LABOUR MARKET 2008:                  trends and implications for        HR EXECUTIVES                         One-day conf...
Programme:07:30 – 08:15    Registration08:15 – 08:30    Welcome and Introduction                 State of the Art Planning...
Programme:                   Labour/Union Strategies and Priorities for 2008                   Dr Roger Southall, Honorary...
Outcomes        of the  Labour Market 2008 Conference• Learn about the Macro and Micro trends that will impact your  Organ...
Meet your speakers….       JOHAN HEROLDTJohan Heroldt is the author of a wide variety of business books and a well known, ...
DID YOU KNOW that if you register for this event online you will receive a R100 KR voucher back in your pocket GO TO www.k...
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Labour market prospects_2008

  1. 1. LABOUR MARKET 2008: trends and implications for HR EXECUTIVES One-day conference 06 November 2007 Bytes Conference Centre, MidrandSpeakers: Johan Heroldt Mike Schüssler Steven Friedman Roger Southall Stanley Arumugam Gusti Coetzer Johan du Toit Wilhelm Crous Presented by:
  2. 2. Programme:07:30 – 08:15 Registration08:15 – 08:30 Welcome and Introduction State of the Art Planning Framework for HR Professional Johan Heroldt, author of a wide variety of business books and well known, experienced organisation development and change enablement specialist and expert08:30 – 09:30 • Environmental Scanning • Scenario Development • Get Clarity in a continuous fast changing world • Management in times of uncertainty • Link HR Strategy to the Organisation’s Strategy • Putting the plan together • Implement, Implement, Implement Economic Prospects for 2008 Mike Schüssler, Chief Economist T-Sec • Global Developments • South African Growth Prospects • Interest / Inflationary expectations09:30 – 10:15 • Expectations for different industries • Constraints that impact on economic growth • Wild Cards that can upset forecasts i.e. Geopolitical Developments, Energy, China etc. • Impact of increasing globalisation on South African labour market. Socio Political Developments Dr Steven Friedman, Research Associate, Institute for Democracy in South Africa (IDASA) • Fallout of ANC succession race • Future of Tripartite Alliance and 2009 elections10:15 – 11:00 • Service Delivery Pressures • Land Reform • Health Care / HIV Aids • Housing • Regulatory Environment – 200811:00 – 11:30 Tea LABOUR Market 2008
  3. 3. Programme: Labour/Union Strategies and Priorities for 2008 Dr Roger Southall, Honorary Research Professor, Sociology of Work Unit, WITS 11:30 – 12:15 • Wage Demands • Where are the Hotspots • Cosatu and the Political Agenda The Labour Market: Supply and Demand Wilhelm Crous, MD Knowledge Resources • Quality and Quantity dimensions of SA Human Capital • Constraints on the supply side – Education, Immigration, 12:15 – 13:00 Skills Development, Emigration. • Where are the shortages • Unemployment and Employment trends • Radical approach required to alleviate skills shortages 13:00 – 14:00 Lunch Perspectives on Executive and Professional Talent Gusti Coetzer, Leaders Unlimited Founding Partner, Executive Search Consultant • Competing in a global talent pool 14:00 – 14:45 • Where is the demand? • Can the demand be met? • Employment Equity pressures • Remuneration pressures and trends Planning Best Practices – Learn from Mondi 14:45 – 15:15 Dr Stanley Arumugam HR Director Mondi Business Paper SA • This is how we plan for 2008 15:15 – 15:45 Effective Human Capital Strategy Development Dr Johan du Toit, Founder and MD of Decipher Consulting • Components of Integrated HR Framework • Process to develop an effective HC Strategy • Ways to improve the current process 15:45 – 16:00 CloseFor information:Katie van der Schyff011880-8540 Market 2008
  4. 4. Outcomes of the Labour Market 2008 Conference• Learn about the Macro and Micro trends that will impact your Organisation and HR Department specifically.• Identify Salary and Wage trends and prospects for 2008.• Take proactive steps to solve the talent crisis.• Identify the Economic, and Socio Political trends that will impact your labour market.• Analyse the quality and quantity of South Africa’s Human Capital.• Improve your strategic planning framework.• Benchmark your planning framework with leading SA Companies.• Plan better for 2008• Return to your Organisation with fresh thinking!About Knowledge Resources:Our focus is to bring you high-quality conferences, seminars andskills-building workshops that will add value in terms of knowledgeand skills. The aim is to provide extremely good value for the timeand money clients have invested.Our expertise lies in knowledge of the various disciplines withinbusiness and management, as well as the knowledge needs of thetertiary, public and private sectors. Event topics are carefullyselected to cater for South African needs, without ignoringinternational standards.Our event topics are researched, practical and case study-related,ensuring that we bring our clients up-to-the-minute information, whileat the same time providing first-rate networking opportunities withleading business colleagues and executives. We surpass at providingour clients with a business knowledge experience!
  5. 5. Meet your speakers…. JOHAN HEROLDTJohan Heroldt is the author of a wide variety of business books and a well known, experiencedorganisation development and change enablement specialist. He has developed his views onknowledge assets as a knowledge worker through 29 years of exposure to Human ResourceManagement in mining, insurance, the delivery of televised education and training, informationtechnology services and financial services.He has published works including Viable Business Strategies, Transforming your Employment Brandand Leveraging Knowledge Brand Assets. MIKE SCHÜSSLERMike Schüssler is an Economist who has 16 years experience and holds a masters degree ineconomics from RAU. He is currently the economic consultant to T-sec.He is also a well-known economic commentator, who has been extensively quoted in foreign andlocal media over the last decade. Mike received the “Economist of the Year” Award for 2006. STEVEN FRIEDMANDr Steven Friedman is one of the country’s leading Socio Political researchers and commentators.He started his career in Journalism at the Financial Mail and the Rand Daily Mail. During his careerhe was a researcher at SA Institute of Race Relations, Centre for Policy Studies and between 1992 –2003 he served as Director, Centre for Policy Studies.He is a prolific author and currently contributes commissioned articles to Business Day. ROGER SOUTHALLDr Roger Southall is Honorary Research Professor, Sociology of Work Unit, University of theWitwatersrand, South Africa. He was formerly a Distinguished Research Fellow and ExecutiveDirector of the Democracy and Governance Research Programme at the HSRC.Before joining the HSRC in January 2001, Roger was Professor of Political Studies at RhodesUniversity, a position he had held for just over ten years.Roger’s areas of research interest include: South African politics, with particular reference todemocratisation and black empowerment.Dr. Southall is the author of a number of books, including Imperialism or Solidarity? InternationalLabour and South African Trade Unions (UCT Press). His edited books include Trade Unions and theNew Industrialisation of the Third; and Labour and Unions in Asia and Africa etc. GUSTI COETZERAuguste (Gusti) Coetzer- Leaders Unlimited Founding PartnerGusti Coetzer holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and a post graduate diploma inIndustrial Relations from the University of South Africa, Cum Laude.She commenced her career in executive search in 1990. Prior to this, she was an academic andheld executive human resources positions in the Motor (Ford) and retail industries, as well as withthe Chamber of Mines.She is recognised as one of the country’s leading executive search consultants. DR STANLEY ARUMUGAMHR Director for Mondi Business Paper SAHe is a registered counseling and community psychologist with 15 years experience inorganisational development, coaching and mentoring interventions. He has worked in both thepublic and private sector and was a consulting partner. Some of the organisations where he hasbeen involved in coaching and mentoring include Spoornet, Rennies, Durban City Council,Richards Bay Coal Terminal, SAFCOL and Sasol. JOHAN DU TOITDr Johan du Toit, Founder and MD of Decipher ConsultingJohan is an experienced strategist with significant skill in managing public sector engagements. Hehas worked on a variety of engagements in South Africa and Australia, focusing on corporate andbusiness unit strategy, competency-based strategy, organisational transformation, andprocurement. Johan worked for Bain & Company and Braxton Consulting. Prior to becoming aconsultant, Johan was a chemistry lecturer at Wits University and Wits Technikon. Johan holds aPhD in Chemistry from the University of Witwatersrand.
  6. 6. DID YOU KNOW that if you register for this event online you will receive a R100 KR voucher back in your pocket GO TO LABOUR MARKET 2008: TRENDS AND IMPLICATIONS FOR HR EXECUTIVES DATE 6 November 2007TERMS AND CONDITIONS REGISTRATION FEE R 3 250.00 per person (Inclusive of VAT)PAYMENTS The above registration fee includes lunch, refreshments, parking and workbooks.No reservations will be confirmed th SPECIAL OFFER Register 4 delegates, and the 5 delegate can attend as our guest free of charge.until payment and signedregistration forms have beenreceived. TO BOOK Online go to fax a copy of the deposit Phone Plaxy on (011) 880-8540slip or proof of electronic transfer.Please write the name of the E-mail completed registration form to:event and delegate’s details on fax.Please do not mail any Fax completed registration form to (011) 880 8700/9829payments.Cheques to be made payable to PLEASE NOTE: Registration is ONLY confirmed once proof of payment has been received.Knowledge Resources (Pty) Ltd. Delegate 1 – Contact PersonDIRECT DEPOSITS Name___ TitleNedbank: Cresta Designation_______________________________________________________________________________Account No.: 1913164489 Phone________________ Fax _____________Branch Code: 191305 Cellular E-mailCANCELLATIONS or CompanyPOSTPONEMENTS must be Postal addressmade in writing 14 days or morebefore the starting date of this Codeevent, otherwise you will be Delegate 2 Delegate 3charged 50% of your registration Name Namefee. No refunds will be issued forcancellations or postponements Designation_______________________________________Designation_______________________________made less than 14 days before Title Titlethis event. Phone PhoneREPLACEMENTS Cellular CellularRegistered delegates may bereplaced at any time prior to the Fax Faxtraining course, provided the total E-mail E-mailregistration fee has been paid. Delegate 4 Delegate 5 FREECancellations and any Name Nameregistration changes must beconfirmed in writing and e-mailed Title Titleto: Phone PhoneIn the event of unforeseen Cellular Cellularcircumstances Knowledge Fax FaxResources reserves the right to E-mail E-mailchange the programme’scontent, the speakers, the venue Special dietary requirements Delegate’s nameor the date. Delegates will be Contact person for invoicenotified no later than 5 working Phone E-maildays prior to an event. Total payment enclosed R (all prices include VAT) Company VAT number Cardholders: Visa/Master Amex Diners Exp date: Card no: CCV no (last 3 digits on the back of card) ________________ Date: SIGNATURE:_____________________________________________ BY SIGNING THIS REGISTRATION FORM, THE DELEGATE AGREES TO THE ABOVE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.