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this is a power point for my peace and conflict

hope you like it

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  1. 1. There was a girl who loved toclean. Her name was Lizzieand she had a brother namedZack .
  2. 2. One day their mother told them toclean their rooms. But Lizzie`sroom was clean but she cleaned itmore to look better
  3. 3. Zack came in saying hey canyou take me to the movieswith my friends ?
  4. 4. Lizzie said, “ NO ! Get out !I am very busy cleaningmy room.
  5. 5. Zack poured a drink on Lizzie `s bed.Lizzie ,”why did you do that. Get outbefore I call mother ! “
  6. 6. “call her , “ Zacksaid .
  7. 7. Click here if you want to seea Win/Lose Solution Click here if you want to see a Win/Win Solution
  8. 8. Click here to end theadventure.
  9. 9. I am sorry Lizzie. I don’t know why I didthat . I will clean it up.”
  10. 10. I m sorry I screamed at you for just askingme to take you to the movies.”
  11. 11. “okay ! I would like to “ take youto the movies Zack The movie they go see Guess the name But raise your hand