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  2. 2. Jan 1, 2010 The title is repeated! The understanding of NAMASMARAN also goes on renovating and rebuilding itself but with newer dimensions! Understanding and experience of NAMASMARAN go on becoming multi-colorful, sweeter, melodious and rhythmic! The feeling of NAMASMARAN becomes pleasant and inspires one to share it with others! Understanding, experience, feeling go on becoming deeper and deeper and get percolated in every system in the body. They gradually becomes a central or core part of our total personality. They become the central theme of our behavior. In fact; “We” become secondary and NAMA and its understanding occupy the supreme position within us!
  3. 3. It is true that we might have (or not) started NAMASMARAN with some expectations or some wants. But gradually they become redundant. In fact NAMASMARAN not only goes beyond the selfish motives, and absorbs selflessness and lack of expectations, but embodies experience of eternal and vital relationship between a GURU and DISCIPLE, objective self and subjective self, immortal self and mortal self and the cosmic nectar of NAMA that he receives from GURU and the individual. NAMA is like an ocean of nectar. NAMA is like the oxygen of mind. NAMA is like unseen link or immortal bond that creates eternal relationship amongst the practitioners of NAMA. In as much I have been involved in stressing the impact of NAMASMARAN in day to day life, I frankly agree that it is but one aspect of
  4. 4. NAMASMARAN, as tactfully suggested in his email, by respected Prof. M. V. Kelkar, the author of a set of four books entitled “ADHYTMA SAMVAD”, published in Marathi. The books embody the discussions of a group; of which the author was a member; with Prof. K. V. Belsare. He has also authored a beautiful book on the significance of GURU in one’s life; as has appeared in Dnyaneshvari. It is true that NAMASMARAN appears to be restricted to the lips, mouth and vocal apparatus. It is obvious that there is the benefit of silence and absence of ill thinking and feeling about others during NAMASMARAN. It is also not difficult to understand that while doing NAMASMARAN the focus from sensory pursuits can shift to one’s innate core.
  5. 5. But how could we explain the healing capacity of NAMASMARAN, in terms of pharmacodynamics? But how could we explain that NAMASMARAN embodies all the ingredients of YOGA? Subsequently one may experience the involvement one’s feeling in it. But beyond this, the NAMASMARAN does not reveal its all encompassing glory to each and every one! It is probably only the all times greats like Brahmachaitanya Shri Gondavalekar Maharaj knew it. I have a feeling that: NAMASMARAN is an objective door to the cosmic consciusness that transcends the dimension of time. This door is created by the cosmic consciousness Himself; through great sages and seers; from
  6. 6. time immemorial, through their practice of NAMASMARAN. This is referred to as making a NAAM; SIDDHA. Hence it is said that NAAM given by a GURU has immense significance and importance. Jan 3, 2010 Probably it is better not to “understand but rather keep experiencing the NAMA. The dimensions of NAMA have appeared in Gita in terms of encompassing individual life and consciousness associated with it, whole universe and the consciousness associated with it and the time; and the consciousness that transcends it. But trying to be conscious about these aspects of NAMA can cause strain on individual consciousness and tear it apart!
  7. 7. But I think; this is exactly the role of NAMA; to tear apart and destroy the so called individual consciousness i.e. subtlest form of ego! Practicing NAMASMARAN is like sealing the hole in the boat; that saves oneself along with others. Namasmaran is like paving a way, building it well and planting trees by its side! It becomes useful for generations after generations. NAMASMARAN is like constructing a perennial source of nectar for the pilgrims of the Almighty! NAMA is like oxygen in the air that is ubiquitous. If we breathe, i.e. do NAMASMARAN then it benefits every body cell! But I don’t know whether NAMA can still help, if we close ourselves in a polluted atmosphere, and/or refuse to breathe! May be the NAMASMARAN by others is like breathing in
  8. 8. oxygen and giving out oxygen! Hence if we have a company of a person who is practicing NAMASMARAN then we still have a chance to be saved! NAMASMARAN is like creating and nurturing a garden full of medicinal plants, fruits and fragrant beautiful flowers. The beauty of NAMASMARAN is that it can not be restricted to one’s own petty benefits. It is always benevolent to all; even those who may thousands of miles away and known or unknown! It is said to be useful even to those subtler entities whole “life” does not fit in the usual laws of biology! (To be continued, corrected, edited, refined, improved, edited and added).