The 20 new shows the world’s talking about


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The 20 new shows the world’s talking about

  1. 1. THE MOST SOCIAL NEW SHOWS OF SEPTEMBER 2012 Social commentsRank Show Premiere Channel (Country) Topic Volume Revolution, the most commented premiere of the month in the US, only lands in the #29 position. You may wonder why there is no US show? As this ranking is weighted by country population, 1 La Voz 19/09/2012 Telecinco (Spain) Talent Search 268 502 2 New Zealands Got Talent 09/09/2012 TV One (New Zealand) Talent Search 13 827 3 Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial 26/09/2012 Channel 4 (UK) Health - Factual 130 432 4 Belgiums Got Talent 10/09/2012 RTL-TVI (South Belgium) Talent Search 5 819 5 The Valleys 25/09/2012 MTV UK Reality Soap 61 467 6 The Voice Brasil 23/09/2012 TV Globo (Brazil) Talent Search 147 477 7 Curso del 73 02/09/2012 Neox (Spain) Fact Ent 21 309 8 X Factor 09/09/2012 TV4 (Sweden) Talent Search 8 476 9 La Sexóloga 24/09/2012 Chilevision (Chile) Telenovela 4 637 10 Six in the City 13/09/2012 Rté Two (Ireland) Fact Ent pilot 944 11 Mi problema con las mujeres 10/09/2012 Telefe (Argentina) Romantic Comedy 8 183 12 The Hit 06/09/2012 Rté Two (Ireland) Talent Search Pilot 87413 Baggage 21/09/2012 Channel 4 (UK) Dating show 9 85314 The Audience 13/09/2012 Channel 4 (UK) Coaching 8 12715 Deadline 14/10 02/09/2012 VTM (North Belgium) Thriller series 80616 999: Whats Your Emergency? 10/09/2012 Channel 4 (UK) Factual series 7 29017 Imperium 05/09/2012 Antena 3 (Spain) Historical series 5 35218 House Husbands 02/09/2012 Nine (Australia) Comedy drama 2 572 23 Isabel 10/09/2012 La 1 (Spain) Historical series 3 830 26 Idolos Kids 05/09/2012 Rede Record Talent Search 15 538 P.1
  2. 2. #LaVoz Most Talent Shows Worldwide commented premiere of 2012 Europe The #Talent of Engagement The success story of the big prime time talent Both shows, highly anticipated – already a shows continues. The international hit large number of fans before premiere, formats conquered new territories in especially on Twitter - didn’t lose their social September. The Voice reached Spain, Brazil media momentum after their premiere! and the United Arab Emirates. New Zealand and Belgium Got Talent, Sweden launched The sentiment XFactor and Brazil was mesmerized by Idolos Kids. “Spectacular show #lavoz” or “The best family entertainment in ages” were the The data comments that flooded the social networksThe most commented European premiere of the year in Spain during the premiere of La Voz. As if it wasn’t enough to get the show trending on According to the witER’s ranking, the first Twitter, the viewers were also posting week of September (3-9) saw Sweden’s comments on Mediaset’s online platform XFactor (TV4), Brazils Idolos Kids (Rede Mitele. Record) and New Zealand’s Got Talent (TV New Zealanders demonstrated pride and One) reaching the top position as the admiration for their native talent (“I’m week’s most commented new show in impressed! We really have some talent Europe, Latin America and the New #nzgt”), while Brazilians were totally Zealand/Canadian/Australian territories mesmerized by Idolos Kids (“idoloskids it’s respectively! the best program Rede launched so far”). The following week, on September 10, However, Belgium’s Got Talent and Belgium’s Got Talent (RTL-TVI) was the third Sweden’s XFactor weren’t equally most commented new show in Europe. welcomed: “I saw nothing interesting, But, the triumph of Spain’s La Voz is #begottalent”, or “What’s wrong with you at unprecedented! Telecinco’s new super #xfactorse? Are you dragging down the production topped the witER ranking as the show’s reputation worldwide?”. Brazilians loved their Idolos kids most commented European show of the year! Do you want to know more ? And on September 23, Brazils The Voice easily obtained the title of most commented new show of the week in Latin America. P.2
  3. 3. Most commented UK – Factual Entertainment premiere of the month #DrugsLive UK Tweeting High Launched September 26 on Channel 4 the glamorize drug-taking as a form of two-part scientific/experimental series about entertainment’: the effects of the Class A drug MDMA “Congratulations #drugslive. We will now (Ecstasy) saw 25 volunteers (a female priest, have a bunch of teenagers saying Yes to a former SAS soldier and the writer Lionel drugs”, Shriver among them) undergo a series of “Is this a documentary or an advert for The most controversial premiere of the month tests after taking an 83mg tablet of pure MDMA? #drugslive”, ecstasy. Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial had “Hope this is a series so that I can volunteer one aim: to show and investigate the for the next show!”, impact of ecstasy on the brain. “Coming next on Channel 4—Dealer or No Dealer, Come Down With Me and Who’s The data Line Is It Anyway? #drugslive”. With an unprecedented level of comments for a Channel 4 premiere, the first episode was the most commented new show Do you want to know more ? worldwide for the week of September 24 and the most commented new British show Testing… of the month. The sentiment Many viewers complained that the show didn’t live up to its expectations because instead of focusing on the science, it merely talked about the volunteers’ experiences. They also claimed that Channel 4’s show didn’t teach anybody anything that isn’t already known, but instead - as the UK Governments chief drug advisor wrote in a letter to the Daily Telegraph, ‘it may…and tweeting (hashtag regularly shown on-screen) P.3
  4. 4. 2nd most commentedUK – Reality soap premiere of the month #The Valleys UK Jersey goes Welsh MTV UK’s new reality soap (launched The sentiment September 25) is a new regional edition inspired by MTV hit franchise Jersey Shore. Like its predecessor Geordie Shore, The After Geordie Shore, the channel’s previous Valleys is accused of playing with clichéd hit about youngsters from Newcastle, this stereotypes that undermine the people in time, The Valleys reality series follows a the area. Welsh viewers were already group of youngsters from South Wales as disgusted following the premiere of the new theyre taken from their small hometowns to reality show, while some others appear to the bustling city of Cardiff. Tears, tantrums, find the scandalous antics entertaining: romances and laughter are tracked down “Awful show! We’re nothing like that, it puts as the group is trying to deal with this new a bad look on the real Valley people”, exciting life. “Geordie Shore with Welsh accents #the valleys”, The data “Watching #thevalleys for the first time and I can safely say that it’ll be the last. I feel The premiere episode of the series was the ashamed to be a Welsh!”, second most commented new British show “I was disgusted and embarrassed for the of the month of September, and marks a girls of #thevalleys”, new “social success” in line with the high “It’s amazing! It shows boys and girls in their engagement observed for the many true colors. I can’t wait for next week”, “To controversial reality soaps launched this be fair I quite like them all, haha!”. season around the world (USA, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany…). Do you want to know more ? With nearly 30,000 fans before premiere, Its Facebook and Twitter account were the most anticipated of the month for a European show. P.4
  5. 5. Most social Premiere Spain - Factual entertainment worldwide (Week August 27) #Curso del 73 Winning comeback for Thatll Teachem After a first season aired on Antena 3 scheduling strategy, the premiere (Curso del 63), the second edition of the definitely didn’t slip out of the radar of local adaptation of the British format hyperactive Spanish social media users… was launched on sister channel Neox on some commented the outrageous September 2. Over the course of one profiles of the young contestants, others month, a group of school children are were amused by the strict rules and cruel taken back in time to see whether they punishments, and the majority was can cope with the academic rigor and certainly entertained : the tough regime of a 1970s school in "I love it! The best part was when they cut Spain. their hair, hahaha! They were crying, forClass of 73 Gods sake #cursodel73", The data "Is this a reality show, is it a fiction? Whatever, were waiting 3 years for this? Although it was aired on a small channel, Im sorry, but Im not watching another Curso del 73 found its audience and episode of #cursodel73", delivered a record-breaking "The generation of “ninis” (unemployed performance in social media, as the most and uneducated Spanish youth) is commented premiere worldwide for the watching #cursodel73, theyre week of August 27, and also the most everywhere!", anticipated new show in Europe on "Why are they treated like theyre Facebook for the same week (with a retarded? Are they? #cursodel73", long existing fan base, as the much "I got immediately hooked on expected new series was shot three years #cursodel73. Im still laughing, and, for ago…). sure, Im going to watch it every Sunday". The sentiment Do you want to know more ? If the broadcaster seemed to have doubts regarding the audience feedback and opted for an unexpected P.5
  6. 6. Most social Chile / Argentina - Scripted formats Scripted shows worldwide (September ) #Mi problema #La Sexóloga Latin comedies conquer social media On top of social media charts for scripted The sentiment shows this month, no US series but two Latin romantic comedies. Great response on Twitter for Mi problema On Argentina’s Telefe, the weekly series Mi con las mujeres, especially among the teen problema con las mujeres is the local audience. The viewers loved the story and adaptation of a comedy format aired in the actors and even made a TT of the Peru, which charts the efforts of a young art protagonists official Twitter accounts: director in a cosmetics company, to "I would love to have a poster with understand the female universe through his #miproblemaconlasmujeres in my room, love affairs. with all the actors on it so I dont miss them till On Chile’s Chilevision, the light-hearted the next episode", telenovela La Sexóloga (launched "I love the series, but I love Mariano Martinez September 24) revolves around a young (José)“ more, sexologist who gives excellent advice on the radio but has nightmarish romances La Sexóloga enchanted the viewers not only with its sexy touch, but mostly with its The data humorous approach on sex and love matters: "By far the best series of the year!", The openers of both series gathered an "Genius work with well shot sex scenes, with impressive level of engagement, delivering a lot of humor, awesome!", the “most social” drama premiere "I liked watching #lasexologa, but why does performance in September worldwide every scene last 10 secs only? You know, this (according to the witER ranking weighted by is a little bit bad for the viewer", "#lasexologa each country’s population). The response is trending, kudos to all!". Mi problema con las mujeres : was equally impressive in terms of fansJump in Facebook and Twitter fans after premiere evolution: Mi Problema saw its Facebook Do you want to know more ? and Twitter accounts grow by more than +300% before/after episode 1, while La Sexóloga grew by +555% on Facebook and +123% on Twitter after its first week on air. P.6
  7. 7. Most Ireland - Factual entertainment pilots commented Premieres of the season TV Lab in the farm in Ireland #Six in the City #The Hit Two pilots, part of the ‘Format Farm’, an The sentiment innovative series of homegrown entertainment pilots, launched on Ireland’s The viewers’ social response for Six in the national public broadcaster RTé Two, City was pretty controversial. Half of the attracted big social media attention. Six in tweets accused the broadcaster of letting the City and The Hit generated hits, a lot of producers choose people who portray talk and…controversy. stereotypes, and that the casting of Six in the City (September 13) sees three Limerick’s rude couple had a bad effect on couples from different Irish towns take turns the city’s image, therefore it deters tourists to show to the others a fun Saturday night from visiting and investors from setting up out in their native city. The couple that businesses that could help the unemployed: gathers the most points from the other two “Just watched #sixinthecity. That IS NOT wins 1.000 Euros. Limerick city. We are not ALL disrespectful In The Hit (September 6) fledgling songwriters and rude like them!!! The show is a have a chance to pitch their songs to two disgrace!”. However, the other half of the established stars wishing for a chart success. viewers’ tweets expressed their amusement The pilot that stirred controversy watching the show: “LOVING #sixinthecity! It The data was hilarious, I haven’t laughed lso much at a show in ages”. The ‘nightlife’ competition format Six in the The Hit has gathered positive reactions and City is the most commented Irish premiere of the singles that were chosen by the popular the season so far, according to the witER singers Brian McFadden and Royseven ranking of the week of September 10. Till scored their own hits in the iTunes charts! then, The Hit held that position, the first of the “Really impressed with #thehit smart twist on 6 “Format Farm” pilots broadcast. the usual music contest format”, “Watching #thehit finally Ireland makes good telly and there are some nice songs there!”. Do you want to know more ?The pilot that generated iTunes hits P.7
  8. 8. 2nd most social UK – Dating Show Premiere in Europe (Week Sept 17) #Baggage How to look good with a dirty secret “Shiny floor" adaptation of the US format "I hate it when they have 19 year olds hosted by Jerry Springer, Channel 4s dating looking for love on dating shows. No, youre show Baggage turns dating rules upside not looking for love, but for FAME", down by exposing daters “baggage” "#baggage (secrets, flaws, quirks) before theyve even “Say my darling one more time Gok.. go been chosen! on!", "#baggage makes me realize that if we The data want our young women to have higher aspirations than a Jordan (Katie Price) clone The premiere of Baggage (launched we need an Olympics every year!".Hashtag on-screen (plus a popular host in a silver jacket) September 21) scored well in the witER ranking as the second most commented To tie in with the start of Baggage, Channel European new show of the week. 4 announced the day of the shows premiere the results of its dating survey: an The sentiment addiction to drugs or alcohol is the biggest In the UK turn-off for both men and women. The witty Gok Wan (How to Look Good Naked) hosts the UK version and successfully manages to handle the all-important big and, sometimes, embarrassing revelations Do you want to know more ? with humor. His fans totally loved the show, the rest shared their doubts: Any serious #Baggage to declare ? "Ah! Im such a sucker for trash telly! I love #baggage", P.8
  9. 9. Most social UK – Factual Entertainment Premiere in Europe (Week Sept 10) #The Audience In the wisdom of the crowd we trust Are you experiencing financial problems? “#theaudience is the best TV show I’ve ever Are you considering marriage or divorce? watched” “what a brilliant idea, I wish I had Well, The Audience will spend time in your that kind of support system and opinion life and will help you come up with solutions. input #theaudience”, In Channel 4’s new three-part series Same in Denmark : launched September 13, a person with a "Im already hooked on the format, its so dilemma is closely followed by 50 strangers exciting and so different from the rest", who have to give their solution/verdict in aA young journalist engrossed in a strange case week’s time. - or feeling empathy with the protagonist and the emotion conveyed by the human The data stories: "its amazing what we do and why, will get The Audience topped in the witER ranking as the Kleenex in advance for next week!". the most commented European show for the week of September 10. The format was Same in Denmark : In the UK adapted in Denmark (Mit Publikum) one "Im so moved by Henriks story. This is great day earlier (with very discrete social media television, these are great people activity). #mitpublikum“. The sentiment "#mitpublikum made me realize the real struggles some people have to fight with". The audience expressed their overall positive attitude towards the new peer-to- peer approach experimented by the format, Do you want to know more ? - either feeling enthusiastic about the concept : “Very clever concept and extremely emotional, restores my faith in humans”, In Denmark P.9
  10. 10. Most social Belgium - Drama series Flemish drama premiere of the season #Deadline14/10 The Flemish « Killing » The political drama series Deadline 14/10 October 14: launched September 2 on VTM (North “Way many resemblances with mayor Belgium) tells the story of a young journalist Patrick Janssens and his challenger! I think who’s investigating the case of a teenage that Janssens had hoped that girl who disappeared in Antwerp. The more #deadline1410 would not be aired until she searches for clues, the more she October 14!”, discovers ramifications in the political world “A gripping thriller #deadline1410, Lena while the city is getting ready for local disappears into the political background ofA young journalist is involved in a strange case elections. Antwerp”. “Does #dealine1410 resemble to the Danish The data award-winning series The Killing or is it my idea?”. Deadline 14/10 is the most commented new Flemish series of the year, according to the witER ranking. It was also included in the top Do you want to know more ? 10 list of the most commented premieres in Europe for the 1st week of September. The sentiment The series mixed fiction with reality and it attracted a lot of attention even prior to its premiere because the backdrop of the story is the local elections in Antwerp. The plot’s fictional elections stirred a controversy as Pechino Express’ contestants and host Flanders get ready for real local elections on P.10
  11. 11. 2nd Most social UK - Factual Premiere in Europe (Week Sept 10) #999: What’s Your Emergency? Viewers tweet back The 10-part series 999: What’s Your - often expressing their concern and Emergency launched September 10 on reacting to the society issues lying Channel 4 follows Blackpool’s emergency underneath the interventions : services from the moment the phone is “#999whatsyouremergency just made me answered till the deployment of the police, angry with society”, ambulance or fire crews to the front line. "Well, having watched Every episode deals with a special crisis and #999whatsyouremergency Im not sure its different variations: drugs, alcohol, whether I should laugh, cry or run for the domestic violence. hills“ The data - but sometimes also, in humorous ways :A member of Blackpool’s emergency service teams “#999whatsyouremergency HELP! One The premiere episode of the series was the Direction are running the world with their second most commented show of the week hideous music!”, of September 10 in Europe. Its launch - “#999whatsyouremergency there? marked the 75th anniversary of the 999 Someone stole my tweet, arrest them, system in the UK. please, and I’ll give you a shoutout LOL!”. The sentiment The unpredictable and shocking cases Do you want to know more ? shown during the premiere engaged the viewers who responded in various, ways : A team in action P.11
  12. 12. Most social Drama Spain - Epic dramas premieres in Spain (September ) #Imperium, #Isabel Spain’s glorious past made TT “From Hispania… to Rome”. Antena 3 has kept its title of most commented new launched Sept 5 Imperium, spin-off of its drama of the month in Spain despite the popular series Hispania: now set in the very good reception made to Isabel. Roman Empire, where two mafia families fight each other to seize power, the series The sentiment drew inevitable comparisons with the cult HBO series Rome, shot in the same studios. The audience of Isabel may have been slightly less active than for Imperium, it has Launched Sept 10 on TVE (La1), Isabel not been less engaged, and online viewersThe most commented drama premiere in Spain (September) charts the epic fate of the legendary Queen massively praised the quality of the Isabel in a 15th century courtyard backdrop production, the acting, the balance mixing intrigues, passion and violence : between historical rigor and suspense… the Spanish viewers could finally enjoy a thrilling real controversy lying in the relevancy of a depiction of their own epic history with few explicit nude scenes, pointless to some some reminiscences of Showtime‘s Tudors. viewers, much anticipated by others, as TV Despite its rating success, a second series host Risto Mejide cracked on Twitter “After won’t be produced due to cost-cutting 23mn, first tit in Isabel. I was getting worried”. issues of pubcaster TVE. If the premiere of Imperium enchanted the The data fans of the genre with its first class cast and production values, the series started to lose Prelaunched Online on Sept 7 after months some of its attraction power after the of postponing by the channel and premiere, receiving mixed reviews for a speculation on its fate, Isabel had to wait for certain irregularity in dialogues and a lack of its TV premiere to see its Facebook Likes historical accuracy. initiate a significant growth, while Imperium’s Más Isabel – the second screen app audience favored Twitter to express their Do you want to know more ? views on the series: unlike Isabel, Imperium has developed an important fan base on Twitter (outnumbering Facebook fans) and P.12
  13. 13. Australia - Comedy drama 2nd most commented drama of the season #House Husbands (Australia)) Are they the « new normal »? Australian broadcaster Nine chose Fathers Everybody enjoyed so much watching Day (September 2) to launch House fathers interact so lovingly with their kids: Husbands, a comedy series about four stay- (at-home husbands raising their kids. "A minute into #househusbands and I was Channel 9 commissioned a second season, right about it being my new fave show", confirming that new family models are redefining the lines of family comedy "Dad can watch kids just as well as mum worldwide. can, and new TV show #househusbands Dads with attitude reflects on this", The data "Finally, a program that illustrates real life 8,064 House Husbands trended across the country with real life issues and problems were all 2,744 and delivered the second most “social” experiencing in our lives“, drama premiere for Australia this season, just958 after Ten’s drama Puberty Blues. "I have not sat down and watched a show from start to finish in such a long time; The series Facebook community grew brilliant, I loved it. “ threefold over the two days surrounding the premiere, (doubled in one night), and grew The shows lead actors were also prolific in 219,071 +157% between episode 1 and 4! their social media marketing of the series, 215,927 with actor Rhys Muldoon tweeting: "Big 201,051 The sentiment kudos to Channel 9 for backing us. No. Really. Who dares wins." #HouseHusbands. Fast and continuous growth on Facebook House Husbands proved a favorite on Twitter, with praise for the family series that one user dubbed “Underbelly: Dads”. Do you want to know more ? P.13