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Northware - AX Services and Support - LITE


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Northware - AX Services and Support - LITE

  1. 1. +20 years in the so/ware industry About Us Experience Expertise Certifications Methodology +160 so/ware engineers Team So/ware Development, Mobile APPs, Dynamics AX, BI, Staffing and Cloud Services Knowledge
  2. 2. Services APPs Cloud Services Staffing So/ware Development Dynamics AX Specialists Nearshore IT Services
  3. 3. Nearshore IT Services Captive Center Services Complete and Simple IT and BPO Sourcing SoluJons
  4. 4. Remote + Onsite A team leader will start operaJons in Mexico and then he/she will relocate to the US. This model works great for projects that require face to face interacJon with the customer. Nearshore IT Services
  5. 5. Onsite We select top talent in Mexico to fulfill US based posiJons. We take care of all immigraJon requirements and IT engineers work onsite as TN visa holders. Nearshore IT Services
  6. 6. Mobile APPs #onlynaJveapps
  7. 7. Selected as APP of the Day by "Favourite Website Awards" on their mobile chapter Selected by Apple as New & Noteworthy: 360 APP- iPhone and iPad Selected by Apple as No. 1 APP for the Newspaper secJon - Milenio APP- 2012 Silver medal award winner in Eye of LaJn America 2010, category "InteracJve Eye” with the Knorr APP Silver medal award winner in the category of phones by IAB Connect 2011 Finalist in "MobileMoney & payments Latam 2013 - Banregio APP The implementaJon of "Milenio" in the category of "an Official Honoree" Webby Awards recogniJon Mobile APPs
  8. 8. Mobile APPs
  9. 9. Software Development UX/UI TesJng Development ImplementaJons ConsulJng services
  10. 10. Software Development
  11. 11. Software Development Turn key web applicaJons for: Manufacturing Insurance Food and Beverage Telecom LogisJcs InformaJon Technology Auto Retail
  12. 12. Cloud Services Microso/ Azure Specialists: Legacy MigraJons ApplicaJon MigraJons Cloud Setup and HosJng Monitoring Support ConsulJng
  13. 13. Staffing Services Dynamics AX Consultants Application Developers Mobile APP Developers Technical Leaders DBAs QA / Testing Software ArchitectsProject Managers (PMP)
  14. 14. ImplementaJons IntegraJons CustomizaJons Rollouts Dynamics AX Specialists Metal-Mechanic Process Industries Retail Services ConstrucJon Customs and LogisJcs Industries: Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable General Ledger ProducJon Master Planning Project Mgmt Product InformaJon Mgmt Warehouse Mgmt Bank Mgmt Sales and MarkeJng Retail BudgeJng AcquisiJon and Sourcing Security roles Consulting services: Versions: AX 2004, AX 2009, AX 2012 R2/R3
  15. 15. Proposal IT Services Operation & Projects
  16. 16. AX Organization Chart
  17. 17. Relevant AX Projects Services EDI documents to exchange with AMAZON: •  Purchase Order_850 – PO •  PurchaseOrderAcknowledgement_855 – POA •  AdvanceShipNoJce_856 – ASN •  Invoice_810 – INV SSRS Reports for Retail informaJon Electronic Invoice portal for customers 2nd & 3rd Level Support AX training services Business RelaJonship +3 years Dynamics AX Version: 2012 R2 Retail Client WMW Group
  18. 18. Client Zingara Services SSRS Reports for Retail informaJon Inventory & Warehouse Mgmt consulting Financial consulJng CustomizaJons for POS 3rd Level Support Business RelaJonship 1 Year Dynamics AX Version: 2012 R2 Retail Relevant AX Projects
  19. 19. Client Premsol Group Services MulJ-company Dynamics AX 2012 implementaJon Inventory & Warehouse parameters Project Management AccounJng AX So/ware factory services for: •  Project Management & AccounJng •  Procurement & Sourcing modules •  Electronic Invoicing for Mexico •  BI Services •  Customized reports 2nd & 3rd Level Support (24x7) +100 users Dynamics AX Version: 2012 R3 Services, Air Condi6oning Systems Relevant AX Projects Business RelaJonship +2 Years
  20. 20. Client Toyota Tsusho Services AX ImplementaJon services for 3 different companies KYOHO TOYUTSO MEXICO currently under implementaJon AX So/ware Factory for: •  Customized reports (JAPAN & USA Included) •  Electronic invoice for MEXICO +100 users Business RelaJonship +1 Year Dynamics AX Version: 2012 R3 Automo6ve Industry Relevant AX Projects
  21. 21. Client AXALTA Services 2nd and 3rd Level Support (24x7) AX So/ware Factory for: •  Customized reports •  Electronic invoice for MEXICO •  CustomizaJons for Inventory management •  CustomizaJons for Sales management •  +40 users Business RelaJonship 6 months Dynamics AX Version: 2012 R3 Coa6ng Systems Stock Market AXTA (NYSE): $ 27.97 Relevant AX Projects
  22. 22. Client Perifel – Comparex Group Services Rollout ImplementaJon for Perifel Financial consultants Electronic AccounJng customizaJon Customized reports for Mexicans tax payments +30 users Business RelaJonship June – To date Dynamics AX Version: 4.0 IT Services Relevant AX Projects
  23. 23. Contacts AX Projects Contact: Félix Jiménez IT & Process Director Email: Contact: ConstanJna Herrera Monroy Project Manager Email: Contact: Hilda Ramos AX Leader Consultant Email: Contact: Jorge Lujan So/ware Team Lead Email:
  24. 24. •  Increased efficiency of the IT department •  Improving the quality of services •  ImplemenJng standard procedures. •  Increased customer saJsfacJon •  Having staJsJcs and trends that allow analysis, conJnuous improvement and decision-making. •  Skilled and experienced resources •  Best pracJces. ITIL-service strategy. •  Speed and Flexibility •  CompeJJve Cost Benefits
  25. 25. Great relationships
  26. 26. Value Proposition +20 years in Mexico with global delivery experience We have the capacity to provide IT resources in the shortest Jme We solve complex Microso/ Dynamics AX issues We go beyond IT and make sure you get all the help youneed Honest and transparent business relaJonship
  27. 27. THANK YOU… Imre SzenCornyay | VP, Business Development USA. +1 (806) 474-8780