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Action research plan


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Published in: Education
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Action research plan

  1. 1. Susan Kassees – Action Research Plan for the 2010-2011 School Year Action Research Plan Question: Will increasing parent involvement at the high school level decrease the amount of behavior referrals to detention and in school suspension? School Vision: Clark High School will actively encourage and welcome parental involvement in any way that will direct our students towards success. Goals: To significantly increase positive parental involvement on campus to support our student’s academic and social success. Activities Persons Time Resources Progress Revisions Responsible line /Tools Assessments/ Evaluations Hand out parent Stamped Determine involvement addressed percent of survey during new envelopes surveys returned August 1 - student S. Kassees for parents related to the N/A 13 registration and to return number handed schedule pick up completed out. survey Post survey online $200 for Add to surveys Basic plan for for parents who survey returned by mail survey monkey did not receive a monkey to determine did not meet August 1 copy or would S. Kassees account ( 1 percentage of needs. -13 prefer to complete year response. Upgrade of on line subscription) account is necessary. Review last years Discipline Percent of discipline referral referral data students given data discipline S. Kassees August N/A referrals and identify frequent offenders During Teacher Pencils, Review of how inservice share Power point teachers information about presentation, perceive what the project with Copy of parental staff and ask for survey involvement committee distributed to should look like volunteers. parents, on the campus. S. Kassees August 16 survey on N/A parental involvement from teacher point of view completed by each staff member All Faculty and All faculty and Ongoing To be Language Will send out staff will increase staff determined barriers will be survey at parent depending identified and semester communication on type of resolved, regarding through a variety communicati learning goals teacher contact of avenues on and student to parents to
  2. 2. expectations will see if they feel be clearly teacher expressed. communication Evidence of has improved. communication will be provided. Committee meets Results of None to review survey data responses and to collected identify families Committee August 20 from surveys N/A who did not return and list of the survey in order students to redistribute. Contact non Contact Number of respondents by numbers of surveys phone and families who completed by administer survey did not phone interview if family agrees or respond added to August provide other Committee previously N/A 23-27 options for collected data. completing survey once the importance has been explained. Committee meets Access to Collect data on to identify parental available the number of involvement dates and parent activities that will facilities, participants at be implemented Committee August 25 budget each event and a N/A and choose dates amount, satisfaction to hold those potential survey activities. business completed at end donations, of event. Contact local Community none business for either partnerships Committee donations or On going N/A member discounts on food and beverages Meet once a Materials Collect data on month to plan next needed for the number of months activity that month’s parent activity, set participants at Committee On going budget for each event and a N/A planned satisfaction activity, survey completed at end of event. Collect discipline Discipline Percent of referral data referral students given report discipline Every 6 referrals and S. Kassees N/A weeks identify frequent offenders End of year committee Compare last N/A meeting year’s data to this year’s data to determine if project was a success. Even if 50% was not
  3. 3. reached, if there was an increase in parental involvement and decrease in referrals than we have succeeded.