The Art of Mentoring


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If you’ve landed here you’re probably wondering
what mentoring really is.

You’re probably in a position where you feel like
you may need some help..

Or maybe you would like to dedicate yourself
to helping others in need..

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The Art of Mentoring

  1. 1. April 25th, 2013 Published by: tddouglasCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 1tddouglas eBookThe Art Of MentoringBy tddouglas on April 23rd, 2013The Art of Mentoring: What ismentoring?If you’ve landed here you’re probably wonderingwhat mentoring really is.You’re probably in a position where you feel likeyou may need some help..Or maybe you would like to dedicate yourselfto helping others in need..Finding out exactly what mentoring is was a great primary stepfor you to take.Mentors take on many different roles depending onwho the mentee is.Many people may have a mentor when they are firstbeginning a new job or learning a new craft whichrequires someone to over-watch and guide them throughlearning correct procedures.Mentoring is also very common in children’s lives..Having a mentor to look up to and to be able to talkwith about anything can be a BIG help for many childrenor teens who don’t have anyone else to turn to.It’s always great to have someone that you can getgreat advice from and mentoring makes this kind ofconnection very accessible.The Art Of Mentoring: Are You Fit ToBecome A Mentor?As Mentioned earlier mentors MUST be able to take ondifferent roles.A mentor has to have adaptive skills so that they canadjust to whatever situation or personality theirmentee may have.Otherewise..Things are just pointless.Is this something that you feel you can do?Also as a mentor your personal attitude and motivationshave to align with what the job asks.You can’t be a role model to someone else if you aren’tmotivated or have a positive mindset yourself.It just doesn’t make sense..And you could end up doing more damage than benefit towhoever you’re mentoring.Are you a positive and motivated person?Lastly, a mentor has to be available.This is huge because what’s the point in you mentoringsomeone “every once in a while?”Mentors have to build relationships with their mentees inorder to receive trust.Consistently being available will help to build stronger andmore trustworthy relationships.Are you willing to consistently be available?If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, you arequalified to become a mentor.You have all of the qualities to make a difference in someone’slife.The Art Of Mentoring: A Mentor’s WorthA mentor’s worth is priceless.Mentors can turn a heartbroken kid into a strong, motivated,andvalue filled leader.Mentor’s can turn an intern who is “wet behind the ears,” into acompany and industry leader.A mentor’s influence is very powerful and important to thosein need.There are many different organizations all over the world thatareopen to bringing in new mentors.Why not be the next one?
  2. 2. April 25th, 2013 Published by: tddouglasCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 2Here are some sites where you can find out more aboutmentoring.Don’t forget to leave me acomment!Tell me about any mentoring experience you may have had.Are you thinking about really taking the leap into doing somementoring? Leave it in the box!Thanks for readingTalk Soon,Tyric DouglasTeam BreakthroughYou CAN Think And Grow RichBy tddouglas on April 21st, 2013A lot of people don’t understand the very simplekey to getting rich.Honestly, I had no Idea what it was either.But after reading Napoleon Hill’s classic“Think and Grow Rich,” I have been ableto grasp where riches begin.So what is the secret?Where do riches come from? you say.Well the answer is simply in our own minds.Literally.. that’s where riches begin.This was a very confusing concept to me at first..But after reading “Think and Grow Rich,” I havebeen able to see exactly why this simple conceptis so powerful and true.Think and Grow Rich..LiterallyThe title of the book is so literal.It tells you exactly what to do on the cover,but things will not begin to come together untilactually sitting down and opening it.I was amazed at how fast I started having “ah hah”moments.It’s amazing to read a book that was first publishedin 1937 that’s still so relevant to this day.The teachings and guidelines in the book can be applied toANYONE’s life for self-improvement reasons.I think one of the most important things I constantlyran across within the book was how powerful a person’sbelief can be.By powerful, I mean the magnitude of results a simplebelief can create.The real-life examples given in the text supportthis statement.Think and Grow Rich: GET IT FASTIf you’re serious about making a change in yourlife..You need to get this book..FASTWhether you’re trying to embark on a businesscareer…Or just looking to become a betterand more leveled person..Think and Grow Rich CAN help you.The following are links that will help youlearn more about the book and it’sauthor:As always thanks for reading!Tyric DouglasTeam BreakthroughHow to: Pay Off Student LoansBy tddouglas on April 2nd, 2013Oh No..I Have To Pay offStudent LoansYou finally finished school and you’rehappy and in celebration because ofyour accomplishment.All of a sudden something hits youout of nowhere.
  3. 3. April 25th, 2013 Published by: tddouglasCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 3There’s something that you forgot aboutbut you can’t quite recall itnow because you’re so happy..I’ll give you a hint..It has a whole lot to do with moneyleaving your pockets.Yup that’s it..Your student loans.Aren’t they just annoying?You spent 4-8 years at this school and they just won’t leave youalone.Well, there’s no sense in complaining aboutit now..You need to figure out how you will get theseloans paid off.You came to the right place because I’m going togive you some tips on how to pay off student loanswithconfidence.Pay Off Student Loans: Faster IsBetterThe first and most important step before youstart to pay off student loans is to create a plan.Here is a list of primary steps to take whenformulating your plan:• Figure out the exact amount that you owe.• Take note of your interest rates(Fixed or Variable?)• Calculate your personal finances.• If you don’t have a source of income, find work.• Consistently set aside money to go towards the paymentof your debt.These preliminary steps are very important becausethey will set your foundation for eliminating yourdebts without hassle.When dealing with student loan debt,although you are typically given a longtime period to pay it off..It is ALWAYS better to attack it early.This is because interest rates can turn a10,000 debt into a 30,000.Imagine having to pay $20,000 more..That’s a VERY hefty leap up and couldprevent you from getting that car orhouse that you wanted.Pay Off Student Loans: Use The ToolsStudent loan organizations WANT youto get your loans paid off.Therefore there are plenty of tools and resourcesavailable to help you do so.One of the best tools that you can use is arepayment calculator.Repayment calculators allow you to figureout how much money you will need to paymonthly in order to pay off your loans bywhatever length of time you have targeted.There are a few great options available to pay offloan debt as well that help a lot.Income Based Repayment is an option that allowsstudents to repay their loans based on whatevertheir monthly income is.Although helpful, this option is only available forFederal loans.Debt consolidation is another option which canprove helpful to some.Since most students will receive loans frommultiple sources..debt consolidation allows the student tocombine their debts into one single accountso that managing repayment of loans isconvenient.WARNING.If you combine a federal loan with a private loanyou will lose the option of income basedrepayment.One final option is to setup an auto-debit.This will set up an account of your choice to beautomatically charged for your monthly re-
  4. 4. April 25th, 2013 Published by: tddouglasCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 4payment fee.Now this may sound bad at first glance..But it’s actually beneficial since mostloan institutions offer discounts to thosewho choose this option.Also, you won’t have to worry aboutremembering to make the paymenteach month.These tips are sure to get you on the right pathto pay off student loans.How would you like to be able to get massive loanspaid off in a short amount of time?I have 3 simple tips that will help you pay offyour student loans in NO TIME.These tips are only for those who are seriousabout being debt and worry free for the restof their lives.CLICK HERE NOW to get access to these tips.Don’t wait too long because interest rates don’tprocrastinate..So why should you?Your Friend,Tyric DouglasTeam BreakthroughVideo Game Design Tips: ACrash Course For The CuriousBy tddouglas on March 31st, 2013Video Game Design Tips:Where Do I Start?I’ve been a big fan of video games throughout my entirelife..Who hasn’t?They’re fun and they just give you something to do whenyou have a bad day at work and you just wantto come home and be able to destroy the world..Without the real-life consequences of doing so.The video game industry can be compared toa very monumental melting pot.There are so many different genres of games to choose fromto meet the needs of the many different faces of people whoplay them.Therefore in an industry with as much variety as the videogameindustry there is plenty of room for new up and comingdesigners.But where do you start?These video game design tips will help you figure out whereyoushould get started in your video game design career.Video Game Design Tips: Where DoI Start?Obviously you’re interested in a career in video game design,but you’re just kinda confused on where you should get thingsstarted.Well the first and most important thing that you can do is tobegin exercising your visualization skills.Now I don’t mean that you should start trying to imagine yourbraindoing push-ups.I simply mean that you should start visualizing exactly whereyouwant your video game design career to go.If you want to design RPG (Role Playing Games), thenyou should envision yourself and the process that youmay possibly go through to develop thesesorts of games.How will your games differ from some of the other games inyour chosen genre?What will the environments look like?What kind of music will you use?Are you into developing games for a more mature audience ora younger crowd?These are all things that you should ask yourself and youshould not think that its ever to early to begin this thinkingprocess.Research is a HUGE step when you’re in this stage.Find out everything you can about your chosen genre and don’t
  5. 5. April 25th, 2013 Published by: tddouglasCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 5just read TAKE ACTION!If you’re not already playing a lot of the other popular gamesin the genre then you should be moving towards doing so assoonas possible.Video Game Design Tips: Don’t Keep It aSecretOne of the most important video game design tipsanyone can give you is to not keep your work a secret.When you have gone through all the necessary steps and haveactually built a playable version of your game You should begetting it out to the public so that you can get some opinionson it.You want to do some intensive bug-fixing and feedback whichwillrequire people other than yourself.This is not like 2nd grade where you show your art and thebully inthe school laughs at you.Don’t be scared to put your game out in the public so that it canbecome BETTER.Video Game Design Tips: FundingBuilding a video game can actually cost you quite a bit ofmoney.That’s of course if you want to have the right equipment andsoftware tomake something that’s worth anyone’s time.But wait..Time is another factor as well.I’m going to be realistic and tell you that you’re not gonnaprogram a game and get all the “kinks” straightened out with itovernight.It takes TIME..Things like jobs get in the way of dreams like this..So what’s the solution?There is a way that you can get the TIME and MONEYto be able to fully concentrate on building yourgame or whatever other dreams you have.Start making enough money and having enough timeto enjoy the things that you really want todo in life.Your Friend,Tyric DouglasTeam BreakthroughP.S.: Don’t forget to CLICK HERE andfigure out how you can begin REALLY living your dreamstoday. Becauseone day our time runs out, make every minute of it count fromthis day forward!