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How to Create an Instagram Video Content Strategy


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Struggle to create, post, and easily schedule videos to Instagram? Here's your getting started guide!

Learn how to create awe-inspiring Instagram videos that build your brand. This content template follows a blog post that shows you exactly how video can skyrocket your growth.

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How to Create an Instagram Video Content Strategy

  1. 1. Instagram Video Content Template to Skyrocket Growth
  2. 2. WRITE DOWN: 1. Naturally Motivates: What naturally motivates and inspires them? 2. Energizes: What energizes and encourages them? 3. Excites: What gets them excited, talking, and sharing with others? 4. Desire: What do they deeply desire to know, do, and learn? 5. Story: How does your brand story resonate and remain relevant? STEP 1: Know Your Instagram Audience Needs
  3. 3. The questions in this exercise will help you to identify: ● Your unique expertise ● Your core differentiators ● Your specific solution ● The content topics you’ll share STEP 2: Perform an Instagram Video Brainstorm
  4. 4. What qualifies you as an expert within your industry? List 3-5.
  5. 5. What one thing do you do better than anyone else?
  6. 6. What are the 3 biggest problems your company solves?
  7. 7. What proof do you have that you’re the best?
  8. 8. 3-part video content plan: 1. Determine the goal of your Instagram video content 2. Discover what type of video content you’ll share 3. A simple way to plan a massive amount of content STEP 3: Design Your Instagram Video Content Plan
  9. 9. What do you want to achieve? ● Awareness? ● Traffic? ● Sales? ● All of the above? STEP 3: Design Your Instagram Video Content Plan
  10. 10. What are the top 5 topics you are known for? For example, if you’re a fitness expert, you might focus on: ● Nutrition ● Health ● Workouts ● Weight Loss ● Apparel STEP 3: Design Your Instagram Video Content Plan
  11. 11. Those Topics Become Your Video Content!
  12. 12. Life Lapse From video posts to ads, Life Lapse helps you create compelling stop motion content. STEP 4: Create Your Instagram Videos
  13. 13. Wave Import your own videos or pull from Wave’s 200-million stock video and image library. Combine multiple clips with your own to get the look and story you want. STEP 4: Create Your Instagram Videos
  14. 14. InShot Upload, merge, and edit your videos, including stickers, text, filers, and more. STEP 4: Create Your Instagram Videos
  15. 15. You could do this the old-fashioned, manual way OR … You can use Tailwind to show you the best times to post and schedule your content in advance! STEP 5: Post (And Schedule) Your Instagram Videos
  16. 16. Sign Up for Your FREE Trial Ready to create, post, and schedule videos to Instagram?