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Attraction campaign brochure [full spread]

  1. 1. Why outstanding graduates should teach For australia
  2. 2. it’s a cold reality that where a child is born in australia determines the quality of their schooling and prospects for life.01 Live in the wrong postcode and quartile4, compared to 42% year6. That’s the equivalent of athe Problem 7/10 you’re behind the educational from the top quartile5 permanent American recession. eight ball straightaway. Tragically, Educational inequity is real. It’s Back home, the number of kids you’ll fall further behind as the happening here, it’s happening who give up and drop out of high terms and years go by. now and it’s preventing school every two years could fill • If you live in a low-income Australia’s children living the the MCG7. The facts are urgent community, by Year 9 you’ll lives they could and should. and confronting and leave us, indigenous students be two to three learning as citizens and human beings, Fail basic It limits the choices they can years behind your highest- with a clear choice. make, the jobs they can get income peers1 • If you’re indigenous, you’ll and the income they can earn. It weakens the families they We can reject responsibility and leave accidents of demography literacy tests2 most likely fail basic literary are a part of and the and geography to plot the tests (7 out of 10 do)2 communities they live in. future of tens of thousands • If you live in a very remote region, more than half (51%) of your classmates won’t It even diminishes the prospects of the children they themselves are yet to have. of Australian children. Or we can believe that change is possible, and that we can be only 15% of university students come meet minimum Year 9 part of that change. from the lowest SES (socio- Educational disadvantage reading standards3 economic status) quartile 4 undermines entire countries too. Are you up for it? • Only 15% of university students In the United States, a McKinsey come from the lowest SES & Co study puts the cost to that (socio-economic status) country at US$500 billion each
  3. 3. teach For australia is a movement of committed individuals who can foresee a country where all children have excellent educational opportunities.02 It is a simple yet radical aim. It’s an ambitious goal. But After the two years, as Alumni,Who Will Radical, because it requires change from every level combine your determination with the tools we provide, and you’ll have opportunities to rise to positions of influence across As an Associate, youlead? of society. Such change must be led by we believe you can do it. Whilst you teach, you will also earn a spectrum of sectors. Some will stay on in the classroom as become part of a lifelong, global movement of more people impassioned by social your Postgraduate Diploma in teachers while others will take than 20,000 leaders. justice and the belief that all Teaching from some of the best on leadership roles in business, Competent, passionate, children can learn. People, academics in the country. law, government, education socially aware people perhaps, like you. And as you learn to teach, and social policy. just like you, who share you also learn to lead. You’ll As an Associate, you become part a powerful common Teach For Australia recruits take part in our pioneering of a lifelong, global movement experience and a single, outstanding graduates from Leadership Development of more than 20,000 leaders. ambitious goal. non-Education disciplines Program, receiving training, Competent, passionate, socially and prepares them to teach coaching and networking aware people just like you, in some of our most opportunities that increase who share a powerful common disadvantaged high schools. your impact inside and experience and a single, Over the two-year program beyond the classroom. ambitious goal. our teachers (called ‘Associates’) work together to tackle educational inequity student-by-student, and class-by-class.
  4. 4. From socrates and Plato to dumbledore and harry Potter, the story of the transformational teacher and the student has been continuously told and retold.03 This story shows the teacher A concurring study concluded Similarly, a study by thethe Path as leader. The teacher with an ambitious vision for the student that a high performing teacher could lift a student more University of Manchester positively correlates the number A CALDER study into change that is realised through careful cultivation and investment than 50 percentiles over three years (compared to a low of Teach First (UK) participants in a school with significantly the United States found that Teach For America in that student. In this story, performing teacher)9. improved student outcomes11. the teacher plans purposefully, Associates have 3 times In other words, the keys Education is the key to the teaches with verve and efficacy to addressing educational advancement of any society, the effect on student and continuously reflects upon achievement as teachers disadvantage are not donations, but the quality of an education and improves his or her work to achieve outcomes. new buildings or the latest system cannot exceed the quality with 3 or more years’ laptops, but passion, imagination of its teachers. By becoming experience10. Evidence now tells us this and the relentless pursuit the transformational teacher is the right approach for real- of excellence. we believe you can be, we believe world results. you can also be a real part So as a Teach For Australia of the solution. A 2008 meta-study of 80 million Associate, can you become students around the world one of these transformational (directed by Melbourne Graduate teachers? The evidence says ‘yes’. School of Education’s Professor A CALDER study in the United John Hattie) found ‘positive States found that Teach For teacher-student interaction’ to America Associates have be the single most important 3 times the effect on student factor in better learning8. achievement as teachers with 3 or more years’ experience10.
  5. 5. the leadership skills you develop within the classroom can take you far beyond it.04 As an Associate, you’re given Alumni from our affiliatedbeyond the opportunities for professional development, to network organisations overseas have gone on to set up charities, write “Successful people in “This is a program thatclassroom with your peers and to access influential supporters. books, explore the creative arts and have outstanding careers engineering and IT need more than excellent technical prepares top graduates to succeed whilst doing in law, medicine, commerce knowledge; they need great something that matters. As the accompanying testimonials and other pursuits. Many choose interpersonal skills, passion Our support for Teach For show, our partners recognise to remain in education as teachers and top leadership qualities. Australia will give us access and value the extraordinary and leaders, or take on roles in We search for graduates to proven leaders, thinkers leadership required to be an setting education policy. who are passionate about and communicators.” Associate. If you already have an their work and feel their employment offer, or prefer the Most importantly, Alumni -Tom Von oerTzen, ideas have the potential recruiTing ParTner and security of having one, there are continue to be engaged with to change the world. managing direcTor, a growing number of prestigious the mission, building on a These are the exact qualities the boston consulting grouP graduate employers with deferral movement that will one day programs already in place. ensure all children will have that Teach For Australia an excellent education. Associates exhibit.” Whether you decide to continue -alan noble, teaching, or aspire to a career engineering direcTor, in business, social policy or google elsewhere, Teach For Australia helps develop the skills and build the support you need to excel.
  6. 6. teach in a disadvantaged secondary school for two years, with ongoing support, mentoring and training.05 Your journey begins with an Of course, you’re fully paidthe nuts in-residence, six week intensive – the first of many you’ll undertake for the work you do and given time release for professional There’s an extensiveand bolts with our partner, the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School development and study. There’s an extensive support support network: Training and Leadership of Education. Once complete, it’s straight into the classroom. network: Training and Leadership Advisors, university Advisors, university specialists specialists and in-school Participating schools are located and in-school mentors – mentors – experienced across several states and experienced teachers with the territories, in rural, remote and skills and capacity to support teachers with the skills metropolitan settings. you along your journey. and capacity to support While some scope is given to At the end of your two-year you along your journey. personal preference, demand commitment you’ll be an for your particular skills and exceptional teacher and passion is the key determinant leader. You’ll have also earned for school selection. This may a Postgraduate Diploma in mean that your school is not Teaching. And believe us, close to home. We encourage you will have earned it! you to be flexible and open about this.
  7. 7. it’s a tough gig at times, but you’re never alone.06 By the time you finish your initial Farther afield, you’ll find that Teach First, in the Unitedthe social six-week intensive you’ll have formed bonds and friendships you’re now part of a global network spanning 18 countries, Kingdom, is ranked 7th in the Times High Fliers Top 100 One in ten of all IvynetWork with your fellow Associates, some of which will last a lifetime. called Teach For All. Like Teach For Australia, each of these Graduate Recruiters. They currently have over 800 teachers League graduates affiliate organisations enlists in five regions and close to 1,000 apply to the Teach You’ll likely be in a school and region with other Associates, their most promising future Alumni who have completed For America program. leaders to expand educational the program, over 40 per cent getting together to plan, reflect opportunity. of whom are already in school and socialise. leadership roles. Teach For America is the oldest You’ll be in regular contact with with two decades of experience, Elsewhere, from Chile to China, Teach For Australia, and build over 7,000 teachers in the Bulgaria to Brazil, India to deep relationships with your classroom and 28,000 alumni Argentina, thousands of global Training and Leadership Advisor who continue to engage with Associates and Alumni are there and in-school mentor. the mission. One in ten of all Ivy to cheer you, challenge you and League graduates apply to the share the ambition. Teach For America program.
  8. 8. 07 current associatesiWan Walters Iwan studied a Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) at the all my pre-existing hopes and expectations. My professional katy Fernandez Katy studied a Bachelor of Design (Architecture) and then a Master 20 kids in a Friday afternoon, I can handle a boardroom University of Melbourne. Iwan and personal experiences of Media Practice (both at The and I can handle whatever2010 associaTe is an Associate in regional have validated my decision 2011 associaTe University of Sydney). She is next for my career. Victoria and is currently in his to become involved in the Teach was also the president of the In terms of the program and second year of teaching. The For Australia program and Student Union at the University“I have been inspired by the first twelve months have been to live and work in a rural area. “I feel really privileged to of Sydney from 2006-2007. the skill set it offers the opportunity is three-fold. It’srealisation that investment in a pleasant surprise. I am very grateful to have be a part of this group of This year, she’s teaching Visual not only the opportunity tostudents as learners and people “My experiences as a beginning had these experiences and individuals who all want Arts and Media Studies in the make a difference, but tocan result in sustained and teacher and as a Teach For to be involved with Teach to make change happen… Western Metropolitan Region develop as a leader in the Australia Associate have been For Australia.” of Melbourne. classroom and as a leader inquantifiable personal growth overwhelmingly positive and to make that practical whatever I choose to do next.” “I think the skills that you learnand academic progress.” enjoyable. While challenging, difference in the lives of in the classroom are transferable they have been exciting, rewarding and have surpassed young people.” to any sector, so I feel confident that if I can handle a group of
  9. 9. there’s no “ideal” candidate profile. We simply look for leaders who have the qualities to create change. in the classroom and beyond.08 In 2010, fewer than 10% of We look for evidence ofselection applicants were successful in becoming an Associate. the following; • Leadership and achievement In 2010, fewer thancriteria Partly because our selection process is very rigorous and • Resilience and a relish 10% of applicants were successful in becoming for challenge partly because the stakes are too an Associate. high to admit anyone other than • Strong critical thinking skills the highest-quality candidates. • Superior organisational and The success of Teach For motivational ability Australia’s mission depends • The ability to communicate entirely on the integrity, and work with people from passion and commitment a variety of backgrounds of the person in front of each classroom. • Humility and an openness to learn from others Consequently, we seek leaders who will have a wider impact on Think you tick these boxes? the students they serve and the Then turn the page to find out communities they’re a part of. how to apply!
  10. 10. like our program, the teach For australia application process is intense but rewarding.09 Got you interested? Brilliant. We’ll take the most outstandinghoW do i First step is to talk to us on applicants from this stage (including you, hopefully) aPPly noW:sign uP? campus, visit our website or and work to match you to do the old-fashioned thing and call us up for a chat. a school where your passion, Visit for details knowledge and leadership skills are most needed. and application dates. When you’re ready, go to our website and submit an online If you’re successful from here, application. You’ll need to provide congratulations! some information about your background, education and why You’ve just joined the most you want to take part. ambitious leadership program in Australia. The next step is a phone interview where you’ll speak directly with a Teach For Australia staff member. If that goes well, you’ll be invited to attend a Selection Day where there’ll be more interviews, a group case study, a teaching lesson and a problem solving activity.
  11. 11. endnotes teachforaustralia.org1. Program For International Student Assessment (PISA) 20092. NAPLAN 20093. NAPLAN 20094. Measuring the Socio-Economic Status of Higher Education Students, DEEWR, 20095. DEEWR Higher Education Statistics Collection, 2007 and ABS SEIFA 20066. The Economic Impact of the Achievement Gap in America’s Schools, McKinsey & Company 20097. ABS, Schools Australia, 20088. Making learning Visible - John Hattie. Auckland University, 20099. Source: Sanders & Rivers; McKinsey; OECD; Lankford, Loeb, & Wyckoff, 200210. Making a Difference? The Effects of Teach For America in High School, CALDER, Urban Institute 200911. Maximum Impact Evaluation: The impact of Teach First teachers in schools, University of Manchester 2010 Supported by the Australian Government