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ObamaCare Presentation to Eugene Greeters


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This presentation was delivered May 17, to the Eugene Greeters. The information contained within pertains to implementing the Oregon Health Care Exchange

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ObamaCare Presentation to Eugene Greeters

  1. 1. USA Benefits Group“The State of Health Insurance”• Patient Protection and Affordable Care Actaka: Obama CareTom Koanui541-914-8441Shonna Butler541-357-8751
  2. 2. • The information given within this presentation isaccurate as of May 2013 and comes directly fromthe Cover Oregon Public Exchange. It is subjectto change.• Note that ACA details shared informally by wordof mouth may not represent the state of Oregon.A number of states around the country aredefaulting to the Federal Exchange program orchoosing the Co-op Exchange format.DisclosureTom Koanui541-914-8441Shonna Butler541-357-8751
  3. 3. Patient Protection Affordable Care ActChanges for January 01, 2014• All individuals MUST have M.E.C. (Minimum EssentialCoverage).• Guaranteed acceptance• No pre-existing condition exemptions• NO RATING for health, gender, build & industry• Essential Health Benefits as defined by program• Metallic Levels: Bronze- Silver- Gold- PlatinumTom Koanui541-914-8441Shonna Butler541-357-8751
  4. 4. Affordable Care Act – Small EmployersSmall Employers of <50 Employees:• Employer is NOT required to provide group insurance in2014• NO tax penalty will be assessed to employers if groupinsurance is not provided in 2014 or 2015• A 35% to 50% tax credit will be available to employersthrough 2015 who DO offer group insurance• Metallic Plans currently available to employer:Bronze, Silver, and GoldTom Koanui541-914-8441Shonna Butler541-357-8751
  5. 5. • Oregon Zip Code• 2-50* Employees• Pay at least 50% ofemployee only premiums• At least 75% participation*2016 up to 100 employees2017 over 100 employees• Have less than 25 FTEs (full-time equivalent)• Have average income of lessthan $50K• Contribute at least 50% ofemployee only premiums*Federal small business taxcredits for 2-yrs (2014 & 2015)Small Employer ProgramRequirementsTo Qualify for Tax Credits:*To Shop Through Cover Oregon:Tom Koanui541-914-8441Shonna Butler541-357-8751
  6. 6. Four Options for Employers• Option 1: Employer chooses plan and carrier• Option 2: Employer chooses carrier butemployee chooses plan• Option 3: Employer chooses plan butemployee chooses carrier• Option 4: Employee chooses both plan andcarrierTom Koanui541-914-8441Shonna Butler541-357-8751
  7. 7. Tom Koanui541-914-8441Shonna Butler541-357-8751
  8. 8. Oregon Exchange Plan DesignPlatinum Plan details are not yet availableTom Koanui541-914-8441Shonna Butler541-357-8751
  9. 9. Tom Koanui541-914-8441Shonna Butler541-357-8751Platinum Plan details are not yet available
  10. 10. Exchange Prescription Drug PlanTom Koanui541-914-8441Shonna Butler541-357-8751Platinum Plan details are not yet available
  11. 11. How the Exchange Will Work
  12. 12. Now What?This is a confusing new health care act.We would enjoy speaking with you and your organization about thechanges happening through the Oregon Exchange and what it meansfor you and your company.Please contact Shonna at: 541-357-8751 or Tom at: 541-914-8441 toset up an appointment to discuss your health care options in greaterdetail.Thank you for your time and attention!Where there is no vision the people perish, but he that keeps the law, happy is he. Proverbs 29:18Tom Koanui541-914-8441Shonna Butler541-357-8751