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The Wise 25 Freelance Marketplaces by @Smarterer

60 million Americans will be freelancing by 2020, and freelance marketplaces are popping up all over the internet to meet the demand.

Smarterer has compiled 25 of the top Freelance Marketplaces out there. While this is hardly exhaustive (feel free to comment if we left any of your favorites out!) it contains a sampling of some of the strongest resources on the web today:

| Fiverr
| Elance
| oDesk
| Behance
| HomeAdvisor
| Thumbtack
| TaskRabbit
| GigWalk
| PeoplePerHour
| 99Designs
| Amazon Mechanical Turk
| DesignCrowd
| CrowdFlower
| Coroflot
| Twago
| TopCoder
| Skyword
| 3Desk
| DoNanza
| GreatLance
| Smarterer

Slide Three: ...sometimes you have to think outside the box...
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Slide Four: ...and set your sights on someplace a bit different.
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Slide Nine: The Wise 25: Freelance Marketplaces
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Slide Twenty-Seven: You’ll find even more wise words in the SMARTERER blog!
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Slide 33: Tweet To Click - Any good owl will tell you, things are better when done together.
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Slide Thirty-Nine: The Wise 25: Freelance Marketplaces
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The Wise 25 Freelance Marketplaces | Smarterer

  1. 1. The Wise 25: Freelance Marketplaces
  2. 2. When the forests of employment begin to grow dark...
  3. 3. need to start thinking outside the box...
  4. 4. ...and set your sights someplace a bit different.
  5. 5. Freelancing Freelancing is changing the world. ! is changing the world.
  6. 6. “Freelancing offers workers experience and flexibility... as a freelancer, you’re the captain of your own career." ! - Lynn Dixon of ! via @heatherhuhman !
  7. 7. Now through the wonders of modern technology...
  8. 8. ...finding freelance work online has never been easier.
  9. 9. The Wise 25: Freelance Marketplaces
  10. 10. 9,000,000 Freelancers 5,000,000 Projects Through the acquisitions of a litany of smaller sites, including fanfavorites LimeExchange & vWorker, Sydney’s has risen to become the #1 freelancing resource for small business & entrepreneurs. @freelancer
  11. 11. Fiverr 3,000,000 Total Services 200 Countries Served Starting at just $5 per job, Fiverr is the king of the quick task. The world's largest marketplace for services has freelancing tasks available for corporate designers, small time hobbyists, and everything in between. @fiverr
  12. 12. Elance 2,500,000 Freelancers 500,000 Employers Elance’s massive reach makes for one of the most effective freelancing marketplaces on the planet. Add in their new partnerships with education minded SkilledUp & assessment minded Smarterer and you’ve got a Triforce of power that can’t be toppled. @elance
  13. 13. oDesk 2,000,000 Annual Jobs 3,000,000 Users In terms of annual freelancer earnings there’s no one stronger than oDesk. The contract marketplace heavyweight boasts a robust user base and, with a dozen industry awards lining their trophy case, it’s no wonder why. @odesk
  14. 14. Behance 4,000,000 Projects 50,000,000 Monthly Views Behance’s mission of ‘creative professional empowerment’ is realized. Users are able to set up online showcases to be displayed across the freelancing platform’s massive network of connections, in public galleries, and on personal portfolios. @behance
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  16. 16. 8,000,000 Members 16 Countries Be it taking Scooby for a walk in the park, picking up the kids from the bus, or dropping groceries off at Grandma’s, is the world’s biggest online freelance caregiver connector. They even help with interviews, reference checks, and the rest of the hiring process. @caredotcom
  17. 17. HomeAdvisor 80,000 Service Professionals 25,000,000 Homeowners Served America's #1 free resource for proven home improvement freelancers, HomeAdvisor provides homeowners and workers with a collaborative medium to connect on projects of al kinds. @homeadvisor
  18. 18. Thumbtack ! 250,000 Talented Professionals 200,000 Active Companies Thumbtack connects local consumers with service professionals throughout their area. Projects are matched with multiple service providers, allowing consumers to choose the best fit based on price, location, and reviews from the Thumbtack community. @thumbtack
  19. 19. TaskRabbit 15,000 TaskRabbits 15 Major US Markets TaskRabbit strengthens communities and boosts human efficiency by connecting people bogged down with tasks and errands to those with the time and resources to run them. In the professional space, TaskRabbit can find skilled professionals to help with long or short term company projects. @taskrabbi
  20. 20. GigWalk 350,000 Gig Walkers 6,500 Cities With GigWalk you’ll find an army in the palm of your hands. Their appactivated mobile workforce can do everything from daily errands to corporate research, helping your home and business run like a well oiled machine. @gigwalk
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  22. 22. PeoplePerHour 450,000 Total Users 20,000 Open Hourlies Usually focusing on small to medium-sized businesses, PeoplePerHour matches freelance or self-employed professionals to open gigs. Their popular ‘Hourlies’ service offer fixed price work that can start immediately. @peopleperhour
  23. 23. 99Designs 255,000+ Designers $61,00,000 Total Payouts Through customizable ‘Design Contests’ users can orchestrate competitions where dozens of designers submit unique ideas for review. After choosing the appropriate art, the user can work collaboratively with a freelancing designer for further customization. All within 7 days! @99designs
  24. 24. Guru 400,000 Active Gurus 3,000,000 Completed Tasks With an easy-to-manage desktop tracking tool, in depth analytic support, and a committed Q&A community, it’s no surprise Guru has risen to become the net’s largest online skill marketplace. @Guru_co
  25. 25. Amazon Mechanical Turk 500,000 Active ‘Turks’ 280,00 Open H.T.I.’s Powered by superpower, Mechanical Turk connects skilled developers (called ‘Turks’) to businesses in order to focus on tasks in need of a human touch, or ‘Human Intelligence Tasks’ (HITs). @amazonmturk
  26. 26. DesignCrowd 140,000 Designers $11,800,000 Total Payouts DesignCrowd offers risk-free visual services to anyone willing to whip up a short description. With design options shipped to user inboxes daily, it’s one of the least stressful freelancing tools on the market. @designcrowd
  27. 27. No need to be sad! You’ll find even more words of wisdom in... - Smarterer’s Blog!
  28. 28. CrowdFlower 1,000,000,000 Completed Tasks 5,000,000 Contributors By “distributing small, discrete tasks to many online contributors in assembly line fashion,” CrowdFlower has ballooned to become one of the internet’s leading crowdsourcing services. @crowdflower
  29. 29. crowdSPRING 120,00 Skilled Creatives 30,000 Satisfied Customers Chicago based crowdSPRING connects digital and written creatives to businesses in need via painless and effective crowdsourced projects. @crowdspring
  30. 30. Coroflot 2,000,000 Images 150,000 Monthly Projects Coroflot exposes the portfolios of creative freelancers to their massive and respected community via a self contained job board. Among satisfied customers include Sony, Blu Dot, Nokia, & Nike. @coroflot
  31. 31. Twago 230,00 Users 36,000 Projects The top online work destination from across the pond puts fate in the hands of the user. Describe a project, pick from a slew of qualified freelancers, and dictate the direction once the work begins. @twago_inside
  32. 32. TopCoder 600,000 Registered Developers 30+ Specialized Contests TopCoder’s software community contains 600,000 of the world’s best developers, designers, and data analytic experts. Competitions are hosted or users to show their best to peers and spectating corporate sponsors alike. @topcoder
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  34. 34. Skyword 20,000 Writers 3,000 Writing Gigs Skyword is a content marketing & publishing platform offering services to authors with proven SEO and writing chops. Through four distinct tracks freelancing writers connect to employers for measurable marketing growth. @skyword
  35. 35. 3Desk 400,000 Total Freelancers Used by 50% of All UK IT Recruiters This heavily customizable tool works on setting up physical meetings with freelancers in one’s area. With a strong feedback system 3Desk uses community reviews to find the cream of the local freelancing crop. @3desk
  36. 36. DoNanza 400,000 Freelancers 80,000 Open Projects DoNanza aggregates postings from hundreds of job boards and privately sends tailored lists to freelancers using the service. They track and measure the performance of the site’s top freelance workers, ranking them for employers in an internal search database. @donanza
  37. 37. GreatLance 50,000 Freelancers 3,500 Twitter Followers Employers and freelancers worldwide can connect to work collaboratively via Greatlance’s secure platform. A heavy focus is applied to feedback and connections in an effort to foster entrepreneurial growth. @greatlance
  38. 38. HireMyMom 18 Years Experience 1,200 Mothers Placed HireMyMom focuses on flexible and part-time freelancing work tailored to the hectic life of parenthood. Freelancing moms must show 2+ years proficiency in an area of work to guarantee competency. @hiremymom
  39. 39. The Wise 25: Freelance Marketplaces
  40. 40. @smarterer