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Happy New Year


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This is a little project specially designed & created for Dorothy (Hemi), my bestie forever & ever.

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Happy New Year

  1. 1. New Year of 2008 is HERE!!!
  2. 2. Looking back on the months past by, As a new year begins and an old one ends …
  3. 3. We see what brought us joy, And we think of our loved ones and our friends . hello beautiful.
  4. 4. Recalling all the “Remembrance Days”, Remembering how they enriched our lives
  5. 5. We reflect upon who really counts, As the fresh and bright new year arrives.
  6. 6. And when I wonder those who do, I immediately think of you. Thanks for being the reason I'll have a Happy New Year!
  7. 7. Dorothy…(You’re always Dorothy to me) During these cheerful holidays, I will always think of you, Of how you made my life full of joy And remember you as an angel. Wishing you all the best & hoping all of your beautiful dreams come true. I hate you for leaving… But I love you for the way you are. So, Never change the way you are. ♥ With Love, Phoebe
  8. 8. Happy New Year Happy New Year