GOAL presentation for Dutch Department for Transport (KiM)


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Summary of results
- profiles of elder people and their needs with regard to driving, walking, cycling, public transport, travel information and guidance.
- policy implications

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GOAL presentation for Dutch Department for Transport (KiM)

  1. 1. GOALGrowing Older, stAying mobiLe: Transport needs for an aging societyTeije Gorris & Marika Hoedemaeker26 februari 2013Den Haag The research leading to these results has received fun- ding from the European Communitys Seventh Frame- work Programme (FP7- TPT-2011-RTD-1) under grant agreement n° 284924. This publication solely reflects the author’s views. The European Community is not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained herein. © GOAL consortium 1
  2. 2. Content• GOAL• Profielen van ouderen• Resultaten• Consequenties voor beleid © GOAL consortium 2
  3. 3. GOAL: Towards an action plan Action plan innovative solutions Older people © GOAL consortium 3
  4. 4. Profiles – Overview (1) high Fit as a Fiddle ACTIVITY LEVEL / HEALTH Happily An Oldie but a Connected Goodie Hole in the Heart the Care-Full low 50 AGE 100 © GOAL consortium 4
  5. 5. Profiles – Overview (2)• 5 Clusters 5 © GOAL consortium 5
  6. 6. Mobiliteitskenmerken per profiel Verplaat- Vervoers- Waardering singen wijzekeuze Verplaatsings mogelijkhedenFit as a Veel Auto, fiets HoogstfiddleHappily Boven Auto, lopen HoogConnected Gemiddeld veelHole in the Beneden Auto, fiets Gemiddeldheart GemiddeldAn Oldie but Gemiddeld Lopen, OV Gemiddelda GoodieThe Laag Speciaal OV LaagstCare-Full © GOAL consortium 6
  7. 7. How we use the profiles in GOAL• Transport needs and research gaps with regard to -Driving -Public transport, walking, cycling -Traveller information © GOAL consortium 7
  8. 8. Driving• Declination in perceptual, cognitive, and psychomotor function affects driving skills -Motion perception: assessment of traffic situation -Peripheral vision: overlooking, merging and changing lanes -Selective attention: traffic signs and signals -Reaction times in traffic situation• Adaptation -Experience and expectancy• Traffic safety -More likely to hurt themselves than to put others at risk -Critical factor: average KMs travelled each year• Implications for infrastructure, vehicle & fitness to drive © GOAL consortium 8
  9. 9. Public transport• Accessibility -vehicles -Busstops• Availabitlity -close to home and destinations -rural areas -demand responsive• Implications -Directives, guidelines, best practice available -Implication and details > economic justification of measures © GOAL consortium 9
  10. 10. Walking & cycling• Walking & cycling -Important to stay healthy, mobile, independent and active -Walking as access mode -Physical restricts and cognitive declines increase the risk of accidents and severe injuries (cycling) -Higher vulnerability -Friendly environments and infrastructure• Implications -Design of infrastructure -Promotion, encouragement, training (e-bicycles) © GOAL consortium 10
  11. 11. Traveller information• Cognitive, visual, hearing and other physical impairments• Insecurity, inexperienced, percieved unsafety• Elderly-friendly travel information -Type of information -Pre-trip / on-trip -Functionality & user interface design• Implications -Little research available -Technology adoption -Workload (esp in-vehicle) © GOAL consortium 11
  12. 12. Wat betekent dit voor beleid?• Auto rijden -Operationeel rijgedrag > verkeersstroom, capaciteit -Fitness to drive > infrastructuur, rijbewijsbeleid• Lopen en fietsen -Ongevalskans > maatschappelijke kosten• Openbaar vervoer -Toegankelijkheid > aanbod -Toegankelijkheid > infrastructuur & materieel• Reis- en verkeersinformatie -Cognitief vermogen > dynamisch verkeersmanagement• Segmentering basis voor beleid -effectiviteit van maatregelen -Basis voor kosten-baten analyse © GOAL consortium 12
  13. 13. Bedankt voor jullie aandacht!GOAL project website: www.goal-project.eu © GOAL consortium 13