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TEST REPORT                     Analysis Software•	Displays all of the available PIDsin the digital transport stream•	Easy...
TEST REPORT                     Analyse SoftwareProfessional Softwarefor Analyzing, Recordingand Monitoring DVB, ATSC,ISDB...
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19overview – you might not                  bandwidth use of each in-have guessed that a tool like             dividual PI...
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  1. 1. TEST REPORT Analysis Software• Displays all of the available PIDsin the digital transport stream• Easy recording of desired PIDs• Graphic display of faulty streams• All functions can be controlledremotely• Can be set up as an IPTVbroadcaster in your own networkTSReader154 TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 01-02/2013 — — 01-02/2013 — TELE-audiovision International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 155
  2. 2. TEST REPORT Analyse SoftwareProfessional Softwarefor Analyzing, Recordingand Monitoring DVB, ATSC,ISDB and DTMBTransport TSReader 01-02/2013Streams Best Software for Digital Transport Stream Analysis In the good old analog TV channel A is assigned This is where TSReader Hewitt. We introduced himdays it was all much sim- a video PID of 100 and an comes into play. It’s a soft- to you in the 05-06/2012 is-pler: the video and audio of audio PID of 101 while TV ware tool designed exactly sue of TELE-audiovision witha channel were modulated channel B would get a video for this situation. It’s avail- a detailed report. The pro-on one frequency and then PID of 200 and an audio PID able in three different ver- fessional version of TSRead-broadcast from one trans- of 201, and so on. In addi- sions (Lite, Standard and er with all of its functions ismitter or uplinked to a satel- tion to this data, the various Professional). Exactly what 18MB in size. The hardwarelite and then further distrib- PID tables are also included the differences in functions requirements are not all thatuted to the target areas. in the stream allowing the are between the two ver- high: an 800 MHz processor receiver to find the correct sions can be seen in our ta- to process SD streams and Digital transmissions on PIDs within the data stream ble - all the different features a 2.5 GHz processor for HDthe other hand are much and associate them with the are listed in detail there. The content are recommendedmore involved and complex right TV channel. author of TSReader is Rod as are a graphics card andin that they could containas many as ten channelsdepending on picture qual-ity and in some cases evenmore than that! On top ofthat there are various audiotracks, subtitles, EPG dataand let’s not forget the en-cryption of the content. Allof this information must becarried on one single fre-quency in such a way thatthe receiver on the otherend can correctly read andprocess that data. The digital transportstream is a fairly complexand confusing thing. Trans-mitter and receiver can onlykeep track of all the infor-mation when it’s tagged withits own PID (packet identi- ■ Rod Hewitt developed the TSReader analysis software. We previously reported on his activities infier) number. For example, the 06-07-08/2012 edition of TELE-audiovision.156 TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 01-02/2013 —
  3. 3. 1 5 1. When TSReader is started for the first time, the proper profile has to be selected. 2. A wide-ranging database of reception hardware for a PC is available for selection. 2 3. The processor load for each section of the main window can be individually set. 4. SD as well as HD signals can be presented as live video 5. TSReader’s main window with its wide assortment of settings capabilitiesa monitor with a minimum port stream data. 6. The VLC Player can be remotelyresolution of 1024 x 768 pix- controlled directly from the TSReaderels. TSReader supports the The rather empty selec- 7. The TSReader can record individual channels or all the channels on aWindows 2000, XP and Vista tion window that appears transport stream. A multitude of settingsoperating systems and we’d after starting the program capabilities are also available herelike to point out here that it for the first time only servesalso functioned on our Win- as a way in the TSReaderdows 7 32-bit test PC with- installation to add as manyout any problems. profiles as desired. These 6 profiles will later be used to 3 After starting this tool for receive the channel and pro-the first time, a relatively cess the transport stream.empty program window ap- We especially liked the abil-pears. Upon closer inspec- ity to set up an icon on thetion the reason for this initial desktop or in the start menuview quickly becomes clear: of the PC for each individualit’s another outstanding profile making it extremelyTSReader feature. But first easy to start TSReader inthings first. the desired profile with a single mouseclick. And if In order to be able to even the PC itself is powerfulprocess a transport stream, 7the TSReader has to be able 4to one way or another re- or blends in a window that to the user’s system so thatceive it and Rod Hewitt has can be used to control the even those systems thatcome up with a rather smart reception hardware installed aren’t quite run-of-the-millsolution to make TSReader in the PC. While no settings are universal as possible. capabilities are availableBefore the program is even when opening a transport A database with a totalstarted, the user has to se- stream or calling up a net- of 188 satellite entries be-lect the hardware he is us- work stream, a variety of tween 180° east and 177°ing from a list of several them can be accessed by west that includes the tran-dozen entries as well as how opening the tuner window. sponder data in the C-bandTSReader will gain access to and Ku-band is also provid-the transport stream. And it’s here where the ed. The satellite and tran- TSReader shows how well- sponder data is for the most This extensive list includes rounded it is and just like part up-to-date and consid-profiles for PC reception ac- you’d expect with profes- ering how much data therecessories from nearly every sional tools, all of its func- is, it’s really well organized.known manufacturer (such tions can be completely be If needed, the TSReader canas DekTec, Tevii, etc.) as set up as needed. Not only also import an updated listwell as profiles for recep- is the DiSEqC 1.0 protocol or even a list created by thetion of transport streams via supported, the user can also user in CSV or SDX format.Multicast or Unicast network enough, multiple instances cess to multiple reception profile, the TSReader opens define the LOF parameterstransmissions. There’s also of TSReader with different cards at the same time. a transport stream, requires individually. The supply volt- Once the TSReader hasthe capability to process profiles can be run at the the input of a Unicast or age and the 22 kHz signal recognized a stream, it in-previously recorded trans- same time; this provides ac- Depending on the selected Multicast network address can also be easily matched stantly starts analyzing and158 TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 01-02/2013 — — 01-02/2013 — TELE-audiovision International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 159
  4. 4. 8 The structure of the trans- port stream includes a listing of all the PIDs that are dis- played in the form of a tree diagram. In this way you can easily see which PIDs belong to what channels and how the datastream is con- structed. The Details column reveals details of each PID marked in the overview column and graphically displays all of the active PIDs in the transport stream. The visual display of the available content takes the form of thumbnails for each individual TV channel and provides a quick over- 9 view of all the transmitted content. Double-clicking on one of the thumbnails is all that’s needed for TSReader to start playing back the se- lected channel. This is where the freely downloadable VLC player goes into action (download from It can be controlled directly through TSReader. It doesn’t matter if it’s an SD or HD broadcaster in MPEG2 or whether you’re dealing with the H.264/MPEG4 stan- 10 8. TSReader’s main window 9. The bandwidth use of dard. And as long as we’re individual PIDs is graphically talking about standards, the displayed 10. The list of all active PIDs TSReader supports DVB, ATSC, ISDB and DTMB. processing it. The main win- dow then switches over to In our tests with a variety its Tools standard view and of transport streams in DVB is split into three large sec- (SD and HD), the analysis tions. To the left the struc- and processing of these sig- ture of the transport stream nals functioned without any along with other bits of in- problems. The demand on formation is visible, just to the processor remains rela- the right can be seen a col- tively low allowing you to umn of detailed information easily use the PC for other and all the way to the right work. We liked the ability of the screen is the visual to set up a variety of basic display of what’s contained settings for each individual in the transport stream. profile. This lets you, for160 TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 01-02/2013 —
  5. 5. 11 14 example, set up the prior- connected to the PC’s PCI In addition to the record- performed quite well in our ity of the TSReader based slot or an external USB 2.0 ing of transport streams, the tests. We were able to ef- on the available hardware device, the data can not second huge application for fortlessly record the entire with just a few mouse clicks only be analyzed a number the TSReader is the ability to architecture of a transpon- and this for all three sec- of different ways, it can also analyze and monitor a trans- der exactly the way it was tions of the main window. be recorded on the PC’s hard port stream as well as to received from the ASTRA While you would most likely drive. And it’s here that the export the different tables satellite at 19.2° east. Even let TSReader have priority TSReader shines with all of (PAT – Program Association storing the entire EPG data- over all other programs and its settings capabilities be- Table, PMT – Program Map base of a transport stream is services if you have a mod- ginning with the selection Tables , NIT – Network In- possible and functioned per- ern PC with a powerful CPU, of the desired channels in 15 formation Table, etc.). Either fectly in our tests. We also stepping down to a slower the transport stream (the the HTML or XML format can liked the graphical display of PC allows the simultaneous TSreader is also a demutli- be used here; both of them the EPG; you can get a quick use of other tools and pro- plexer that can extract in- 17 grams. dividual channel sections out of the data stream), If the TSReader receives continuing with the splitting a data stream via hardware into multiple files depend- 12 ing on the EPG of individual broadcasters up to setting a maximum size for recorded data. Even the recording of some or all of the PIDs is possible. In our tests this function performed exceptionally; even recording for hours at 16 a time and activating the Split function did not disturb the TSReader. The entire re- ceived data stream was re- corded on our test PC’s hard drive without any errors. 18 13 11. One or more channels in the transport stream can be retransmitted as Unicast or Multicast via LAN 12. EPG overview of a transport stream 13. Graphic display of all active PIDs 14. If desired, PIDs from the transport stream can also be manually entered 15. If there’s an error, TSReader automatically sends out an e-mail; it essentially calls for help on its own. 16. The extensive satellite and transponder list comes with up-to- date data. LOF and other LNB parameters can be individually set up 17. Some or all of the PIDs of a transport stream can be recorded. 18. A previously marked channel is being recorded in MPEG format with all of its associated PIDs162 TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 01-02/2013 — — 01-02/2013 — TELE-audiovision International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 163
  6. 6. 19overview – you might not bandwidth use of each in-have guessed that a tool like dividual PID. In fact, thatTSReader would have had would be the only way tosomething like this. identify any savings poten- tial and where you might If you were to set up your be able to increase the da-own transport stream with tarate. In addition to thethe help of a multiplexer, it static values provided by thewould be absolutely impera- TSReader in the main win-tive to have a grasp on the dow, there’s also a variety20 19. The TSReader is also a demultiplexer that can record some or all of the channels in a transport stream 20. The PAT of an ASTRA 19.2° east transport stream in HTML format 21. The entire EPG data from a transport stream can be exported from TSReader in XML format21164 TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 01-02/2013 —
  7. 7. FEATURE Lite (free*) Standard Professional of graphical display capabili- 22 ($99) ($399) ties that would allow you toDecodes MPEG-2 tables with DVB, ATSC and Digicipher II extensions. view the desired informationDecodes MPEG-2 video in thumbnail format. visually. This would makeDecodes MPEG-4 and H.264 video in thumbnail format. it very easy for the user to 22. The NIT of an ASTRA 19.2 east transport stream inDecodes VC-1 video in thumbnail format. control the operation of the XML formatThumbnails can be exported as they are generated to JPEG files for remote monitoring via a multiplexer and, if neces- 23. The technician can see in the status window if theweb browser. transport stream is error-free sary, intervene should thereHigh speed parallel PMT parser be too many null or ghostParallel stream decoding (thumbnails display very quickly) packets. 23Parses MPEG, A/52 (AC3) and DTS audio streams to show bitrate/mode settings.Parses AAC audio streams to show bitrate/mode settings In the case of errorsGenerates scope-style thumbnails for MPEG, AC3 and AAC audio streams   within the datastream,Shows A/52 (AC3) dialog-normalization.   the TSReader also lets youIndicates CC/DTVCC streams for ATSC streams and VBI/Teletext/Subtitle/WSS/VPS on DVB search, for example, formuxes. missing or erroneous PIDs.Supports a wide range of MPEG-2 hardware input and output devices Transport streams canalso be fed from a file. It also displays the labels forRecords the transport stream to a disk file. FTA and encrypted channelsRecords an individual program to a disk file with PAT/PMT regeneration into files with a very in different colors so thatflexible file naming scheme.Decodes IP/DVB transmissions in MPE format with decodes of the MAC and IP destination the user can easily differen-addresses.Can save the payload from TCP and UDP transmissions and act as a multicast UDP/IP/DVB tiate between them.router.PID usage graph with percentage displays for each PID. A status window withActual bitrate on PIDs carrying PCR and estimated bitrates for non PCR carrying PIDs. green and red blocks (green even possible to convert the Unicast or Multicast is sup-PID graph is color coded to indicate unscrambled and scrambled PIDs. indicates error-free sections current video signal from ported. Here at the TELE-Counts continuity and TEI errors on mux and PID-by-PID basis. while red indicates sections the transport stream from audiovision test center we with errors) makes it easy MPEG2 into H.264/MPEG4 took a closer look at thisVariable resolution real-time or average charting. for a technician to monitor (if needed) and then directly function using an IPTV re-Table report generation into HTML. the entire transport stream pass it along via LAN or the ceiver; we were able to feedExport mux information to XML Internet. If the TSReader it with a variety of error-free and quickly identify anyEPG data export to XMLTV format for use with myHTPC and other HTPC frontends. problems if they should oc- ever comes across some and interference-free HD interface, professionals as at a head-end station, andAutomatic transport stream recording and export for unattended operation. cur. He can also recognize form of an error, it can send channels that were received well as ambitious amateurs is therefore an inexpensive with a single look if a broad- out an e-mail with informa- by TSReader live via satel-Control over D-VHS decks for unattended HDTV recording (Windows XP). will easily be able to work alternative for smaller com- caster is constantly switch- tion on the particular er- lite.Supports plugins written for MultiDec. with this program. panies and programming ing from FTA to encrypted ror. You could say that the providers compared to otherManually defined channels can be added to any multiplex. and vice versa which, for TSReader is thus able to call The TSReader is a piece It’s clear that together more expensive products.Record PIDs from a mux either as separate files or combined in their received order. 1 16 64 example, would suggest an for help all by itself. of software that, thanks to with the ability to control the The TSReader has been partMultiple card support in a single system with qualified drivers. error in the encryption. its wide range of functions program remotely and its of the basic equipment for all It should also be men- and its attention to detail, isSerial receiver control for Motorola DSR-4800 and Tandberg Alteia Plus/TT1260 receivers. error reporting capabilities, of our TELE-audiovision testTCP/IP based remote control server to allow TSReader to be operated remotely by other Of course, software de- tioned that the TSReader perfectly suited for profes-software. TSReader is perfect for long- centers for quite some time veloper Rod Hewitt also re- can also control external sional applications.Graphing capability Limited term operation, for example, now. alized that the TSReader in hardware; this could be a Expert OpinionEPG grid for DVB and ATSC networks. many cases would also be number of digital receivers Beyond that, the freeRecord scheduling from EPG Grid using the standard Windows Scheduler. used for continuous control connected via a serial inter- Lite version offers the user A feature-packed transport stream analyzerVideo mosaic shows all video streams in the mux.       of a multiplexer which is face (fast becoming an older at home a peak behind the that is easy to use and, thanks to its profileArchiving mode - records all programs from all or some channels within a mux.     why the remote control of method) or a D-VHS deck walls of digital TV. It doesn’t system, can be used in any application. It canProfiles - different configurations for TSReader allowing multiple instances to run the entire system becomes through a firmware connec- matter if it’s a self-madesimultaneously.     process SD as well as HD signals and gives an absolutely required func- tion making it possible to DVB data stream that youEPG server to provide programming information to other TSReaders running in archiving mode.     tion. decode and record MPEG2 want to control and moni- + the user a deep look inside the world of DVB/ Thomas Haring TELE-audiovisionClosed Caption decoder (EIA-608/EIA-708) for caption monitoring.   ATSC transport streams. Thanks to its many Test Center   streams without putting a tor, the TSReader offers Austria export and display functions, all of the inter-Stream monitor function with alarms (ETR 290 style).     For this reason, the load on the CPU of the PC. the necessary features and esting information can easily be stored and displayed.UDP Forwarder - routes programs or the entire mux to UDP unicast/multicast. TSReader includes its own functions for every applica- The TSReader does not have any excessive hardware small server which can be If the TSReader is set up tion.Custom descriptor decoding     requirements so that even older PCs could be used with this used to remotely control within a network, it couldHardware Forwarder - routes the transport stream to ASI and LVDS output devices.     program. every function via LAN or then also be used as an IPTV Thanks to the nicely or-■ Table 1: Features and Editions server since the passing on ganized menu structure and * free for personal, non-commercial use More Informationen: the Internet. In conjunc- of live transport streams via the optically designed user – None tion with the VLC Player, it’s166 TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 01-02/2013 — — 01-02/2013 — TELE-audiovision International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 167
  8. 8. 1 4 6 2 5 7 TSReader in use worldwide with different transmission standards 1. Terrestrial TV in in Las Vegas, USA (UHF 43) 2. Terrestrial TV in in Chengdu, China (UHF 40) 3. Cable TV in in Porto, Portugal (UHF 48) 4. Satellite TV in from SATMEX (12.080H) 5. Satellite TV in from TURKSAT (12.015H) 6. Terrestrial TV in in Munich, Germany (UHF 52) 7. Terrestrial TV in in Vienna, Austria (UHF 60) 3 8 8. Terrestrial TV in in Sao Paulo, Brazil (UHF 19)168 TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 01-02/2013 — — 01-02/2013 — TELE-audiovision International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 169