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Alfresco勉強会#33 Alfresco Solr Admin UI


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第33回Alfresco勉強会でAlfresco Solr Admin UIの開き方をご紹介した資料です。Solrのシノニム検索についても簡単にご紹介しています。

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Alfresco勉強会#33 Alfresco Solr Admin UI

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 ... #some test synonym mappings unlikely to appear in real input text aaafoo => aaabar bbbfoo => bbbfoo bbbbar cccfoo => cccbar cccbaz fooaaa,baraaa,bazaaa # Some synonym groups specific to this example GB,gib,gigabyte,gigabytes MB,mib,megabyte,megabytes Television, Televisions, TV, TVs #notice we use "gib" instead of "GiB" so any WordDelimiterFilter coming #after us won't split it into two words. # Synonym mappings can be used for spelling correction too pixima => pixma