Destination branding


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article relating nostalgic films with tourism and destinations

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Destination branding

  1. 1. movl(The Anthropomorphy of ing sc Bali. ADestination Brands onlin the r cludi nri oi trfum ffimsffi&M$rrug fu$m${ W$rurme,#ffi&ru ffiryxmwff$wwrym$ ffimwxmmxmmrs w$mh sigh Wor W$$mru ffiwm$m$ mmxd Mmd$m of ir Trqvel ond retoil brqnds hqve o common frome of reference -the destinotion. Films mode qvoiloble in sociol medio represenl o meqns of creot- ing on emofionol link be- tween online odults, leenqgers ond studenls with destinotion brqnds. The films ore nof restricted lo contem- poroty movies but include the nostolgic Cosoblqncq qnd Rozors Edge. Activities in lhe destinqtions of refqil qnd trovel ore chonging to occom- modqte experiences. Suresh Sood n c re a si ngl y, the trend of novel meansof discoveringnew des- R e s e o rch e r anthropomorphizing, ie., mak- tinations. This is quite apart from ArchetypeStoryielling School o{ Morkeiing ing more humanistic destina the halo effect of films generating a Universiiy TechnologY, SYdneY. o{ ti o n b ra n d s (e.g., shopP i ng P re- si gni fi cant i ncreasei n touri sm as The outhor con be reoched oi S u r e s h . S o o d @ u ts.e d u .o u c i n c ts , re ta i l establ i shments, r- ai seen from CrocodileDundee (1986) ports or tourist venues) is acceier- and doubling of Ar-rstralian visitors, ating through consumer engage- the Veronesedraw card {or females Umesh Prqstrd ment with films in social media. For vi ew i ng Letters to Jul i et (2010) Monoger (OPerotions) the next generation of tourists with couples reiiving Nrghrs in Rodanthe Yum! Reslouronts (lndio) Privote Ltd. Generation Z appearing as indi (2008) i n N orth C arol i na, th e The outhor con be reochedoi vidual tourists in 2A20 as well as Bollywood movie, I Hate Luu StorYs u m e s h k u o r p r o s od @ g o m m m online adults, the film cliPs found (20i0) sparking Indian visitor in online in social media provide a terest i n N ew Zeal and and theO 2O1OlUP All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. movie, Eat, Pray, Loue (2010) entic- no longer a destination somewhere Bungeejumping in New Zealand,ising soul searching in Italy, India and o u t th e re . C ontemporary fi l ms not the complete experience.A skillBali. drive an interest in specific loca. to learn how to take photos of ex. As us er s inc r ea s i n g l y tu rn tions.The 2003 DaVinciCodemys- otic fish potentially involves learn-online to searchabout destinations, tery ignited visits to the Louvre by ing scuba in an exotic location andthe nostalgic films of yesteryears in- a whole new generation of visitors. photography lessonsencasedin ad.cluding Casablanca(1942) and the The French fllm Amelie (2001) had venture.original RazorsEdge (1946) with in- tourists eating at the restaurant of This transformation of the ex-sights into bohemian life following the film location. Inception (2010) isting businessmodel for travel and7orld War 1 provide a rich tapestry created a buzz around literallv fold- tourism from a focuson price to ex-of images and word associations di- ing the landscapeof a classicParis periential travel servicesunderpins street caf6.LostinIimtslation (2003) an emerging framework for assem. created interest for visitors to To, bling together a wide variety of kyo where the movie was set in the emerging retail opportunities. Fo- neon light imagery of Tokyo and the cusing on travel, while thinking pedestrian crowds in Shibuya. Tour- about retailing, shifts the current i s ts fa m i l i a r w i th the movi e w ere paradigm of shopping to create new quick to recognize the Park Hyatt desti nati on shoppi ngexperi ence s. in Tokyo as "the hotel from Lost in The hallmark of a retail destination Translation". is when consumerschoose to hang Such films create interest in the around and have fun. Learning is a destination brand facilitating the key elementof the destinationpro- building of a cognitive emotional viding an additional reason to en- relationship between potential visi- ter a store rather than making a tors and the destination, well be. si mpl epurchase. fore a visitor plans or sets upon a The hnkage to retailing is clear visit. The films guide the subse- just as experiential travel is about quent location visits potentially as skills. The retailer Apple has recog- dreamingabout the destinationen- nized the notion of field trips ro an sues from watching the film. Films Apple store for children or learning create the mental constructs for sessionsfor adults. Apple flagship consumersto use when considering storesare now there in London (Re- destination products or choosing gent Street),Sydney(George Street), the landmarks and neighborhoods New York (Fifth Avenue) and the to visit when present in the desti- store in Californla Palo Alto Uni. n a ti o n , fu rther bui l di ng strong versitv Avenue, where it all started. brand attachment. The magic of Appleis spreadingin-rectly related to the brand destina- Wh a t o f the desti nati on con- fectiously as these retail stores of.tion Paris,France. A variefy of web tent, i.e., activities? Increasingly, fering Apple goods expand globally.searchesshow these films provide a travelers choosingto participate S o ski l l sacqui si ti oni s j ust one as- arenecessarybreak from the suppliers in the process ofexperiential travel pect of the Apple experience. Thepromoting destination sight-seeing where instead of chilling out wirh iconic Genius Bars, in order to pro-and hotels. The famous line "il/e11 herdsof touristson a vacation,rime vide technical expertise furtheralwayshave Paris" fromaCasabkmca is spent to experience and learn drives the local community into thescene found on YouTirbe encapsu- a b o u t th e v a cati on desti nati on stores and, once inside, customerslates the sounds and imagery of love through locals and hands-on expe. can get hands-on experience withtriggering the brand associations of rience. Importantly, the key hall. their amazing range of computers,Paris elegantly and concisely within mark of experiential travel is gain- phones and handheld devices laidthe mind of the consumer. To the ing skills. This means the adventure out on the typical blonde woodenpotential visitor, Paris becomes travel associatedwith a temporary tables.Enthusiasticstaff remain en-alive with a deeply humanistic feel, adrenaline-driven sports rush, e.g., ergized,no matter the time of day or Advertising Express , November 2010 o 13
  3. 3. above have a Facebookand Twitter ating furtherbuzz in the commu-weather, and theY are alwaYs readY presence and YouTirbe channels ex nity. If social media presentsa rela-to assist customers entering the ist for Selfridges and Topshop Con- tively low.cost means of Presentstore in personal shoPPing.Tech- ing destination assetsand carrying I:nology capabilities make the expe- sumers online can even listen and watch a tabla soloat a Borders book out conversations between conrience seamlessand green where store with Shiva Patraju Only time sumers and P arti ci P ants fromthe receipts are despatcheddirectly will tell if destination brands use the within the destination itself, otherto the e-mail addressof the con social media beyond advertising to technol ogi es are ori entated tosumer. e n g a g ei n p roacti veconversati ons wards new possibilities hitherto Mo Large retail storesfocus on cre not considered for connecting the the with consumers and listen as wellating a senseof theater as exempli consumer and desti nati on. The lev as deliver on expectations.fied by the Selfridges Shoe Hall ex importance of exPloring new tech- kethlblting 4,000 shoes.In-store activi T h e p o tenti al to create the nologies cannot be understated for horties in large open spacescontribute emotional link between the desti retail and travel as the UK Future insto the store brand experience Bor- nation and the consumer is a natu of Free Ti me R eP ort P ubl i she d sltd e r B ook s hops ex e mp l i fY th i s ral fit for mobile social networks A pri l 2010 states " P erhaPs slt (..g ., andthinking with their in-store quiz worryingly, a new generation will and is only beginning llf, sessions, mother and toddler read reject travel altogether in favor of to emergewith a first generation of sl ing sessionsand creative writing for gaming, social networking and al- activities for consumers. Checkin s€ teenagersand adults. ToPshoP,a ways on media.. as in-home lei i s about tel l i ng rG Bri ti s h f as hion sure is becomingmore engaginga Foursquare where cl chain has taken the group of young PeoPlewill emerge the consumer is at tt experience further who do not go out any more." present. consum G in a flagship Oxford ers check-in from Immersi ve vi deo usi ng el ec e C i rc us loc at ion lncreosingly, libraries,museums tronic headgear fliPs the Paradigm addlng fashion and trovelers cre parks, restaurants from the traditional video images l i fe s t y le ev ent s , choosing lo or l i teral l y any- where the view is identical for all styl e c ons ult ant s porticiPote in where. Rewardsare observers to one i n w hi ch the and beauty bars to lhe process of avai l abl e for viewer becomesimmersed in a vir the physical store. experienliol check-in and fre tual envi ronment achi evi ng a Th e s e ac t iv it ies trtrvel quenting the same unique personalexperiencepertain stro ngly help t o location multiple ing to a live event, e.g.,fashion show make the Selfridges, times or in the case or tennis match. Combining with Borders bookshoPs of S tarbucks, social networks, shoppersor travel- and Topshop flag checking into five ers can enjoy the exPerience with ship clothes store e s ta b l i s h ments hel P s to earn a friends no matter where theY are social. B a ri s ta b adge. A MaY orshi P i s L 1o.n1sd. The role of online social net awarded to customers with most @ works cannot be underestimatedin check-in days to a venue over the delivering and improving the physi- last 60 days and the MaYor of a ca l ex per ienc es o f v i s i ti n g th e Starbucks location receives a dis- stores, especiallyfor teenagersand count on a drink, But if exPerien- students. Engaging customers ln tial retailing is a desirablefocus, the social media, as an element of the rewards are better contextualized overall marketing strategy and be- to provide the MaYor with learn- coming a part of consumer lives, ing opportunities transcending a when the consumer is not at the mere discount on a drink. Getting destination also creates an oppor- to play barista for a daY or join a tunity for consumersto voice desti pastry chef in the bakery are simple nation experiences. Twitter Pro means of providing valued custom- vides an always orl connection to e rs w i th r el evant experi ences cre the destination. All storesdiscussedAdvertising Express November 2010 o 1l