UGP Presentation at Wonca Europe 2011


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UGP Presentation at Wonca Europe 2011

  1. 1. charilaos lygidakis and sara rigon | bologna, italy
  2. 2. Podcasts are media broadcasts distributed over the Internet.
  3. 3. AdvantagesThe value of podcasting is its content, which is targeted at peoplethat decide what to listen and choose when and how to do so.Time saver: one can be catching up with a subject travelling to work,in the gym and on holiday (while appearing to his/her partner to berelaxing by listening to the mp3 player).Can be generated and published extremely quickly andinexpensively.
  4. 4. An Educational ToolCourse content dissemination, study support Support for auditory learners (primary learning in 30% of learners is auditory)Field recording Audio journaling, interviews, observationsMedical journal club A panel of experts, discussing news and appraise published research Enable doctors to stay current with literature updates
  5. 5. Challengepenetration of the medium in groups of people who may feel overwhelmed by informational technology
  6. 6. of college students who own iPodsuse them every dayuse mobiles as a primary clinicalinformation source
  7. 7. of US doctors own of US doctors a smartphone own an iPad
  8. 8. But when apodcast studiois not possible,all you need is amike and acouple ofearphones!
  9. 9. Vasco da Gama Movement During WONCA Europe 2011, the Vasco da Gama Movement gave us the opportunity to recordpodcasts. In fact, we are planning to release them in their site right after the conference.
  10. 10. But let me introduce another project…
  11. 11. unitedgeneralpractitioners2.0
  12. 12. Richard Smith Per Kallestrup Adrian Moser Anna Gurda-Duda Bart Knottnerus Francesca Manara Freek Slooter Karen Kjær Larsen Lotte van Beers Luisa Pettigrew Magda Moszumanska Raquel Gomez Bravo Sabina Kooistra Sandeep GeeranavarSara del Olmo Fernandez
  13. 13. What we’ve learned so farFirst reactions and feedback of the audience have been veryencouraging.Many have replied commenting positively on the initiative.Thanks to the feedback received, new topics have beensuggested for future episodes.First problems: continuous urge for more active participationof the audience and episode length.
  14. 14. Why Audio?Less expensive to produce and distribute.Audio discussions can be listened during other activities.There is, however, the possibility to use both video andaudio.
  15. 15. COMMUNICATION TOOLS (eg Skype) free RECORDING & EDITING TOOLS (eg Audacity, Garageband) free - €14,99 ONE-TIMEPUBLISHING & SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS SET-UP COSTS (eg iTunes, Odeo, Twitter) €0 - 150 free A GOOD MIKE €100-150 HOSTING ANNUAL COSTS free - €70 per year €0 - 70
  16. 16. Let’s take it a step further!
  17. 17. iTunes USimple to distribute information to learners via iTunes Store.Your institution creates its own iTunes U site. This is the singlehome for all the digital content created or curated by educators.They can download iTunes U audio and video offerings one at atime or subscribe to entire courses and have new items downloadautomatically as soon as they become available.Content available only to members of your educationalcommunity (internal access) or to the world (public access).
  18. 18.