word problems…or better yet, invite your youngsters to try their hand at writing a few of their own. Pose questions such as “ If every house on the street turns off 5 lights, and there are 12 houses on our street, how many lights are saving energy?” Or, you could pose similar questions based on the class population or that of the whole school. Earth Hour Brainstorm Tie in the information of Earth Hour and the informative video with your writing program. Duplicate a copy of page 2 of this month’s Green Team Gazette so that each student can have a web. Watch the video at the Earth Hour site above, once to share the information with your students, then a second time for them to soak in the details and begin filling out the web using the Earth Hour Facts. Then, have students take it the next step by turning their brainstorming pre-writing activity into both an expository rough draft and final paragraph. Go the extra mile by having students “enlighten” other students in other classes by giving them the opportunity to share their paragraphs with others in your school. A variation to this activity would be to share the video before Earth Hour, then have the students write up a web/ paragraph about what they each did to celebrate Earth Hour. The Green Team Gazette Volume 3, Issue 7, page 1 March 2011 Lights Out: A Month of Bright Ideas February’s GTG got the ball rolling with the invitation to do a “Lights Out” audit in your home or classroom. This activity paved the way for this month’s Earth Hour. Use some of these ideas to give greater meaning to your Earth Hour! Earth Hour Education What: A global event now in it’s 5th year! What began in 2007 in Sydney, Australia has been a growing eco-event ever since. Who: You…and everyone else on the planet! Where: Right in the comfort of your own home…or go out & create an event in your neighborhood, church, school, community, or even city! When: Saturday night, March 26th from 8:30--9:30 pm in your time zone. In the dark. Why: Turn out those lights to make your message seen & heard! By turning off your lights, you are voting to speak out & silently shout out about climate change… and to show that small individual actions can and DO make a statement!! Where to find out more:,, or To find interactive games for kids, go to ID=8&DocID=417 The Green Team Gazette is a publication co-sponsored by the founders of CynerGreen CGKidz, and Eagle Cove School (formerly “Gibson Island Country School”), a Green School in Pasadena, Maryland. Our mission is to educate and share ways to “go green”—both big & small-- and be environ-mentally-proactive at home, in school, and beyond. It is written by Vicki Dabrowka, 3rd grade teacher & co-Green Team Leader at Eagle Cove School. To learn more visit,, and You can also follow us at or find us at “Green Team Gazette” on Facebook or on Twitter, Please print on recycled paper. Copyright © 2011 Vicki Dabrowka
  2. 2. Name _________________ Date __________________ Earth Hour Main Idea: Make it a “grabber!” _____________________________________________________________________ Be sure to include:  What is it?  When is it?  Who is taking part?  Why is it important?  Are you planning to be involved? If so, how?  Anything else you know or feel about it!  Where can you go to find out more? The Green Team Gazette Volume 3, Issue 7 , page 2 March 2011 Powerful Wrap Up Sentence: ___________________________________ _____________________________ Copyright © 2011 Vicki Dabrowka